View Full Version : Shop Fox Dust Collector

Jerry Williams
02-08-2009, 9:05 AM
Does anyone have any experiences with this Shop Fox DC?


I live 30 miles from Highland Hardware and they carry this item in stock so I wouldn't have to pay the freight. Its about what I need for my small basement shop. Does anyone know how well the "shaker felt micron bag will work with this DC?

tody Brock
02-08-2009, 9:13 AM
I don't know about the shaker bag, but I have the same DC and it works great. I have 8 machines hooked up to it and have never had a problem. I even finally figured out a way to get great dust collection out of the bottom of my Grizzly cabinet saw. Hope you enjoy!

george wilson
02-08-2009, 9:27 AM
Real big dust collectors have a bunch of "shaker bags" in them. They are wagged back and forth to clean off their surfaces from caked on dust while the collector runs. The bag should be O.K. You might want to sort of whack around the bag once in a while,to knock off the excessive dust cake that will gather inside. This decreases the efficiency of the collector,but the cake will build up in any fine bag. It does help filter out the real small dust. Some pleated filters recommend blasting an air hose over them to knock off the cake without damaging the pleated paper filter. This may raise some dust. When I do mine,I have a good wall mounted 18" exhaust fan to turn on. That keeps the dust going right outside when blasting the filter off.

Keep your felt bag well away from thrown chips,like around the wood lathe. Every chip will stick to those bags,and you will have a terrible time getting them loose. They are good bags for catching dust,though.