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Chip Peterson
03-30-2009, 3:43 PM
I've found that there is a big economic danger in being informed and supported by such a great resource as Sawmill Creek. First, with the confidence gained here, I jumped into the world of laser engraving/cutting. Then, it was dye sublimation (probably should have sat out on that one). Now, thanks in part to you all, I've entered the world of CNC machining.

Saturday, I moved my "new" Shopbot into my shop. It's a 2002, 60" x 96" PRT standard. It came with a vacuum table (I removed it- more in a moment), Steel City dust collector, 2 Fein III vacs, computer and lots of software. This bad-boy weights a bloody ton, and don't let anyone tell you that it will be easy with a friend (or was that "it won't be easy"?). This one was 120" long and for some reason it was cut down to 8'.

So the plan is to take my time squaring, tightening, leveling, lubing, updating everything I can before giving it power. I removed the old spoil board/plenum which was only 4' x 8' so that I could redesign it to use the whole table size.

I'm also smoothing the rails by sanding/filing it to maximize the accuracy of the cut. I just ordered new pinions (had original ones!) and the 4g upgrade controls.

New electric will be pulled, new dust collection runs will be made to use the central system (anyone wanna buy a steel city?), and overall fun will take place before flipping the switch.

Anyway, just wanted to thank you all for helping me spend my money!

Keith Outten
03-30-2009, 10:20 PM
Congrats Chip,

Like me you purchased the best machine last :)
The good news is that it is a money maker. At this point I really hate to advise you to spend more money but when you can you should consider buying Aspire, its incredible software.

Michael Kowalczyk
03-30-2009, 10:34 PM
Hey Chip your welcome!!!

Even though I do not know how I contributed to your spending habits:confused:.

Now if your married, tell your wife that you are going to be making lots of little Chips real soon. She may slap you but tht's OK. Just tell her that most of them will stay at the shop or where ever you set up your Bot but don't be disappointed because you may bring some of the little darlings home, for her to see every now and then, as they may fall out of your pockets once in a while; but if she is not happy with them being scattered all over the house then just take a broom to them and through them out of the house. :D

All kidding aside, I hope you get to put the juice to the Bot soon and start making some real wood chips because making chips, rather than dust makes your tooling last longer. and don't forget to post LOTS of PICTURES.

Angus Hines
03-31-2009, 12:03 AM
Welcome to the BLUE side !!!!! :D

Chip Peterson
03-31-2009, 9:36 AM
Keith, I think you are right. I probably should have listened to you about the Dye Sub, but "I know best"!. dohhh! I did get Aspire with the deal. In fact, he just upgraded to 2.0. Yesterday, I paid Vectric $50 to transfer ownership. Now I'm a member of the family!

Mike - You and so many others contributed to me spending money by teasing me with your tales of success and adventure using these wonderful tools. Your terrific projects made me say "hey, I want to do that!" followed by "where's my checkbook?". I only wish there was money in the account. The way I look at it though, is that I'd rather spend it than loose it on Wall Street!

Thanks Angus! You are guilty of corrupting me too! :)

I am looking forward to getting this up and running. I'm not a very patient person and I'm forcing myself to be methodical and committed to making this machine operate as optimal as possible. I know I'll have lots of questions as I move forward.

Thank to you all!

James Jaragosky
03-31-2009, 10:46 AM
Keep us posted with lots of pictures of your exploits.
Also keep track of how long it takes you to snap that first bit.:)
Jim J.