View Full Version : eBay Listing - Pics/Description Warning

Mike Goetzke
03-22-2009, 11:26 PM
Recently I posted a brand new Omnijig on eBay. It was up for a day or two then I decided to keep it so I stopped the listing. Now almost two week later received a message from eBay that my item has been removed due to copyright violations. They say the pic I posted was copied from another factory authorized reseller.

I did copy the pic from another listing. Plus I copied the description from Amazon. So guess we all should be careful how we list items anywhere.

I really think the other seller was mad because my price was below his:D. I wrote back to EBay saying I was sorry, not aware of the rule, and that I wouldn't do it again. But, I also told them if everyone who had copyright material in there auctions were to remove them eBay would loose more then 1/2 their business:cool:. I suggested they post the rules again to all sellers.


Michael Weber
03-23-2009, 4:39 PM
A few years ago when I was doing a little selling, I took a picture of a popular metalsmithing book and posted it on my sale page. After it sold someone ripped the picture and used it for his book. I got all in a snit over it :mad:and emailed the guy. He took the picture down. I always felt bad about it, still do now that you made me think of it again.:(