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Mark Rios
01-05-2009, 3:04 AM
I keep a free checking account for ordering online and Paypal and stuff like that. A few people have mentioned that they do that. I have my FedEx account tied to that bank account. I transfer just enough money plus a couple of dollars into it whenever I make a purchase or ship something and stuff like that. Last month FedEx started making an extra charge of $2.11 for each shipment. This was on top of the charge that I was given an email receipt for. One of those bad charges overdrew my account by .20 cents and I got a $33 OD charge. (WaMu gives their customers one OD fee waiver per year but I had already used mine for the year because of forgetting to make a transfer one time because I'm a bonehead.) I called FedEx and they corrected the problem (they even sent me a letter stating that they had been making a mistake but that it was now fixed) but they wouldn't do anything about the fees that I got from my bank. Anyway, I went to my bank (Washington Mutual) on Saturday and I talked to a very nice lady and all the charges magically disappeared.

Last month I made a purchase from a third-party-seller through Amazon. The item worked for a couple of days and then after nine days I noticed that it wasn't working anymore. Last Sunday I emailed the company and told them the problem and they wrote back that I'd have to take it up with the manufacturer. Their Return Policy clearly states that defective merchandise should be returned within 30 days and that they would refund the cost including shipping. So I called the next morning and talked to a real person and was told to go pound sand. I directly asked if they were not going to take care of the issue and the guy wouldn't answer, he just kept saying that I needed to take it up with the manufacturer. I hung up and called Amazon and started a claim. On Friday I got an email stating that Amazon had refunded my total costs, including shipping, back to my account.

We hear a lot about when a company "wrongs" us (you know, like when a guy orders last years model of a jointer from Grizzly so he can save $12 and it has a small scratch on the table and he wants the manager shot and a 3X refund and controlling stock in the company for his troubles) so I just wanted to share a couple of good company stories.

Mitchell Andrus
01-05-2009, 8:24 AM
Yes, there are a few out there. Unfortunately it usually a takes a human to intervene when policy fails.

Thomas Knighton
01-05-2009, 11:40 AM
All companies will make mistakes. It's how they deal with those mistakes that tells me if I want to do business with them.

Thanks for sharing these stories.