View Full Version : Question on buying/selling Ivory

Cliff McNeill
03-28-2009, 3:03 PM
I posted this same question in the engravers forum but thought maybe some of you carvers might be able to help...

Do any of you guys do any work with ivory? I'm wondering if anyone knows what the present laws are regarding the private sale of Ivory? I have acquired a Narwhal Tusk that was my father in laws. I guess he had it forever and doesnt even remember where he got it. I dont really have a use for it and I see that some dealers in canada get decent money for it. I am considering trying to sell it but dont want to get in trouble for being ignorant of the laws. I tried to look on line but didnt have much luck. Thought someone here might have some info to share. Thanks!

Jeff Kerr
03-28-2009, 10:43 PM
Don't know how much this helps.


Looks like there are both federal and state laws that come into play. I think you might need to also look at international trafficking if selling to Canada....

Anyway from what I saw and remember from years back it appears that you have to have some type of certified documents that detail the age of the tusk and how/where it was acquired.