View Full Version : Fiber Cement Siding

Mark Howard
03-09-2009, 5:45 AM
-Does anyone have any experience with Nichiha fiber cement siding? Had not heard of it until about a week ago. Quite a few houses in metro Atlanta used the fiber board siding that delaminates or otherwise deteriorates and needs replacement. I have seen several with Hardeeplank siding with good results, but none with Nichiha. Any comments pro or con are welcomed.
-Also welcome tips on fiber cement siding/soffit/facia and things to be wary of with FCB or contractors.

Doug Sewell
03-09-2009, 7:05 AM
I have not heard of ot either. I have installed the stuff from the borg with good results. Resided a house in Fayetteville with CF from Reynolds a few years ago with no proplems. Make sure that the instructions are followed so that the warranty stays good. Some manufactors have certain nails or nailing methods that need to be followed and you can't go too long without painting. Hope this helps.


Ben Franz
03-09-2009, 11:48 AM
I've used HardiePlank on several projects and I'm a big fan. No experience with Nichiha but it shouldn't be much different. As Doug said, follow the instructions closely. If you're doing it yourself, I recommend getting a set of shears for straight cuts - Snapper is one make but others are on the market. I used a coil nailer to blind nail the planks. Pay close attention to the depth setting to prevent overdriven nails.