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Oscar Garcia
06-23-2004, 2:22 PM
I am curious about how long it take before you are able to payoff your laser. I know it's different for everybody. I am just looking for an additional source of income for the family. So I'm being just a little cautious about taking the plunge. I do do a lot of woodworking and would like to add a little something to it.

Thanks, Oscar

Keith Outten
06-25-2004, 7:11 AM

Paying for any machine is relative to a huge number of variables. Each individual should develop a business plan and work up solid numbers so that you have the necessary data to support the purchase of any machine that is to be used for commercial purposes.

I have read that an established engraving shop can pay for a new $20,000.00 laser engraver in about six months. Your marketing skills are the largest portion of the equation, the machine will do the job if you can market work that is profitable.

The best advise I have given the people who have called me on the phone is what NOT to do as many types of jobs are not profitable. Seriously you can pay for your machine and make a proffit engraving 5 hours per week or lose money engraving 40 hours per week.

Stay away from scroll saw projects, they are time intensive and for me anyway a losing proposition. A good guideline is to start with is $1.00 per minute of engraving time. You should adjust this rate according to your material costs, overhead and profit expectations.

Start by looking at your own projects, how much of the work that you do now can be improved by adding custom engraving. Many woodworkers do not even need to look for outside work, they simply engrave their own work and increase its value thus paying for their engraver the same as any other woodworking tool.

Dennis Peacock
06-25-2004, 9:33 AM
Great info Keith..!!!

Now if they made a laser engraver for just PENS!!!!!!