View Full Version : OT: Zip Files

Dave Crabbs
02-15-2003, 8:39 AM
Hi All,
I was wondering what is a good program to use to open zip files? I have some pictures that I transfered from my old computer to my new one that were sent to me in a zip format. Is WinZip my best choice or is there something easier for a novice computer user like me to use. :confused:

Ray Thompson
02-15-2003, 9:07 AM
I have been using WinZip for a long time and it does everything I need.

Keith Outten
02-15-2003, 10:16 AM

I use Total Commander. TC is a file management program that will handle zip files, has a great FTP program for uploading files to your web site and will launce the programs on your computer if you prefer. TC used to be called Windows Commander but they had to change the name recently as Microsoft had a problem with copyright infringement due to the name.

TC is shareware, the download is free and you don't have to register the program, it has a small nag screen when it starts up that isn't too bad. I registered the program 4 years ago and can't run my computer without it.

Bruce Page
02-15-2003, 1:11 PM
WinZip has always worked for me. It's easy to use too.