View Full Version : Ni-Cad Battery Q&A

John Weber
07-12-2004, 6:58 PM
Does a Ni-Cad battery really need fully charged the first time, or can I use it on a half charge and be ok? Charging cycle is about 5 hrs. I needed it sooner, now I'm wondering if I screwed it up.

Thanks - John

Ray Thompson
07-12-2004, 9:45 PM
Hi John,

You should be ok. They are fairly forgiving when new, it's after some cycles that they start to get cantankerous. Even then they can be brought back with a little work. Ray

Dennis Peacock
07-12-2004, 11:07 PM

What Ray stated is correct. If it's new, you should be ok. The pack will be more sensitive to charge/discharge cycles as it begins to age. There are many opinions about the charging of Ni-Cad batteries and I just always went by the manufacturers directions on my battery packs. I even had a unit that would discharge each pack fully and then automatically recharge the pack to its full state and change over to trickle charge once full. Of course all this was from my Radio Controlled Airplane days and you for SURE didn't want a partial charge when you have considerable money flying around on that pack in the air.!!! :eek:

John Weber
07-12-2004, 11:39 PM
Thanks guys, it's for a R/C car for the kids, er and me, so not the biggest deal. It ran a good long time, and only on a 3 hr charge (normally takes a 5 hour charge), although the batteries do warm up with use. I'll give it a good charge tonight and be on track. Yeah, I did a little R/C flying in my day, but this car is a blast. The little puppy will do almost 15 mph, has good range and decent control. Not bad for a box store piece. I can really see how you can get hooked. Kim saw a little twinkle in my eye as I mentioned aftermarket shocks, nitro ABC motor with a big header, I can see the bucks flying out the door now. I think I'll be fine with my little Lowes #48 Nascar. (Kim's voice in the back ground (Isn't that right dear...).

Thanks Again - John