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  1. Shop made micro-adjustable plunge base
  2. Shop Made Band Saw Slider with Pic
  3. Finally finished my 2" Shop Receiver Install
  4. Building a 30" disc sander
  5. Shop Hangers with Magnets
  6. Pocket Hole Plug Cutting Jig for the Band Saw
  7. Shop made skewed rebate plane
  8. Dumpster Dive to make a saw bench
  9. Easy fix for a chisel
  10. Nice sunny afternoon, time to make a workbench
  11. Old mallet didn't fit my hand
  12. A fence for all tools?
  13. need to make sanding drum/spindle 4" Dia
  14. Hand Tool build for a tailed appliance.
  15. a couple of 20" tenon saws
  16. Thin parting tool on the cheap
  17. Disc Sander build
  18. 2 x 72" belt grinder
  19. I thought you guys might appreciate this
  20. I need a bench for the lathe
  21. One person and a shop air filter.
  22. simple kerfmaker: how can I improve?
  23. Converting a screwdriver into a very sharp detail chisel
  24. Band saw, Lathe, misc. (lots of pics)
  25. Potting Bench Building Templates
  26. New Shop Made Ring Tool
  27. Custom fitted case for Kreg Pocket Hole Jigs
  28. New toolchest
  29. My newest router based milling machine I built
  30. Portable bandsaw stand
  31. Tool Chest #2: from an old bed frame?
  32. Wood Mallet
  33. Paint Roller to Webbing Stretcher
  34. Chisel Hardware
  35. Home Made Brace ideas
  36. Need help with jig design
  37. Need help with drill press table
  38. SKIL router table needed legs
  39. T-Track questions
  40. Table saw straight line sled
  41. Leg vise, Twin screw vise and chisel rack
  42. Built myself a 12" disc sander from a furnace motor and shop scraps. (video)
  43. Dial indicator fixture for jointer
  44. Another Shop Made Carbide Tool
  45. Laminating construction grade lumber
  46. OtherT Track Options
  47. Help with ratchet bars
  48. Interesting threaded insert (wide and shallow) that I cannot find anywhere else...
  49. Router Planer Sled
  50. Router Planer Sled (Continued)
  51. Single Blade Box Joint Jig
  52. Table mounted jigsaw
  53. Source for Post and Screw tool hardware
  54. Vacuum System for Composite Work and Veneering
  55. Jointer Push Block Suggestions for Handling Edge Grain
  56. DP column,vac holder
  57. Help making flat jointer beds
  58. Box Joint jig tip
  59. Shop Made Threading Jig
  60. Materials for a shop made head stock
  61. My Take on the Bench on Bench
  62. Custom Built Guide Rail Deflector for Festool Track Saw Guide Rail
  63. Mobile Drilling Station
  64. Wooden Pulleys
  65. Shop built 12" jointer thoughts
  66. Brilliant idea for bandsaw wheels
  67. 6" X 48" belt sander with edge sanding & narrow belt
  68. How Does One Peen Steel Rod?
  69. Vacuum Pump Issue
  70. Bench for a benchtop bandsaw
  71. Tablesaw Outfeed / Assembly Table / Drawer Unit
  72. Keep Old Furnace & Condenser?
  73. Any easy plans for a cross cut sled?
  74. Planer Stand/Cabinet
  75. Grizzly G0490X jointer mod?
  76. Custom Router table - miter track or combo track?
  77. A push stick for the bandsaw that you'll never be without
  78. Shop Made Tools
  79. Vacuum panel flatness
  80. Till for some drills
  81. I need a little help thinking this through...
  82. Assembly Supports for the Workmate
  83. Assembling my own dust collector, choice of blowers
  84. Who can make me one of these (Gang saw arbor for unsiw)
  85. Help wiring 230v blower motor
  86. SETTING UP TABLE SAW: TS Aligner Jr, home made tools or other?
  87. 80/20 compatibility with t-track
  88. Board straightening jig
  89. Bar tread tire jig
  90. Jointer door
  91. Jointer door 2
  92. "Z" table for a drill press
  93. Sharkguard boom arm
  94. Mortising jig for a router
  95. long tool rest
  96. Econo (cheap) drill bushings
  97. I need to make a Pantograph - anyone ever make a simple one?
  98. Tool Holder - Small Squares
  99. Shopnotes Horizontal Morticing Machine
  100. Dust Collection Add-on For My Old Router
  101. Jasper 200 jig improvement (?)
  102. Stanley style Tool Box
  103. Hole locator/saddle square
  104. Spraying Minwax Polycrylic, dries with tiny bubbles
  105. Woodsmith combo router table
  106. New handle..
  107. Homemade vacuum chamber made from Propane tank for de-airing epoxy
  108. Plane & Diagonal Sticks
  109. Plane Adjusting Mallet
  110. Building drum sander
  111. Expansion arbor
  112. Miter Jig
  113. Dovetail gauges
  114. 2 pc crosscut sled?
