View Full Version : Natural Springs and basements

Tom Peterson
07-09-2004, 10:53 PM
We are adding on to the back of our house and decided to put in a full basement instead of a crawl space. It is a 14' by 18' addition. (Nice additional shop space). As the excavator was squaring up the corner out away from the house he scraped off about 10 inches of dirt and out of nowhere, water starts coming in the hole. He thought it might have been water trapped in the soil since we have had so much rain, but 24 hours later it is still coming in. It is outside of where the footing will be, but I am not sure how to remedy. Any thoughts. BTW, the house was built 12 years ago and never had a water problem. I have to put water in the sump crock every now and then to make sure it works.

Chris Padilla
07-10-2004, 8:34 PM
You may need a geologist to come take a core sample in the area to determine what is happening. It isn't cheap as I understand it. Whoever controls your water/sewer (if you're hooked up to lines) might know the land and water table in your area. Check with your neighbors as well...they may have information for the land around their houses.

John Shuk
07-10-2004, 9:00 PM
If you are afraid the water will reach the footings you might want to try a curtain drain to divert it. I would also put one of the new materials that add an airspace between your dirt and the foundation walls to keep the water well away.

Joseph N. Myers
07-10-2004, 9:38 PM

And just think of all the other people in the world that would love to have "free" water.

If your putting on an addition, you must have gotten a building permit. Ask them for a list of people in your area that do "perk" (sp) tests them a call --- they may have some insight into what is happening on your property. Granted, their normal job is to find out how quick water leaks out of a hole but maybe in your case, they will know why water is leaking into the hole.

There are other things that I would suggest but Iím sure that youíve tried them all by now. But just in case you havenít, dig at least three other holes 20' feet apart, especially if there is an area lower than the original hole. See if water appears in them also. If they donít, will water leak out of them. Also, are you in an area of "hardpan" or another types of soil that resists the penetrate of water. This information will help the "perk" guys and its cheaper for you to find out then them.

Good luck, Joe