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Dave Fifield
03-12-2009, 5:01 AM
Hi Folks,

Sorry to bother y'all, but I'm having trouble making my new vista 64 based PC print to my EXT laser. I have the 64-bit driver loaded fine, and I've set the EXT up as a printer with the correct IP address and everything, and vista even shows the EXT as being "Ready" as the printer status, yet I just cannot get the darned thing to actually SEND the file to the EXT - the print job just sits in the printer status window forever, waiting for something to happen....which never does....

I can connect the EXT to the PC with a USB cable and everything works perfectly, so I can get some work done, but I'd much rather have the Ethernet interface up and working (it's much faster for large jobs).

To preempt some obvious questions:
1. Yes, I can ping the printer from my PC, it sees it just fine.
2. Yes, the subnet mask on the EXT is set up correctly (
3. I have the gateway setting on the EXT as (this has always worked just fine before).
4. I tried setting the gateway address to a) my home gateway IP address, and b) the same IP address as the EXT, but saw no difference in either case.
5. The EXT is on a 10/100BASE-T Ethernet switch port to which (on another port) my PC is also attached. Link, activity, and speed LED's are all correct (see 1 above - I can ping it). This is the exact same hardware arrangement as it was on with my old PC (RIP), and it worked just fine before, so I know the cables/connections are all fine.
6. F/W version in the EXT is the latest (
7. I have rebooted everything, multiple times.

Any ideas? I'm fresh outta them.....

Dave F.

Dave Fifield
03-12-2009, 5:20 AM
I found the reason why.....it was simple....


As soon as I did this, the Ethernet version of the printer driver worked just fine. I guess it's a porting problem in vista - since both the USB and Ethernet interfaces use the same driver, it can't drive both at the same time (or something like that). Weird.

Oh well, thanks for all your help ;)

I'll leave this thread up for future users who may hit upon the same problem.

Dave F.

John Noell
03-12-2009, 3:17 PM
Not the only weird issue with Vista.