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  1. Yet another dust collection thread. Adapting the machines to use 6" pipe
  2. Continuing Shavings in Canister Problem
  3. Make Dust Collection Ducting from MDF?
  4. Another 220V plug question NEMA 14-30R to 6-20R?
  5. Will Aluminum dust damage my cyclone?
  6. Upgrading motor and impeller, and putting blower on top of aget dustcop cyclone
  7. Wall material for pole barn workshop
  8. My shop clean
  9. Packratitus Causes Blindness
  10. Too old for this much fun
  11. Shared shops or Co-ops?
  12. Fair price for Beisemeyer 8-foot miter saw table?
  13. Cabinet top material
  14. Can you have too many filters?
  15. Shop Layout Software
  16. Layout - Dust Collection Across Open Floor
  17. Running 2 dust collectors at the same time.......
  18. another shop cabinet question
  19. dedicated dust collector for a wide belt sander?
  20. Need help with dust evacuation and maintaining air conditioinig - 4 days in hosp
  21. Open frame induction motor for cheap, would you go for it?
  22. How a dust collection cyclone works
  23. Turner's Workshop in a 20-Foot Shipping Container
  24. Overhead Storage needed for Metal building
  25. IVAC Auto Blast Gates
  26. Insulting a barn roof
  27. Shop dust, safety, boiler explosion
  28. ClearVue Cyclone Dust Bin
  29. An emergency that thank God, turned out to be a false alarm
  30. Failing Ash Can Cyclone Dust Collector
  31. Wobbly vise stand
  32. Powermatic 3hp dust collector questions
  33. Help me by showing off your PVC ductwork
  34. DIY Filter Box for Mini Split?
  35. Unisaw magnetic switch quit working
  36. Delta bandsaw 28-203 wiring for 115v from 230v
  37. Bench Top Drill Press Recommendation??
  38. Shop equipment tripping GFIC
  39. cyclone seperator install
  40. square to round transition for Oneida
  41. Need help diagnosing motor problem
  42. Grizzly 15" Planer Tripping Circuit Breaker
  43. Hanging a Powermatic Ambient Air Filter
  44. Advice/Experience with Permits for Electrical in Shop after the fact?
  45. Issue with Oneida DC
  46. New Wood Shop for New Woodworker
  47. Garage Insulation & Air Flow
  48. Dust Collector Filter Replacement
  49. Window A/C for HOT shop .. help
  50. Rockler Dust RightŪ 4'' Quick Release alternative
  51. Romex in conduit
  52. Best Source of information for Workshop Organization
  53. cyclone muffler
  54. 12x30 Workshop About To Become A Reality
  55. Saw Stache............new product
  56. I need some guidance on shop layout. Here is a CAD layout and some pictures.
  57. electrical questions
  58. cyclone dust bin view window
  59. New Motor: 1 PH or 3PH with a VFD?
  60. Necessary to ground compressor switch?
  61. Big lumber storage
  62. Dust collection via shop vac
  63. Bending an Offset in 1" PVC
  64. Attaching ledger board to cement block
  65. Dust collection for Felder CF 531
  66. Grounding The Dust Collection Piping
  67. WoodRiver Small Dust Collection Cyclone System
  68. Tool dust covers
  69. Vertical lumber storage - about time!
  70. Vertical Installation of a Powermatic Air Filtration Box
  71. Thoughts on Dust Collection Please
  72. A motor is a motor is a motor?
  73. New/Used Grizzly Cyclone Price?
  74. Weird DC questions
  75. Cutting Aluminum Pipe
  76. Electrical to new shop
  77. Matzilla
  78. Attaching DC Ductwork
  79. Portable sink
  80. Cooling Garage Workshop in the Southeast on the Cheap
  81. Electricity
  82. Home-made cyclone DC?
  83. Window A/C used as Thru-the-wall
  84. Will code allow this?
  85. Phase converters.
  86. Pro shop power bills?
  87. 220V Motor Wiring
  88. A Stowable Workshop?
  89. Retractable / Roll-Up Screen
  90. Dust Coll. for in-house shop with lathe? (BillPretz.com is offline but read archive)
  91. Ceiling Fan Question
  92. table saw overhead dust collection
  93. Shop flooring
  94. Wiring a 220 outlet to a sub-panel
  95. Prettified Lumber Rack
  96. Rotary Air Lock
  97. Demountable storage?
  98. Downsizing my shop
  99. New shop coming along
  100. Building my dust cyclone setup
  101. Power distribution in basement shop
  102. My Brand New Workshop is UP ! (video link added)
  103. Swapping 15HP 3PH motor with 10HP 1PH in Delta Invicta RC-63N planer
  104. Dust Collection - Outside Exhaust
  105. Dust collector stopped working yesterday - bad start capacitor?
  106. DC metal ducts - how to secure to each other
  107. Dust Collection Issue - Question
  108. Delta 1.5hp DC followed me home. How should I clean the SUPER dirty bags without harm
  109. Dust Bin Viewing Window
  110. Installing an attic access door
  111. What's your small (1 car garage) shop look like?
  112. Cyclone Location for Outside Exhaust
  113. Gladiator Gear Track Mod
  114. Laying advantec floor. Should i leave bare concrete for a metal work area?
  115. Installation of Ductwork for a Clear Vue Cyclone
  116. Dust Collector - Ambient air temp & on/off frequency
  117. small lean to addition to woodshop
  118. Garage or basement workshop.
  119. Adding non load bearing walls in garage shop and maintaining fire break?
  120. New shop layout suggestions
  121. My modified Thien Dust Collector
  122. PVC ductwork acceptable these days?
  123. Lumber in Exchange for Shop Space
  124. Upstairs workshops?
  125. Edit: Delta DC blower has short 6" intake pipe, constricted to 4" at housing?
  126. How to run #6 wire across my basement joists?
  127. To store or not to store... that is the question
