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James Fowler
12-28-2008, 5:05 PM
Does anyone have a copy of this particular Maltese? I am going to laser it along with the "The Last Alarm" for a shadow box. My Stepson's grandfather retired from this great organization and passed away over the holidays. We are going to put his flag and fire ax in this particular case.

Thank you



Frank Corker
12-28-2008, 6:34 PM
James not too sure if this is the one that you want but it might be of use.

Wolf Nitsch
12-28-2008, 7:16 PM
I'm not to swift when it comes to uploading things but I will try. This is a maltese cross I have used for my department. Hope it works.

Wolf Nitsch
12-28-2008, 7:25 PM
Wow looks like it uploaded:D

Frank Corker
12-29-2008, 7:49 AM
Well done Wolf! Life in the old dog yet :D

Wolf Nitsch
12-29-2008, 8:42 AM
Thanks Frank, proably get a few good years out of me yet.;)

Gregg Vaughn
12-29-2008, 9:08 AM
I had this CDR of their uniform patch ... not sure if it is current.

AL Ursich
12-29-2008, 4:14 PM
This has been a popular item lately. Have not done any FDNY.

Sublimation and reflective vinyl then epoxy domed.

Johnson Plastics has the blanks.


Frank, THANKS for the Maltest Cross from a few months ago !!!!

Frank Corker
12-29-2008, 8:00 PM
Hey anyone who says thanks get's my aproval. You're welcome, great job on your items too, just like bought ones.

James Fowler
12-30-2008, 3:31 PM

As always...Frank, you are the man. And that goes for the rest of you also. I can make all of these work very well. It has been a challenge to try and get this project done. We are now going engrave the engine and ladder trucks on a plaque also.

Again, Thank you for all of your assistance


Cary Fleming
12-30-2008, 3:43 PM

When you are all done please post a picture. I'd love to see your final product.