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Albert Nix
01-13-2009, 8:11 PM
I had a customer come by the shop today and show me a plaque like he wanted but I can not find it in any of the books that I have. The plaque board was 6 x 8 walnut finish and on problem. But the plates that came with it is where I ran into trouble. There are two plates one stacked on the other and the top plate being a little smaller. The odd part was the bottom plate that appeared to be a red anodized aluminum. The whole rig looked like it came assembled. Anyone seen any red plates?
Thanks Al

Mike Null
01-13-2009, 9:57 PM

It is possible the bottom plate was anodized aluminum but more likely it was a coated aluminum such as the JDS #alum328 or #alum348.

The stacking, as you call it, creates a border around the engraved top piece and gives it a more professional and finished appearance.

Another option is to buy ready made plates with a border.

My favorite is to use a quality blue marbleized and laser engraved top plate with a bright gold backer plate.

If you don't have a metal cutter then the ready made plates are your answer.

Albert Nix
01-14-2009, 8:33 AM
Thanks Mike!! I will check those item at JDS. I think the plate that I am looking for is anodized because you can see the grain marks in the aluminum and it has a slight transparent stained look to it. I agree with you on the plates with boarders but to get the job I will have to match very closely the plaque he has. They have been using this one for years. It is for a fire dept. and they have past plaques on the wall and they dont seem to be interested in changing styles.
Thanks Al

Mike Null
01-14-2009, 9:48 AM

I happen to have some red aluminum on hand and it has slight grain marks. Anodized aluminum would be too expensive in my opinion to use for a backer plate.