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Tony Falotico
07-08-2004, 10:44 PM
Not to bore you with the long story details, LOML & I bought a new refridgerator about a year (or two?) ago in the color bisque. :o Our stove now needs replacement and we don't like the bisque on the unit we've selected and would rather get it in white. So if we get a white stove, it won't match the fridge, hence the problem. :confused:

The question is ... has anyone successfully painted a fridge? The guy at Lowe's said it can be done with good results using epoxy appliance spray paint, if I clean it, lightly sand it and spray many many very light coats to avoid runs. He said it will look like new.

Not that I don't believe him, BUT, fridges are quite expensive, this one is not very old and I'm skeptical.

Our other option is to try to sell the fridge and buy a new one in white. But that equals less money for tools, so that's a last resort if we can't do something else.

What does the collective experience and wisdom on my fellow creeker's say ??

John Christiansen
07-08-2004, 11:39 PM
Many years ago, I painted one using an older automotive spray gun (not HVLP) and whatever brand of car enamel my local auto parts store mixed. I was impressed with how well it came out, and the people that bought the fridge from us a couple years later, didn't even realize that it had been repainted until I told 'em.

The fridge was avocado and the stove was almond, not that it matters but I almost remember the almond color we chose to paint it with was a Chrysler/Dodge color.

Maybe you can find a body repair shop that would paint it for you. I know in my area, we are so saturated with body shops that a lot of them have the "a job's a job" attitude.

Todd Burch
07-08-2004, 11:40 PM
I've painted cars, and instead of using the aerosol appliance epoxy paint, I would simply use automotive paint. No big deal - take the handles off, tape up the weatherstripping and hinge pivots, degease, scuff sand with 320, and you are off to the races. I wouldn't mess with the inside - just stop at the weatherstrip line.

Jamie Buxton
07-09-2004, 1:06 AM
In my neck of the woods there are companies who will paint appliances for you. I believe they never take the fridge out of the kitchen.

Wes Bischel
07-09-2004, 1:39 AM

As stated before - automotive paint is the way to go. My parents had a body shop do theirs 15 years ago. Still looks good. The companies that paint appliances in place evolved from the office furniture refurb business. (when office furniture was still steel) They use a static assist painting method to reduce/eliminate overspray. I think I would still go with auto paint either done by you or a bodyshop.

Come to think of it, most manufacturers have trim kits for their appliances to accept wood panels (which match the cabinets) - another route to consider.

Good luck,

David LaRue
07-09-2004, 2:15 AM
When we moved into our house the fridge looked it came from the Brady Bunch kitchen. It was a about the color of my PM66 :D but they applied toning around the edges. Remember those? Lovely! I repainted it black using automotive lacquer. It drys before it hits the ground, and you can buff out anything that gets in the paint as it drys. (I didn't need to) I did take off the inner panels of the doors and taped off the interior. The fridge worked great and I finally replaced it years later. The paint held up great, and no one knew I painted it.


Christopher Pine
07-12-2004, 6:44 PM
Funny that youas k about this. My stepdad used to run a used appliance store and he would also paint refrigerators or aother appliances. HE simply would clean and scuff the old paint them spray it with automotive paint with his compressor driven spray gun... Have not heard of anyone ever doing this as a business since.
Best of luck

Lou Morrissette
07-12-2004, 6:54 PM
I had mine painted several years ago. The company that painted it did it in my kitchen! They brought in a small "tent" and proceeded to do it right there. If I remember right, it cost about $100. and they did a real good job. You might try a google search in your area to see if anybody offers that service where you are.

07-12-2004, 7:57 PM
In my neck of the woods there are companies who will paint appliances for you. I believe they never take the fridge out of the kitchen.

Yeah, my parents had it done to their old appliances. They put almond over the groovy avacado.
The painters use some sort of electrostatic process and all the airborne paint that doesn't make it on the appliance just becomes dust. They use a little tent as described above.
The fridge held up for about 10 yrs. The new paint wasn't quite as tough as the original and eventually (10 yrs or so) lost some of it's sheen. Sort of like an '80s Chrysler (since Chryslers were already mentioned :p ). It did scratch a little easier than the original. The scratches seemed pretty deep, but didn't go through to the avacado. It was almost like the paint was super thick or something. The stove didn't hold up quite as well. It bubled near the electric burners. I'm not certain these guys did the best job as it was a brand new process at the time.
It wasn't perfect. But it allowed them to take down the peace signs, lava lamps and door beads and still get by until they could afford some new stuff. :cool: