View Full Version : 1st Time Buyer nns advice on Laser Engravers

Tim Earling
03-27-2009, 8:56 PM

I am a new member to Sawmill and I want to buy a laser engraving machine.
My primary purpose for the machine is to cut 1/8" ~ 1/4" thick wood (the material I am cutting is burl & exotic woods).

I know I can get away with a 24 x 12 ~ 18 bed. I want to get a laser that has 45 watt power or higher. I have used the Epilog Mini 45 & 50 watt laser machine and know that will do the job.

I know these are very expensive machines and I am looking for the best value for money - my budget was 10K but is looks like a 45 watt machine will cost me closer to 15K - I am interested in buying used to bring my cost down.

I have searched this thread and have found some great info - just wondering if any of you can give me some more info or things I should be considering.

Thanks for your help

Steven Wallace
03-28-2009, 12:44 AM
Before anyone else says it, do a search and there are a lot of prior posts on what to look for on a new or used machine. All I can add is I went for a new 35w mini 18 and wish the heck I had more bed. I have bed envy, what I wouldn't do for a 36" wide bed. But I was in your same circumstance, unlike the gov't, I had a budget to work within. I still over shot the budget with a new laptop and software but love what I got. Good luck on your investment!

Margaret Turco
03-28-2009, 9:50 AM
Hi Tim, Have you checked at usedlasers.com? I saw a 2002 75 watt Epilog listed. By-the-way, if that's you with the little boxes, etc., beautiful work.