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John Stephens
03-18-2009, 3:43 PM
Hello friends,

I just got an order for 50 signs about 5" x 9". I am duplicating
a sample they gave me. They were engraved from the back and
colorfilled. The engraving (logo & copy) are filled with gold and
then the entire back is painted with brown. So from the front
you have a smooth brown sign with gold copy.

I really haven't done much colorfilling but took the order anyway.
In these times I'm trying to do absolutely everything I can.

Should I mask the back. Then egrave through the mask. Colorfil
the gold through the remaining mask. Let dry. Next remove all
remaining mask. Then paint the entire back with brown?

What do you use for the mask? How about paint?

I know it's a simple process but I would rather ask you experienced
people before doing something I'd regret.

As always..Thanks for your help.

I appreciate it!


Scott Shepherd
03-18-2009, 4:02 PM
Paint the entire back brown, let it dry, engrave through the brown to the clear, spray the gold on the entire backside.


If you want to throw off anyone who might be asked to do them in the future, who might not understand how it was made, you could paint it black after the gold.

Joe Pelonio
03-18-2009, 4:22 PM
Depending on how these are going to be used, consider applying cheap (calendered) vinyl to the back after all paint is dry, just to keep the paint on the backs from getting scratched.

Larry Bratton
03-18-2009, 7:12 PM
Don't forget to mirror it.

John Stephens
03-19-2009, 1:14 AM
I'm sure glad I asked you experts.

I appreciate it!