View Full Version : Went for a walk this evening

Leigh Costello
03-16-2009, 10:46 PM
This evening hubby and I went for a walk on our 2-lane drag strip aka quiet country road. We always walk against traffic so we can avoid being bumper ornaments. The daffodils are in bloom, the forsythia is spectacular. Green grass blue skies. I digress. I decided to post a request to my fellow Creekers after having to jump into and/or over roadside ditches several times. Let's reclaim our roads from the speeders out there. Get out and walk a time or two each week and let's see if we can't make some folks slow down and smell the spring in the air. And who doesn't enjoy a walk in the springtime? :)

Joe Pelonio
03-16-2009, 11:12 PM
The snow and freezing temperatures the last few days have slowed down our walks the last few days, but my wife and I have been doing 2+ miles almost daily for a long time now. Sometimes around the neighborhood, but being all hills makes it more work than fun. We don't seem to have that problem with speeders. We usually drive a mile or so to the trail along Lake Sammamish, it's without any cars, and goes 10 miles from Issaquah to Redmond. We do sometimes have to watch out for speeding bicyclists!


Rob Russell
03-17-2009, 12:59 PM
My (bicycle) ride home from work yesterday started at 50 degrees and was mid-40's by the time I got home. Spring may be coming, but it's not totally here yet!

Leigh Costello
03-18-2009, 12:27 AM
The change to the outdoors is great. Your trail looks very safe-there are even grab-ons if you have to bail.
Don't worry, soon we will be too hot!

This evening was much better-except for the teenager in a pick up truck. And the road kill.:eek:

Jim Becker
03-18-2009, 10:23 AM
That sounds like a wonderful thing, Leigh. I'm glad you're being careful. I read this morning in the horse forum I participate on that a girl and her horse were hit by a car last evening as they were doing a similar walk down the road. Fortunately, they were not injured. The driver, who was belligerent, while not drunk, was on some kind of pain medication. He's now in jail.

Be careful out there while you're enjoying the natural beauty! Even quiet country roads can offer sudden vehicle surprises...

Leigh Costello
03-20-2009, 1:06 AM
I thank you for your reminder. I have lived out here in the boonies for dare I say 37 years. When we were first here the road was gravel and we could run for miles barefoot. Then came the chip and seal. Made bicycle riding easier and very fast. Then came blacktop. Made driving very smooth. Then came a center line. Easy to stay in your own lane. Then came white stripes marking the edge of the road. Now my road is a speeders delight-virtually straight, very hilly for the hill hoppers and little or no patrolling by law enforcement. Posted speed limit is 40 mph. Fortunately, we can hear the cars coming and get off the road if necessary. Just this evening, after only one week of our pedestrian traffic, cars were slower. And, to make life even better, our neighbors have started walking. Foot traffic seems to have slowed some of the speeders down. Woohoo, now about the litterbugs....