View Full Version : Window glazing putty

Cliff Rohrabacher
02-19-2009, 8:29 AM
seems to have lost it's volitiles a or was just made poorly. I got a poly tub of ACE brand glazing putty for some old windows that needed some love. The stuff crumbled in my hands when I rolled it out - - and that was after I warmed the tub in warm water.

I don't know if this stuff can be saved. It was only $5.00 but hey it was my $5.00~!!!!

Leo Pashea
02-19-2009, 2:23 PM
Add some Linseed Oil to it, and work it in. For what it's worth, I now purchase glazing compound in caulking tubes. The tube has a unique nozzle shape, perfect for glazing windows. Quick and easy.