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  1. Finishing cypress
  2. Getting a smooth epoxy finish
  3. Solvent/Paint Disposal
  4. French Polish insight wanted
  5. Trans Tint Dyes
  6. Target Coatings WR4000 Stain
  7. Issues using dye and grainfillers with shellac for cerused look...
  8. Lacquer problem / White film on finish?
  9. veneer tape ghost?
  10. Red oak end table finish recommendations
  11. Winter finishing
  12. Problems with Target Coatings finish
  13. Filling Nail Holes or Minor Imperfections
  14. CrystaLac filler over Watco
  15. Primer Question
  16. Isopropyl and shellac - downsides?
  17. Spray paint question.
  18. Waterbased Finishes That Look Like Solvent
  19. Tung Oil on Cherry
  20. Your preferred wood filler
  21. What Finish to Use
  22. Trying to achieve a not overly finished looking finish on a bathroom vanity
  23. stair tread finishing
  24. Protecting front door
  25. TV Tray Tabletop Finish?
  26. Rubio Monocoat
  27. Finishing Mango Wood Advice Needed
  28. Old can of tung oil
  29. Paint, poly, paint??
  30. Hard Paint
  31. Bread Box / Red Oak
  32. Layering Transtint Dye
  33. RE: final Touches on Sam Maloof chair joints
  34. Can I safely sand an end grain cutting board after applying mineral spirits
  35. Arm R Seal Repair
  36. Masking off glass
  37. Achieved a Stickley fumed finish on QSWO
  38. Brands of fill sticks and stain pens
  39. flat sawn and QSWO question
  40. Water born stain or poly solvent question, why not antifreeze?
  41. Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane exterior door refinish
  42. Walnut/Sapwood
  43. Finish for charcuterie wood serving board? Danish Oil, Walnut Oil, BLO?
  44. I need some Pointers for using Oil Base Varnish.
  45. Finish for french door
  46. Need advice on repainting kitchen cabinets w brush and roller
  47. Traditional finish on a Morris chair
  48. Sanding Sealer / Stain
  49. blotching
  50. Building floating hickory shelves.
  51. General Finishes Gel Topcoat feedback requested
  52. OSMO polyx pure - user feedback?
  53. Help Make Walnut Darker!
  54. Warm food on Shellac?
  55. What causes the patina on 19th century workbenches?
  56. Orange peel with GF HP Topcoat
  57. Table Top Finish Choices
  58. Another outdoor table finish question
  59. Oxalic acid and Redwood?
  60. Earlez Sprayer Question
  61. Can I apply GF High Performance Poly months after the last coat?
  62. Using Mixol to create blood red color...
  63. Spray or hand finish?
  64. resin and slabs and wood movement
  65. General Finishes salad bowl finish is no more
  66. Preventing Copper Tarnish?
  67. Finish Recommendations
  68. Varnish on curly maple?
  69. Oak or Soft Maple....
  70. Oily woods and platters
  71. Spraying Dark Colors
  72. DIY beeswax carnauba was too hard, ideas to soften?
  73. Waterborne version of wipe-on poly?
  74. ArmRSeal still tacky
  75. Fluid Film and wood coatings, any conflict?
  76. Homemade wipeon went to gel?
  77. Kitchen cabinet paint type
  78. Storing Needles, Air Caps, etc.
  79. Poly over pure tung oil question.
  80. Any experience with INSL-X Cabinet Coat paint?
  81. Hi guys. How do I create this look?
  82. Surface Prep for Traditional Marine Varnish
  83. Has GF changed their formulation of Arm-R-Seal Satin finish?
  84. Silicon RTV/ Caulk and spar varnish
  85. Streaks in finish. How to fix? Shellac & wax
  86. Waterborne Finishing the finish
  87. Put away my Shellac Brush
  88. Matching Finish
  89. cabinet door workflow
  90. Cut SealCoat and Arm-R-Seal
  91. Would spray layer help?
  92. Shellac and wax
  93. Oak gall source
  94. How do you use Transtint as a toner?
  95. Waterlox Satin questin
  96. HVLP Sprayer
  97. Preventing raising the grain with water based lacquer
  98. Tired of cleaning varnish brushes?
  99. Sun bleached window sills
  100. Info on Tung Oil
  101. Light Spots after Applying Waterlox Question
  102. How would I refinish my dining room table?
  103. How best to finish this piece?
  104. Liberon finishing oil
  105. Finish for Wooden Ladder
  106. yellow pine is not my friend?
  107. Rubiomonocoat exterior
  108. Options for finishing Bubinga
  109. what your finish schedule for Sapele?
  110. Problems Spraying Waterborne Finish With My New Fuji
  111. Thanks for the tips. I figured out how to make wood solid black
  112. Curly maple - best finish??
  113. Bartop Finish
  114. Best Primer for Mirror Mastic
  115. I think I need to kill a client....
  116. using the lathe at slow speed to stir varnish
  117. Trying to get new redwood's color finish close to old redwood - need advice
  118. Lid of Zinsser Bullseye shellac exploded off
  119. primer for white lacquer?
  120. Talk to me about HVLP
  121. Oops,,,fingers crossed for a save.
  122. refinishing oak kitchen cabinets advice on products
  123. How to Hide Ray Fleck in White Oak
  124. Yet another table top thread
  125. Best Spray Paint
  126. Best general finish for hvlp
  127. Bleeding through
  128. what's happening here?
