View Full Version : Hand Planer

Ken Higginbotham
02-25-2009, 2:41 PM
Wouldn't you think he could at least hit this with a little wd40 before he tried to sell it? What's it worth new?


Bill Houghton
02-25-2009, 3:00 PM
Hard to tell what it is under that rust. I'd pay $2-5 (notice the dash between the 2 and the 5) for it at a garage sale, if it happened to be a brand I thought was worth it.

General presentation not the best, no - not only didn't the seller clean it up, s/he chose a background that emphasizes its funkiness, and then didn't crop out the unnecessary bits of background, which would have allowed for a larger picture of the plane itself.

Bill White
02-25-2009, 3:01 PM
What number? Looks like a #4. In that shape.....$8.00 w/ free shipping.