View Full Version : Groutable Vinyl Tile?

Matt Meiser
02-20-2009, 10:12 PM
Now that the vanity is finished and the mirror just needs to be sprayed, we are trying to decide what to install for flooring in my daughter's bathroom. The existing floor is the original vinyl over a 1/4" underlayment and both are in good solid condition--just dated looking (which makes me feel old because the occupancy permit for our house was issued within day's of my high school graduation!) I could also install new vinyl. I hate doing it but this room is small and the floor is square--no funny L-shaped area or something like that to make it difficult. I'd asked before about vinyl tile and got some favorable comments. The wife says no ceramic tile because she thinks it will be too slippery, plus we want to keep the cost down.

The other day we were at Menards looking at options and I saw groutable vinyl tile. Basically the tiles appear to be the same as regular vinyl tile but you install them with a gap between and then use a special premixed grout. The cost is basically about $35 more than regular vinyl tiles because I'd only need one container of the grout. The look is great and it pretty much looks like real tile. My only concern is durability. Has anyone used this stuff?

My plan is to leave the existing floor in place and install a new underlayment over it regardless of the floor we choose. Partly because I'm lazy, but more because the floor is quite a bit lower than the carpet in the adjoining hallway. Raising the floor 3/8" will actually make a better transition.

Gene Howe
02-21-2009, 9:39 AM
My BIL put it in his kitchen and breakfast room about 2 yr.s ago. Got his at HD. They like it a lot. He said you gotta be careful of the brand, though. Some are better than others. He picked an Armstrong product.