View Full Version : Little sign and two knives I made last night

Jeff Nicol
01-01-2009, 11:08 PM
Fellow wood lovers, Here is a little sign I was commissoned to do for a ladies office. She said her job is very stressful! Any way I had not carved anything in a couple years so I was glad it did not have to be perfect! I made the two knifes to do the job last night and this morning. Fast and dirty but razor sharp and feel good in my hand!



Dewey Torres
01-02-2009, 1:47 AM
I love the sign. The tools look great as well.

Mike Henderson
01-02-2009, 9:43 AM
Good work - on both the sign and the tools. What did you make the knife blades from?


Doug Mason
01-02-2009, 10:00 AM
And where did you get the rivets for the knife construction?

Jeff Nicol
01-02-2009, 11:09 PM
Mike, I was looking through my junk drawers and wanted to make a chip carving knive with a bigger handle than what I had. So I dug out an old saw blade that was not to worn out. It was a 12" long blade so I was able to get both knives and have some left over. Since the blades are already hardened I figured they would do the job. So that is what I used for the blades. They take an edge very well and I carved the whole sign in white pine wih only one to the ceramic block I use for honing. One handle is red oak and the other is black cherry.

The rivets are just 1/8" brass rod that I but at the local hardware store. I drill through everything ( blade is hard ) then drive a short piece of rod through and peen over both sides on small anvil. The brass is soft so it squashes into the wood and blade. Then to the belt sander to contour it to my liking.

Thanks and hope I get more inspiration from the carvers forum! The shop owner says she has a list of signs she needs made so tomorrow she will go through her books and find them all so I can get busy! I am in the process of building a CNC router table to do some repetative work and other things, but it will never take the place of hand work!