View Full Version : Vanity is installed

Matt Meiser
03-15-2009, 11:09 PM
We did a quickie bathroom remodel on my daughter's bathroom this weekend and installed the vanity and a mirror I made a couple weeks ago to match. In two days we:

Demoed all the old fixtures and accessories.
Moved the the water supply lines so they were in the wall instead of running through the floor.
Spacked a number of holes left from the above.
New coat of paint (same color we did a couple years ago)
New light fixture, tub plumbing trim, towel bar, etc.
New floor (Tarkett glueless vinyl which can be installed right over the old which was in good shape, just dated looking)
Cabinet with granite top.



And if that wasn't enough, while we were picking up the flooring, we found a carpet remnant that will work for our family room. It has been divided from our dining room by a 1/2 wall that really didn't make a lot of sense. It came out tonight and I have some wiring and drywall repair to do and I need to make a transition for the installers to run the carpet up to.


Dewey Torres
03-16-2009, 2:54 AM
Way to go Matt. Albeit blurry it looks as if she is happy:D

Matt Meiser
03-16-2009, 8:38 AM
Yeah, my wife needs to learn to remember to open the flash. :rolleyes:

She's happy because she'd just been doing this.