  115. Router based mortising jig I've built
  116. Bow Saw
  117. Kitchen knife blanks
  118. Bristlecone Mallet?
  119. Veneer Roller
  120. New Dovetail Gauges
  121. Couple Crude Uns
  122. DeWalt scroll saw aggravation
  123. Shop Made Belt Grinder
  124. Vacuum Press
  125. Dedicated M&T Router Station
  126. Shop Made Dual Pointer Cut-Off Saw Stop
  127. Need help making table saw top
  128. Large jaws using wedge sled
  129. Small Sanding disc
  130. Horizontal Mortising Machine
  131. Making a Handle
  132. making a wolverine
  133. What does this jig do?
  134. plane blade
  135. 1/4 oz Hammer, Because why not?
  136. Maloof rocker spindle
  137. Shop Made Travisher
  138. Dovetail jig
  139. How to attach items to shaft/pipe for transferring torque (mobile base build)
  140. Assembly jig (square blocks) for ply box or drawer - Quick urgent Question
  141. When to heat treat and not?
  142. Table saw sled with dust collection
  143. Top for down draft table
  144. motors for down draft table
  145. My Upgraded Workbench
  146. Help cutting bench top
  147. Table saw accessories
  148. Need help with a box joint jig
  149. My New Pressure Chamber
  150. Ten Inch Brass Tube Pen Barrel Mold
  151. table saw jig runners
  152. Questions about home drum sanders.
  153. Steaming Cedar Shingles
  154. Using the CNC to make table saw fixtures
  155. Templates
  156. Mounting Drill Press by its Table
  157. Material and Size for Crosscut Sled on Unisaw? MDF, Birch? 3/4 vs 1/2?
  158. My 2X72 Belt Grinder
  159. Machining Steel as Part of a Tool Fabrication
  160. Two-Inch Spade Bit
  161. Mounting Drumsander
  162. larger infusion tank
  163. Pneumatic Springs?
  164. Rotary adapter for vacuum chuck
  165. Making a Spade Bit
  166. saw til
  167. Box Joint Jig - Lather Sander - Shop Cabinet
  168. Another 2x72 Belt Grinder
  169. How to Make a Simple Scribe
  170. Scroll saw & air compressor combo.
  171. Saw back question
  172. Shop Made 3 Inch Lathe Face Plates
  173. Lathe Dust Collection
  174. My new home made honing guide
  175. Update: Another 2x72 Belt Grinder, The Stand
  176. Bandsaw Feed Assist
  177. Router Lift Side Crank Mod
  178. Gated wye ShopVac hose
  179. Please subscribe me to Shop Made Tools and Machines
  180. Stroke sander for sanding table tops
  181. Question about fence for Rockwell/Delta 28-345 20" band saw
  182. Jeremy Schmidt Design 2" x 72" Belt Grinder
  183. Equal Spacing Dividers
  184. 2D Joystick using tie rod ends
  185. Vacuum pump?
  186. How to make faceplate for 12" sander
  187. Beaded face frame notching jig.
  188. Repurposed planer into veneer press
  189. pipe clamp vise
  190. Dust Collector - can I use a router motor?
  191. Making a Sandpaper "Holder" for Spindle Work?
  192. #55 plane rods
  193. ArduLift - DIY Arduino controlled Router Lift
  194. Maple scraps and a few metal parts?
  195. Tape Dispenser
  196. Dividing jig
  197. Kreg K4 pneumatic conversion
  198. Air cleaner based on Bill Pentz design
  199. First Hand Tool Build: Joiner's Mallet in Ash
  200. Useful small motor?
  201. DC Treadmill motor Table saw?
  202. Some new tools I've been making
  203. A bigger hacksaw
  204. Turn an old table saw into ??????
  205. Modifying A Horizontal Band Saw
  206. Any thoughts on DIY thickness sanders?
  207. Modified Router Boss with Sherline Headstock Motor
  208. A Strip Thickness Sanding Jig
  209. Auto-Width Dado Jig Version 2
  210. Making dust pickups, adapters etc
  211. Almost no cost burnisher