View Full Version : Epilog Mini Error - X/Y Disabled

John Niemi
02-28-2009, 4:23 PM
I have an Epilog Mini, 35W. I am trying to print a file and after I send the file to print and hit go I first see the display show 300 dpi and then I get the error message X/Y Disabled: Y.

Does anyone know how to resolve this problem??



Darryl Hazen
02-28-2009, 4:46 PM
It may be that something is blocking the movement. Check to make sure you don't have one of the spring loaded rulers in the up position. Try lowering the bed a little bit, turning off the engraver and turning it on again.

Mike Chance in Iowa
02-28-2009, 10:29 PM
Try using the Search feature in this forum. There have been several posts over the last few years on this very same topic. There are a few different solutions in each of the posts.

Peck Sidara
03-01-2009, 2:39 PM

The first step in trouble-shooting this error is to turn the machine off.

*W/ the machine turned off, move the I-beam towards the middle, front/back.

*W/ the i-beam in the middle, move the x-axis head in the middle, left/right.

Now you have the lens assembly somewhere near the middle of the table.

*The proper boot sequence is to turn the machine on, machine beeps, I-beam moves towards the back, head moves towards the left. Once it head/lens assembly reaches the back left, it then moves forward and to the right slighly going to it's parked position. This should all take just about 5-15 seconds depending on where the carriage sits before you turn the machine on.

*With the carriage in the middle, turn the machine on.

Does your machine follow the proper boot sequence?

The position error x/y disabled Y indicates one of the following:

1) the y-motor is defective
2) upon going to start the job, something is in the y-axis movements way, causing it to bind and prompt the message.
3) the y-axis control (on the mainboard) is defective.

It's possible that the y-axis was this way and you simply didn't notice it because upon boot-up the y-axis was all the way towards the back of hte machine already.

If the i-beam doesn't move towards the rear upon boot-up;

*remove the front panel or if it's a Mini 24, open the front panel. The y-motor is located in the front right corner. Check for loose connections on the harness; disconnect/reconnect; turn the machine on and see if hear the motor trying to activate.

*remove the right side panel and check for any burnt traces on the mainboard; disconnect/reconnect all connectors; also take a closer look at the y-axis motor assembly, are all the cogs/belts look in good order?

*Tech support opens at 6AM MT tomorrow morning, call them to further diagnose and to get any parts needed overnighted for Tuesday delivery.