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  1. Best Cyclone G0441 vs CV1800 vs Oneida V3000
  2. Help with understanding blast gates - First Post
  3. CV1800 installation questions
  4. DC show of force
  5. Dust Deputy Owners: I have Questions for A Homemade Cyclone
  6. 15 min at a time
  7. New Workshop Forges Ahead
  8. Dust Collection/Chip Collector
  9. More compressor questions - plugs, copper bending, and fittings
  10. Oneida DC remote died - NOW WITH UPDATE FROM ONEIDA!!
  11. What screw length do you use for 3/4 plywood walls?
  12. Damper for fresh air?
  13. Clearvue blast gate shippng a bit pricey
  14. compressor recomendation
  15. Anyone put a Big Gulp under a t/s?
  16. TEMCo Phase Converter Question
  17. G0703 1-1/2 HP Cyclone Dust Collector?
  18. DC Venting to outside
  19. drum sander owners: dust collection help
  20. Automatic Blast Gates using a Drill Motor
  21. Thien Internal Baffle -- thickness and dowel questions
  22. 1000 Lb. Jointer Becomes Airborne!
  23. Shop dust sytems: Is there STILL debate over steel vs. plastic?
  24. Info on hanging drywall
  25. Check out my updated woodshop tour
  26. Insulation, most bang for the buck.
  27. DIY PVC pneumatic cylinders???
  28. Dust collection for machines on mobile base?
  29. Grizzly GO440: to anyone who has one
  30. canister filter vs bags
  31. build a cyclone dust collection system or...
  32. DC for a Sliding Miter Saw - 1HP DC or ShopVac?
  33. How I heat my wood shop
  34. Clearview Mini Cyclone
  35. Is there an inexpensive way to install an electronic brake on a 1 phase motor?
  36. Oneida-Air email
  37. RPC Question
  38. Replacing collection bag on Jet DC-1100
  39. Advice on moving equipment to walk-out basement
  40. 400 sq/ft garage shop in need of DC...
  41. Woodworking theme Man Cave
  42. Can this cyclone work
  43. Running Duct under Slab... Good Idea or Bad Idea???
  44. Dust suspends how long!?
  45. New HF/Thien/Wynn DC -- Expectations/Disappointments?
  46. HF 2 HP dust Collector and Oneida Super Dust Deputy
  47. wood magazine Dust-collecting Tool Stand
  48. Rats and R panel roofs
  49. Dust Settling Time
  50. Can I use a blast gate backwards?
  51. 2 by 4 semi-nightmare:(
  52. Squirrels
  53. Basement Shop WIP
  54. S&D 6" Pipe and Fitting source near Nashville?
  55. Last couple of weekend's Project - and a few questions from it.....
  56. CVMAX - close to pulling the trigger
  57. VFD control wiring question
  58. workshop dust collection advise
  59. Remote Control Outlet for DC?
  60. Suggestions for coupling between cyclone and dust bin
  61. New workbench
  62. How to add in an LED or two?
  63. paint/staining booth suggestions
  64. HF dust collector question fer ya.
  65. hooking up a 5hp motor?
  66. Unique versatile small shop workbench
  67. Home brew under blade TS dust collection...
  68. diverter wye
  69. Is IVac still in business?
  70. G0440 & g0441
  71. Dust Collector Rewire from 110V to 220V
  72. Duh!!!!!!!!!!!
  73. Dust Collection - Where do I start ?
  74. Finishing the finishing room
  75. Am I being paranoid?
  76. organized hardware storage
  77. Airflow measurement
  78. 5 Micron DC Bag
  79. Dust collection for above TS...
  80. How to cut a perfect 2 7/16" diameter circle...
  81. What gauge perforated steel angle should I use for mounting my cyclone?
  82. .0001 Micron Dust Collector Filtering...
  83. Picked up a Ekstrom-Carlson Model 156 Pin Router this weekend.
  84. Need to find reliable blast gates...
  85. homemade Dust collector question
  86. A productive day for me!!!
  87. Plastic adapter for DC
  88. Tips for sealing garage door..
  89. Plywood over concrete: attaching stretchers
  90. Pegboard Hooks; any decent ones?
  91. How much sense does this make??? DC question...
  92. Advise needed: going from 1.5hp Dust Collector to 1.5hp Cyclone
  93. Stair for loft storage areas.
  94. Beginning Cyclone install in my 400sq/ft garage shop...
  95. Test for my logic on phase converters
  96. Saved some floor space by using even more pegboard...
  97. High-Pressure Fittings for Build-Your-Own Hose: How to?
  98. Help - Opinios on shop floor.
  99. How close to DC fan can I put an elbow in ductwork
  100. Why the 1.5hp limitation on 110v dust collectors?
  101. Clearvue cyclone - how much "twist" (torque) is acceptable at start up?
  102. Latest Shop Project
  103. Rusting cans.
  104. How I Replaced a Shed Subfloor
  105. MAGNEHELIC Guage recommended range of measurement for DC
  106. I think my d/c is begging for more air...
  107. Electrical question
  108. Setting up new shop location but having problems
  109. MERV 16 (or HEPA) Air Scrubber/ Filtration
  110. 220 wiring question
  111. DC reducer fittings source (for Super Dust Deputy cyclone)?
  112. Cyclone issues - shavings won't drop?
  113. Cyclones and Dust Collection
  114. Adding 220 Outlets & Strip Lighting
  115. Welder outlet question
  116. Jorgensen 41012 Vice Clearance?
  117. Wiring a new t/s motor...so many wires
  118. Murphy Rodgers cyclone
  119. Will my new drum sander work in my shop (electrical ?)
  120. Cyclone dust collection
  121. Work Bench Accessories
  122. New Shop Layout - Looking for feedback on plan
  123. Finally Finished My Router Cabinet
  124. Dust collector gloat
  125. How to move a massive bandsaw into garage?
  126. Ash workbench - progress pix
  127. aluminum blastgates
  128. Workshop Dimensions and Zoning Restrictions
  129. Source for S&D 2729 PVC near Madison, WI
  130. Disconnect needed for Grizzly Cyclone?
  131. Phase converter question.
  132. Evaluate my workbench idea and design
  133. Advice about mounting ductwork
  134. Best location for blastgate?
  135. DC return air opening size
  136. How do I make cheap, fast tool crates for moving my shop to a new location?
  137. Pinless Leg Vise hardware
  138. 3 dust collector questions.
