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Greg Young
03-26-2009, 5:17 PM
I love these woodworking forums so I thought Iíd introduce myself.

I bought my first table saw in 1969, what a year, Woodstock, the moon landing and my saw. I graduated from mechanical engineering in 1975 and ended up as Plant Engineer with a large American company. The siren song of woodworking kept calling though and in 1977, to the crashing sound of dropping jaws, I went into wood-butchery full time.

Over the years I combined woodworking with contracting, built a few new houses, renovated lots of them, but always kept a shop to service the business. For a few years I worked as a carpenter and later construction manager in the motion picture business Ė not a job for someone with a family!

My real passion though has always been millwork / architectural Ė windows, doors, entries, porticoes, columns, pilasters, conservatories, mouldings etc. The odd real good kitchen too. Iíve always been a big shaper hound, they canít make them big enough!

I made a mess of my left hand with a dado in 2002. I still do some woodworking but I make my living now in design for design Ė builders and private individuals. I do some pretty wild kitchens, if anyone is interested Iíll post some pics.

Itís nice to see so many knowledgeable and helpful folks in one place. Iím looking forward to checking in here often.

Cheers, keep it square level and plumb,

Greg Young

Dave Novak
03-26-2009, 5:20 PM
Welcome Gregg, you're going to love this forum.

Lee Schierer
03-26-2009, 5:28 PM
Welcome. We look forward to your input and insight. There is an unwritten rule that we have that is simply no pictures, it didn't happen.:D We would love to see pictures of your work.

Mikail Khan
03-26-2009, 5:33 PM

Looking forward to the pics.


David Duke
03-26-2009, 6:01 PM
Welcome to the Creek Greg, some nice folks around these parts. I'm sure your a straight and upright guy and probably have built some fantastic stuff but as Lee said "No pictures...........didn't happen!!";)

Once again welcome and come on in the waters fine.

Chip Lindley
03-26-2009, 6:01 PM
Greg, Welcome to SMC!! Your real-world experience with shapers and moulding and the *odd real good kitchen* will be much appreciated! Big shapers are my passion also! So are really nice Kitchens! IMO, quality millwork *makes* a house! Furniture comes and goes!

Bill White
03-26-2009, 6:11 PM
Yo, Greg!! Glad to have ya. Where are you located (if it ain't a secret)?
Show us your pics.
Bill :p

Eric Roberge
03-26-2009, 6:15 PM
Welcome Greg! Glad to have you aboard:)

Carroll Courtney
03-26-2009, 6:19 PM
Welcome Greg to the "Creek".Your right,there is alot of good woodworkers here who is above the novice level,but who are also very modest.I myself have learn so much from this forum.Please share some of your pics of previous jobs and new ones that come up,and voice your opinion on tools,methods of work,design.Thanks for joining----Carroll

Bruce Page
03-26-2009, 6:30 PM
Welcome to SMC, Greg. It should be obvious by now that we like pictures…;)

Peter Quinn
03-26-2009, 7:17 PM
Welcome Greg. I for one would love to see some pictures. Got any of your shapers? I love some good shaper pics. I spent the latter part of today tapping the table of an SAC 120 to mount a power feed out board to run a 4" profile vertical panel raiser. Oh, it would be a pleasure to see pics of your work as well, but being a machine junkie I'd love some good shaper porn too!

Again, Welcome and glad you have arrived!

Chris Padilla
03-26-2009, 7:28 PM
As you've read, we like pics so post away. I'm a bit of an eccentric on here so if you say you mangled your hand, I'm going to have call a "no pic didn't happen" on it!! ;) haha...just kidding :D

Welcome aboard...water's good around here!

Richard M. Wolfe
03-26-2009, 7:33 PM
Welcome to SMC, Greg. I want to get my hands on (and hopefully not in :rolleyes: ) a shaper one of these days.

gary Zimmel
03-26-2009, 7:55 PM
Welcome to the Creek Greg.

Brent Smith
03-26-2009, 9:28 PM
Hi Greg,

Welcome to the Creek.

Ken Fitzgerald
03-26-2009, 9:31 PM
Welcome to the Creek Greg!

Dewey Torres
03-26-2009, 10:34 PM
Welcome Greg!

Creekers LOVE PICS!!!!!!:D:D

Lot of them!

Dennis Lopeman
03-26-2009, 10:57 PM
and crazy kitchens!

Welcome! You've been doin' this stuff for as long as I've been alive!

John Keeton
03-27-2009, 6:19 AM
Welcome Greg, and for the benefit of others, you might elaborate on the left hand carnage. Was it done while doing a dado with a shaper? Any safety tips that may be helpful? I don't use a shaper (scared to death of them) but there are many others that do.