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Nadia Zois
01-06-2009, 5:23 PM
hi guys:)

i am having trouble with my laser. it is a versalaser 25 watt. i just got it a month or so ago and i just got the exhaust system working so i can finally use it ! and.......i tried and it doesn't work right correctly.

i am trying to do the little wood project it says to start out with but i cannot get it to cut through the wood. i am doing everything it says, i have no idea what could be wrong?

it will not even cut through paper. it does etch when i tell it to but it wont cut through. the only way i got it to cut paper was to set it on the wood settings and it set it on fire. heh.

perhaps i need to calibrate it or something, but i have no idea how to do that. the guy who sold it to me is an ass. [he is a distributer , i did not buy it used] he wants to charge me $300 a day to teach me how to use it. wtf? i assume when you sell someone something you would at least show them how to use the damn thing...

any help would be much appreciated.

Mike Mackenzie
01-06-2009, 6:06 PM

First thing you need to do is calibrate the Z axis, Let me step back did you load the proper software? The data base software is set-up by the laser power you install. What system are we talking about? VLS 2.30 or VLS 3.50. You need to choose the 25 watt laser tube when you install the software if this is the proper laser tube installed.

Next use the white focus tool and focus onto the table the proper focus is where the flat part of the tool and the angle combine the bottom of the X axis carriage should be at that point. This is in the manual. Once you focus open the UCP and click on the system tab make sure the 2.0 lens is selected and then click on the calibrate button under the len's choices.

Now be sure to set-up your corel draw correctly you can get the setup instructions from here http://cemlasers.com/pg--19--Software-Setup.aspx.

Once you set-up this then draw a box in Corel and fill it in black with the versa the black = Raster the red = vector cut and the blue = vector score.

Note the vector lines must be set to hairline.

Put a red out line around the black fill and then print the file once the materials data base opens then select a material from the list be sure to enter in the proper thickness for the material in the lower left corner.

Once this is done then print and open the upc you should see the file now just click the start. It should raster the black and then switch to the red and vector cut.

Try this and see what happens.

Andrey Anfimov
01-07-2009, 2:53 AM
There are only two ways of the decision of your problem. The first - you read User Manual by yourself, the second way - User Manual will be read by that bad guy, but already for 300$ per day. 8-)

ULS has very good User Manual. Simply do everything, that is written in User Manual step by step.
Good luck!

PS Your first problem is a FOCUS.