  139. table saw cabinet
  140. Larger Harbor Freight Impeller
  141. New workshop. What wall coverings?
  142. upgrades to the shop
  143. DC filter cleaning question...
  144. New from Incra. CleanSweep router table dust collection system.
  145. Dust collector question
  146. Need advice on best method/motor to exhaust sanding dust outside
  147. Speaking of sawdust collection........
  148. How high is the risk of a dust collector fire from metal sparking?
  149. compatibility of quick clamping dust duct brands
  150. outfeed table top
  151. Magnehelic gauge
  152. Suggestions for cutting duct collector port into cast iron.
  153. Wha type of shoes do you wear while working in the shop?
  154. Need Help with Dust Collection For Garage Shop
  155. The Super Dust Deputy
  156. Pine siding?
  157. Help with a Thien top hat design?
  158. Problems with my vise location....
  159. Dust collection "hood" for a lathe?
  160. In floor dust collection layout questions
  161. Dangerous Dust generating Machine?
  162. Finishing Garage Walls - What Options/Finishes do you recommend?
  163. Should I add a wall to enclose garage shop?
  164. Mask and air filtration system recommendations for a woodworker with COPD
  165. Impeller Speed
  166. Yet Another Dust Collector Question
  167. Drum Sander Dust Hood Upgrade
  168. Work vehicles... Show me your genious ideas...
  169. Mobile Clamp Rack
  170. Dust Collection
  171. New Automatic Blast Gates
  172. Craftsman 1hp DC vs. HF 2hp DC
  173. Insulation question
  174. Electrical service question
  175. Another Question about Dust Collection at the miter saw!
  176. Heater BTU estimate
  177. Water on roof to cool shop?
  178. corner shop Dilemma, optimize space
  179. Is mastic needed?
  180. Cleaning the workshop floor with Vacuum and minute metal sharpening "dust"
  181. Dust Collection PDF's
  182. AZ air conditioning idea - garage
  183. Metal buildings
  184. Cell booster in metal shop.
  185. Jet DC1100 Dust collector. 2 stage
  186. Trouble with Oneida Cyclone
  187. T-Track in workbench top?
  188. Tail vise suggestions for my new bench
  189. Inexpensive filter for my DC retrofit?
  190. My radial arm saw setup
  191. Help me solve a debate over electrical use.
  192. Dust collection on the Hammer K3 (US)
  193. Cyclone or double canister w/ Super Dust Deputy?
  194. Sawdust Cyclone
  195. Moving Into Rebuilt Shop
  196. Humidity levels for my garage
  197. Bench progress
  198. 110 vs 220
  199. Taping snaplock seams
  200. Kraemer vs Oneida Dust Collection
  201. NEC Rules for Sizing Wire, Breakers, & Outlets for 220V
  202. Need advice for new shop layout
  203. Thien Separator for Delta 50-760 Dust collector
  204. Thien Separator for Fein Vacuum
  205. Diy dust collector motor
  206. Thien Baffle Leak?
  207. ClearVue Cyclones Moving Sale
  208. 2 DC motors/blowers with one cyclone
  209. Finish Room Exhaust Fan
  210. Discuss Mini Split AC
  211. 3 Phase Question
  212. Snap lock pipe for dust collection
  213. Working in the Dungeon Shop
  214. Swivel Joint - sawdust collector
  215. Cyclone/DC Outside Exhaust - Length?
  216. Need Help Making Cyclone
  217. Best wood for Miter Fence and sled
  218. converting T12 fluorescent fixtures to T8
  219. Workbench finish
  220. Workbench top thickness?
  221. Frameless hidden hinges
  222. My new jointer: Nobody can accuse me of compensating for anything
  223. Vapor barrier What side?
  224. Great concrete paint
  225. Help with wood shop floor and bugs!
  226. DC Install Part 1 (picture heavy)
  227. DC Install Part 2 (also picture heavy)
  228. SF Bay Area Timber Frame resources?
  229. Bench nears completion (pix included)
  230. 3-phase woodworking machine question
  231. Securing Workbench top
  232. Dust Collection Positions for SLiding Compound Niter saw
  233. Oneida cyclone fails to start using the remote key fob.
  234. How best to add an outlet...
  235. Coarse Vs Fine Cyclone Dust Collection...
  236. wire size vs. length of run
  237. Dust Collection
  238. Cyclone Design...why are there straightening vanes in the air outlet tube?
  239. Overhead TS Dust Collection?
  240. Motor rating on outlets?
  241. Lumber Rack Question
  242. Thien separator build finished
  243. Lathe - machine storage ideas?
  244. 3 pole breaker question
  245. Sawdust extraction arm problems
  246. Help me choose a dust collector
  247. Another newbie looking for layout advice
  248. Ugliest Thing I Ever Built
  249. Moved to a new house, setting up shop all over again.
  250. Coatings For Concrete Floors and Walls