View Full Version : Hello All, Newbie needs help with pinnacle

Anthony Javier
03-29-2009, 4:44 PM
Hello all,
I have just dove in head first and purchased a pinnacle m-25. I just have a simple question, what is the correct way to manual focus this laser? I have the stock 2" lens and the blue gauge but cant find instruction on how to focus.
Thanks to all and what a great site.

Albert Nix
03-29-2009, 6:24 PM
I have an MII. what is on the screen after it gets through booting up? If it is the screen that is showing the file name all you have to do is move the head over what you plan to engrave and drop the blue gauge in the hole on the left side of the head. press one of the arrows keys and you will see the option to raise or lower the table. Raise it untill the surface that you wish to engrave slightly touches the gauge. Remove gauge and send file to the machine.

Anthony Javier
03-29-2009, 7:57 PM
Thanks, I figured that was how. I'd just rather confirm with someone that has done it. Now be prepared for a lot more questions.
Anyone else with any other tips may chime in, Being new to this is there someone in here that knows of someone that services in the Sacramento, CA area?