  128. Rockler Wall Mounted DC vs. HF Dust collector
  129. Packing Your Shop Is Like Packing An Iceburg
  130. How Should I Pack Larger Shop Items For Movers?
  131. Stairs in shop
  132. Grizzly G0440 dustbin vacuum for liner hold-down, does it work?
  133. Laguna Mobile Cyclone 2HP
  134. Insulating and heating my new workshop questions
  135. Cutting a hole for DC exhaust in metal pole barn. How?
  136. Shop Cabinets
  137. New shop
  138. Dust collection on a router table and a template guide?
  139. Can anyone ID this Grizzly Blower Unit ? Looking for Specs please.
  140. Glorious Day in New England
  141. Wiring rotary phase converter To TS
  142. Wynn canister installation
  143. Now THIS is a Clean Shop!
  144. Help decide dust collector Oneida or Felder RL
  145. More cyclone questions...
  146. My Shop
  147. Service Wiring to my new Workshop help please.
  148. Dust Collector Size?
  149. Dust Collector Cleaning
  150. Another dust collection question
  151. Need advice: Dust collection ducting setup
  152. Cutting Holes in Sheetrock For Electrical Boxes
  153. Laguna Dust Collector
  154. Black Walnut Shavings/Dust
  155. Where do I get new clear poly bags for my HF 70g 2hp dust collector
  156. New HF dust collector or used grizzly
  157. shop foundation issues
  158. Dust collector, will this reduce noise inside?
  159. Any benefit in running my bandsaw on 220 instead of 110?
  160. New DC or upgrade the old one?
  161. HF Dust Collector Mounted on Wall with just one bag (like Rockler's Dust Right)
  162. Three table saws! Am I nuts?
  163. Changing Garage workshop from Woodworking to Refinishing and Repair
  164. Compact fluorescent lights vs commercial strips?
  165. 3" or 4" pipe for dust collection
  166. fuji semi pro 2, anyone willing to give some help on spraying, general use
  167. Harbor Freight Dust Mod
  168. Best Way To Attach Studs
  169. Storing/charging cordless tools in a cold garage
  170. New workshop
  171. Shop addition almost finished
  172. Dust collector build
  173. Shop dust collection tour
  174. Lights of America LED Shop Lights
  175. New Shop Planning
  176. best place to get 6 inch pipe for dust collection
  177. How do I minimize losses with a flexible pipe based dust collection system?
  178. My least expensive dust collection system And my shop
  179. New shop,,, what to do with the interior walls?
  180. Add on electric height adjuster for jointer/planer combo?
  181. Install MiniSplit to outlet??
  182. My New Workshop is Painted !
  183. Couple of pests in my shop
  184. Humidity level
  185. DC system + Shop Vac for dust control?
  186. What start capacitor for Delta 62-610?
  187. Speed Control, Induction Motor
  188. Oneida Air - Generic Remote Control
  189. Considering The Little Shop
  190. Insulating a house that has Plank walls.
  191. Clearvue summer sale..
  192. VFD and shop ventilation
  193. New Workshop flooring
  194. Yards of Crushed stone question.
  195. How many amps to house/shop?
  196. dust collector down!
  197. the Shop Wall Thread - materials
  198. Installing new circuits at main circuit breaker panel - DIY? or hire electrician?
  199. Lighting Gloat
  200. Cyclone filter assembly question.
  201. Spent some time rearranging the shop
  202. Work surface material to cover 12" LVL beam?
  203. Laminate a workbench surface or separate two slabs like a Paulk
  204. Wood workers warehouse woodtec 1micron felt filterbags?
  205. Ceiling fans in the shop ?
  206. 16x28 Woodworking Room
  207. Can you link me to a good outdoor box setup for outdoor outlets?
  208. Vintage shop lighting retrofit help
  209. Shop air cleaner
  210. Planning New Workshop
  211. Brick wall in the shop ?
  212. Running wiring in open-cell foam insulated walls
  213. Cyclone closet and return air ducting
  214. Cyclone filter - a better way???
  215. My remote control dust collection system
  216. New Subpanel
  217. Anyone using high bay LED lighting?
  218. 3 phase dust collector
  219. Sealing PVC DC Ducting
  220. Not an incredible score, but not bad.
  221. Breaker panel outside?
  222. Plywood or OSB?
  223. Air Infiltration Sliding Barn Doors
  224. PVC electrical fittings for making corners
  225. vfd help need, cheap chinese vfd off ebay
  226. Which dust collector would you get?
  227. Lighting Questions for my workshop
  228. Need help with a new dust collector
  229. Single Phase vs. Three Phase for new tools
  230. DC motor controller wiring help.
  231. New shop layout - feedback
  232. bandsaw motor question!
  233. table saw dust collection port
  234. Dust Collection standard?
  235. Connecting an Inca motor
  236. Shop reorganization, need layout ideas
  237. If you have a lot of screws(I mean a lot) - how do you store them?
  238. "It's Good To Be Inspired In The Workshop"
  239. Dust collector "upgrade" and CFM readings
  240. Lumber Storage, large amounts and concerned with weight
  241. Vertical Rise in a DC line.
  242. grizzly cyclone g0703
  243. Where to place Super Dust Deputy
  244. Brand new Nordfab and it leaks a bit.
  245. how to wire an illuminated rocker switch
  246. Wasted Wall Space in Small Workshop
  247. Questions about how to feed a 110/220v single phase motor via a 3 phase 220v outlet
  248. Procom Ventless gas heater - argggh won't light
  249. Anybody use the Williams forseair counterflow electric wall furnace
  250. What's the ideal flat working space in a shop