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Panos Fioros
03-02-2009, 10:35 PM
Love the forum. I've learned so much already. Just as I've started to feel comfortable with a few materials for upcoming projects the Consumer Product Safety Improvement act issues new guidelines.

I can't seem to find the answer my question. Does anyone know if colored Plexiglass, colors such as opaque red and blue, contain lead or phthalates? I've contacted the supplier and they didn't know and told me to go to a website of the manufacture which I won't name but from the MSDS it did not specify if it included those chemicals. Any thoughts?


Joe Pelonio
03-02-2009, 11:33 PM
I'd avoid making children's products with acrylic anyway, because it breaks and can have sharp edges, but yes, in fact there is acrylic made with lead content, for specific shielding purposes. Also, I have recently discovered acrylic made in other countries that is much cheaper but acts differently than name brand US made, indicating a possible difference in formulation. That means that you will need MSDS for every brand that you buy. The supplier should have the MSDS available for you, if not most manufacturers have it on their website. If not listed on the MSDS it should not contain them.

Michael Hunter
03-03-2009, 6:39 AM
Is there a problem with phthalates?

I had assumed not, since many plastic drink bottles and food containers are made from polyethylene terephthalate - but perhaps there are other types that one has to be wary of?

Scott Challoner
03-03-2009, 9:29 AM
I haven't heard of a problem with PET. I think it's when phthalates are added to PVC to soften it that it causes a problem.