View Full Version : What a beautiful day it was today (pics)

Mark Norman
03-05-2009, 12:36 AM
Between the showers and hail storms the sun came out for a little while.

Just thought I would share some pics de'jour ;)






The usual crowd just passin through..


David Weiser
03-05-2009, 1:05 AM
Oh, it was such a pretty day up here in Central Oregon. Day started out with snow showers, changed to overcast, and by 3:00 PM the sun was out and I was playing golf. The overcast didn't bother me though, I just looked at it out the windows of the classroom, lol.

Dewey Torres
03-05-2009, 4:25 AM
WOW no kidding. My view was not as good for sure. All the grass here is brown and we had a fire yesterday...still smoldering.

Gregg Feldstone
03-05-2009, 4:42 AM
Looks like those two need to go out for a ride....getting a little belly on um.

03-05-2009, 5:49 AM

Are you talking about me again?


03-05-2009, 8:23 AM
I forgot this :D


Mark Norman
03-08-2009, 9:20 PM
Looks like those two need to go out for a ride....getting a little belly on um.
They are brood mares LOL LOL

Matt Meiser
03-08-2009, 9:24 PM
You guys are lucky. We got a LOT of rain. The creek near my parents' house was up a couple feet between us going to their house about 3 and returning home about 8. I'm sure its over the road now. Luckily I've never seen it flood any houses. Northwest Ohio had tornado warnings but they never made it north of the border. Now its really windy.

David G Baker
03-08-2009, 10:31 PM
We now have around 1/2 inch of snow and ice on the roads along with 2 days of rain, wind and more on the way..

David Christopher
03-08-2009, 10:38 PM
It was near 80 today, took the old bike out for a ride ( bout 150 miles )