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Dave West
01-29-2009, 10:38 PM
I'm thinking of going online with some lasered items and was wondering how you guys handle returns. Seeing as most items would be custom it's not possible to resell in the event of a return. Do you just eat it in the name of customer service or not allow returns in the first place?

Thanks in advance


Ed Hazel
01-29-2009, 10:46 PM
I don't do laser work but from time to time I do get requests for custom work, I clearly state that custom orders are not returnable. But if the problem is my fault I will do something redo ect,

Joe Pelonio
01-29-2009, 11:24 PM
For online sales I allow returns only if damaged upon arrival.

I have had one item returned, a marble tile which UPS managed to break (I had it well packaged!!)

I made it over again and sent it to him after he sent me a photo of the broken one by e-mail.

Dave Johnson29
01-30-2009, 11:40 AM
I'm thinking of going online with some lasered items and was wondering how you guys handle returns. Seeing as most items would be custom it's not possible to resell in the event of a return.

Hi Dave,

As Ed and Joe have said, since it is custom work, providing the problem was not yours or the delivery then they own it.

If it arrived damaged then bill the shippers insurance and make another one.

If it was done wrong by you then redo and send another one.

If the customer changed their mind, tough they own it. Maybe not quite that brutal to them, but you get the drift. :)

I have been selling stuff online since 1996 and have learned a great deal about the American buying public. I blame Sears!! :eek::eek:

Actually "blame" might be a bit strong, but the old Sears "if you are not entirely happy," has led to a great belief in "I changed my mind and I am not entirely happy."

My wife worked in Sears white-goods for a long time and people from Northern states would Winter in AZ. They would buy a washer and dryer when they arrived and return them for a full refund before they returned. Sears have changed that policy to 30-day or even less on some items.

Don't get me started on stuff like that I have had to learn. :D:D:D Many years back I had a guy buy several thousand-$s of stuff because he thought he could on-sell so I gave him a good discount. Seems he was not so good at selling and one day, 9-months later all of the stuff arrived back here unannounced. It was that day that I added a 20% restocking fee to my policy.

Ahhhh, life and its little lessons. :rolleyes:

Doug Griffith
01-30-2009, 11:46 AM
Hi Dave,
I go down that road quite often. There are quite a few variables that pop up when dealing with online orders besides custom item returns. Below is where I start. Note "start":

Size of order is based on quantity and physical size. (ie batch size). Cost is determined by setup plus run time. I consider 100 batches: semi-large. 100+ batches: large.

One-off custom orders are charged 100% up front.

Semi-large custom orders are charged 50% up front with balance due upon delivery.

Large custom orders are charged a sample fee if the job is complicated otherwise it's free. The sample must be signed off before production begins. Sample fee is non-refundable should production be stopped by customer. A fee TBD is charged up front with balance due upon delivery. Quote for production has a time limitation (ie. lasts a month).

Custom orders are not returnable.

For online sales I use the following returns information that I tweak according to the product sold.

1. COMPANYNAME does not accept returns on used items. If any COMPANYNAME merchandise is returned in used condition it will be refused and no credit will be issued.
2. Return authorization is required. Simply contact us through our contact form for return authorization. Please include your invoice number with your request and the reason you would like to return it.
3. Returns will be accepted for 15 days from original purchase date.
4. Returned items must be sent prepaid with an insured signature delivery confirmation by a traceable carrier such as USPS, UPS or Federal Express.
5. COMPANYNAME cannot be responsible for any returned packages lost by the carrier. If you add a signature delivery confirmation to your return, your package will be signed for, trackable, and will serve as evidence of shipping.
6. Returned items must be returned in the same packaging used to ship the item to the customer. COMPANYNAME is not responsible for products that are damaged during shipping back to us if other packaging is used. If a return is received damaged then a full credit can not be issued.
7. COMPANYNAME will not accept any COD packages.
8. Once we receive the returned item, credit will be issued to the credit card account originally used to place the order.
9. Returns for credit must include the original invoice number that was provided at time of purchase and is also found on the printed invoice.
10. All returns are subject to a 30% restocking fee.
11. Returns are not accepted for international orders.