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Steve Clarkson
01-06-2009, 10:23 AM
OK, so I went shopping to hit all the after Christmas sales and came home with a few different things from Kohls and a few new questions.

The first picture is of an interesting ornament that is like a flattened ball. I think that these would be perfect to engrave pictures on due to the nice flat surface. There was one at Macy's that actually had a clear "glass" side so that you could see inside it where there was a picture of Santa painted (I should have bought that one!). Any idea who might sell these? This one was made by St. Nicholas Square (couldn't find their website).

The second and third pictures are of a "Sentiment Stone Wall Plaque" made by New View Gifts and Accessories, LTD (good luck trying to find a website for THESE guys!). They state on the package that they use "an advanced sculpting and painting process" to create these. It is obviously some type of stone resin product. But it appears that they not only were able to engrave it, but cut it too. I'll throw it in my laser later today to see if that's the case. You can see by the second picture that the plaque is thin and there is some resin flaking off. But the front almost looks like a Corian or solid surface. Any idea what this stuff is or where to get it?

Lastly, the fourth picture is a word art sign, but what's interesting is that every other letter is a different thickness (which I think makes it stand out better). Any idea how they did this?

Oh, and did anyone notice the nice red acrylic signs in Macys that said "100% Cashmere"? Whoever did them has a pretty big laser bed.....but I liked them.

Marc Myer
01-06-2009, 11:42 AM
Without seeing thse up close, I'd say it's a cast 'stone' resin, as you opined. I'd guess the originals were CNC machined and then a mold made. If you plan to make more than, say, 10 of these items, a simple rubber mold can be made that would handle that nicely.
Given the generic nature of these, they probably made thousands.

Judith Halliday
01-06-2009, 11:48 AM
Hi Steve,

The letters in the last pic look like what I make on my CNC machine. Unless it comes from a high powered laser :eek: Oh, like 100+ watts.