View Full Version : Cool fire pictures

Paul Greathouse
02-23-2009, 10:42 PM
I thought someone might find these interesting. My wife had been cleaning up around the yard and had lit a fire to burn limbs. I was in my shop jointing and planing some red oak.

Just after dark the barrell on my Onieda filled up, so I brought it out and dumped it on the embers of the fire my wife had lit. I went back in the shop and finished up planing. Afterwards, I walked back out to the fire before going in for the night. When I saw the oak shavings burning I thought, that it would make a cool picture so I went in and got the digital camera.




Mitchell Andrus
02-24-2009, 8:14 AM
Reminds me of all those the camping trips I took with my two scouts. Nothing like radiant heat on a 40 degree night.

Boy... did we stink when we got home. LOL