  129. HVLP vs Brush vs Pad
  130. What's going on here? (disappearing finish question)
  131. What to use for smooth paint finish on MDF?
  132. Homeright Super Finish Max HVLP Paint Sprayer - Seeking Info
  133. Would like to add second gun to my Fuji Miti-Mate system, Recommendations?
  134. Explosion Proof Fan
  135. Refinishing stained and Lacquered bathroom moldings & Cabinets
  136. Needing some newbie advice - compatible primers underneath Emtech EM6500
  137. Need advice on spray system with 27 gallon 7.2@40 psi compressor
  138. I am Leaning towards BM's Advanced for kitchen cabinets but have some ? and concerns
  139. Need Advice On Finishing Oak Project With Grain Filler and Target Coatings.
  140. To thin or not to thin, that's your question...
  141. Bubbles in lacquer
  142. Flocking on top of finish
  143. Medium Brown Dye?
  144. Cabinet touch up?
  145. Could they make the can any cheaper...my whining!!!
  146. good video on adjusting spray gun
  147. epoxy for filling cracks, voids
  148. Thick finish for table top?
  149. Long Delay between waterlox coats
  150. Finishing Suggestions for Countertop -WWYD
  151. How do you treat punky areas?
  152. Advice for fixing "spots" in finish only visible under bright light
  153. Painting Pine with Knots Revealed?
  154. Orange Peel when spraying Target Coatings EM6500 with Fuji 4 stage
  155. Recommendations wanted on what spray gun
  156. Facts on painting, clear-coating, powder coating stainless steel?
  157. Ziricote darkening
  158. Spraying Interior Window
  159. Water-based polyurethane over oil stain?
  160. Finishing steps for PureBond hardwood plywood
  161. how to protect metal accent hinge thingys while applying shellac and poly?
  162. Walnut/Maple Writing Desk - Finishing Options
  163. Finishing a Front Door Question
  164. Help! please :)
  165. Is my compressor enough?
  166. Endurovar - Problems spraying
  167. Kitchen window over sink.
  168. Pigmented Precat Problems
  169. HVLP: 3m PPS 1.0 vs 2.0 + Accuspray opinions
  170. Trying to understand relationship between CFM and tank size
  171. Sapele too orange....opinions on solution?
  172. GF milk paint w/ endovar or pigmented lacquer?
  173. Bleaching Wood
  174. Odd black smudges (minerals?) on sycamore. How to remove.
  175. Help with finishing issue
  176. Dog Hair finish
  177. Shellac difference?
  178. Tried and True on curly wood
  179. Help in Getting Walnut where i want it to be
  180. Wood color pen source?
  181. filling tear out?
  182. How Many Coats of Waterlox for Walnut Countertop?
  183. Paint can cleanup tip.
  184. Grain Filler + Stain + Finish... what sequence? What product?
  185. Finishing Large-Ish Media Console- should I treat top different from base?
  186. Do I need to use bleach on this refinish on a garden bench?
  187. Fuji 5070 HVLP Gun
  188. Question for those of you who use a high speed buffer to rub table tops
  189. Painting Poplar and Luan Plywood question
  190. Back up filler for veneer
  191. Mineral Spirits slick spot
  192. 3M PPS Spray Paint System
  193. Yet another shellac problem
  194. Re-finishing a cedar chest
  195. Using conversion varnish over oil based finish
  196. Outdoor finishes questions
  197. Re-Finishing Office Furniture
  198. EM6000 question
  199. Clearly I am doing something wrong - WB spraying an electric guitar
  200. Need help with GF Armor Seal
  201. Finish for a firewood box?
  202. Boiled Linseed Oil
  203. Outside mildew soutions?
  204. wood bleach on white ash
  205. shellac over dye
  206. Fuji T70 Pressure Tube Removal
  207. Floor finishing
  208. walnut oil /sanding sealer
  209. Fixing outdoor table finish
  210. what stripper to use
  211. Art fair finish
  212. Pratt and Lambert #38 discontinued
  213. Assistance with finish
  214. Best finish for kitchen cabinets
  215. Dull spots on rubbed Waterlox finish
  216. Cellophane?
  217. Yorkshire grit, Hampshire shine
  218. Fuji mini-mite 3 upgrade to Wagner Control Max. Would new guns for Max be enough?
  219. Recent impressions of Target Coatings
  220. Gel Varnish
  221. Starting grit for sanding quality plywood in prep for staining?
  222. Tinting Zinsser BIN primer
  223. Overspray
  224. Another finishing question...
  225. Teak Oil Refuses to Cure on Padauk: Now What?
  226. Spray lacquer
  227. General Finishes Oil Based 2nd Coat Lighter?
  228. Anyone Sprayed ILVA-Ic&S Urethane? How bout with Fuji Spray system CORONADO S
  229. Automotive Water Bourne...have you used?
  230. Min-was & Old Master stain combo okay
  231. What the Heck is a Ford #6 and # 8 Viscosity Cup?
  232. TESTING Waterborne 2k POLY TOPCOAT..what is it exactly?
  233. Painting an OAK red stained/lacquered end table White.. Proper Sealer Suggestions?
  234. Positive Pressure Spray Booth/Room Design question
  235. cheesecloth vs foam brush on arm r seal
  236. Any idea what Im doing wrong spraying GF high Perf
  237. PSA: Qualspray AM-6008 Rebuld Kit
  238. Anyone have a go-to Osmo Top Oil Application process?
  239. Clear finish for under plants, very water resistant.
  240. Multi Species Panel - Enhance Grain, but keep contrast with minimal amber
  241. abralon pads sander
  242. Best polish/wax for mid century pine?
  243. Glue seepage fix
  244. Johnson's Floor Wax
  245. Newbie ?: Finish Adirondack Chair before or after assembly???
  246. Repair two dings on corner of desk top
  247. Learning about tints..Cal Tint vs Mixol How to achieve "toffee" color
  248. Varathane Classic Penetrating Wood Stain
  249. finishing NOVICE, advice needed
  250. Durable Finish Croquet Balls