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  1. Best way to remove Watco Teak Oil from Teak Desk
  2. Recommendations for paint insides of cabinets , Fast Drying
  3. Finish for Black Walnut table
  4. Chalkboard Paint?
  5. APOLLO HVLP power 4 sprayer?
  6. Restoring knotty pine T&G walls
  7. First time at the "Finish" line
  8. Mixol in Clear Poly-Will it work?
  9. How Does Lacquer Sanding Sealer Differ From Lacquer
  10. What type of finish?
  11. Water Rings in EM6000
  12. Dye and Finish over liming wax?
  13. Best exterior latex primer
  14. Please go easy on me. Can I basecoat/clearcoat clean and roughed up stained wood?
  15. Good Safe Paint Stripper for an item painted with latex paint?
  16. Finish for dish drying rack
  17. Endovar vs. Arm-R-Seal
  18. Sherwood Precat Orange Peel
  19. mixing red and white oak
  20. Behlen Rock Hard Waterborne opinions
  21. Disposing of old shellac
  22. My Simple, Temporary Spray Booth
  23. HVLP needle/cup sizing and other details
  24. Thoughts on Waterlox TrueTone Color-Infused Tung Oi in a Sam Maloof finish?
  25. HVLP spray gun recommendations
  26. Sealacell blotch?
  27. Revisiting poplar
  28. Sanding Poly to match
  29. recommendations for teak finishing product for outdoor teak patio furniture?
  30. Fuji MiniMite 4 or 5 HVLP
  31. Stripper changes
  32. Minwax Gel Stain
  33. I have an old aerisol can of Rustoleum primer
  34. PPS liners for finish storage?
  35. Strategy for Enhancing Wood Grain on Rifle Stock
  36. Switching over
  37. Another HVLP conversion gun?
  38. Shellac base coat, help me understand...
  39. Purple Painter Problem
  40. Plywood Finishing - De-waxed shellac or Paint Primer
  41. Any experience or tips with Lockwood oil soluble dye powder?
  42. GF white poly streaking
  43. Soaking in acetone?
  44. Best process to spray a lot of cabinet parts?
  45. Spraying Enduro clear poly
  46. Question about spraying Polyurethane with HVLP
  47. Removing Tung Oil from Grooves?
  48. Polyurethane Reboot?
  49. Using a pre-conditioner?
  50. Replicating Minwax Polyurethane with WB finishes
  51. Cleaning pine T&G ceiling prior to sealing
  52. Question about storage of lacquer, acetone, thinner, etc
  53. School me on airless sprayers..........
  54. Sealing end grain on large parota cross cut slab
  55. Arm R Seal extremely cloudy/hazy
  56. osmo question
  57. Exterior Chairs and Table Finish Recommendations
  58. Use MS to "pop" grain w/o damage to wood?
  59. GF Endo-Var
  60. Clear TopCoat for water based Modern Masters Metallic paint
  61. What is happening to my clear finish?
  62. Painted Top for Kitchen Table
  63. High humdity: water or oil based top coat?
  64. Leather dyes for wood???????????/
  65. Maloofish Finish mistake - too thick.... Suggestions?
  66. Lap marks on inset top for ring box--any help??
  67. Bookshelves...What Kind Of Paint?
  68. Pressure regulator positioning for HVLP guns
  69. What kind of stain to use under a marine varnish?
  70. ARM R Seal still cloudy/hazy. Propane heater problem?
  71. Ebonizing White Oak
  72. Cypress Table finish
  73. Oil polyurethane and our lungs
  74. Table finishing
  75. Water based dye/stain over sealer top coat?
  76. Solar-Lux Dye on Walnut
  77. need help deciding on finish for refinished dining table and coffee table
  78. VGF craftsman style door refinish schedule
  79. Refinishing home cabinets - need help
  80. Paint before or after?
  81. Amber shellac under WB?
  82. Behlen Rockhard Waterborne Review
  83. Best outdoor clear finnish?
  84. Quality Tung Oil - Satin, finished by hand
  85. GluBoost products
  86. Clear Epoxy to fill cracks / knots - Process?
  87. Common Drawer Finish
  88. What's your finishing schedule with Target 6000?
  89. Arm-R- Seal ?
  90. Paint It Black: My experience with Target EM6600
  91. Mahogany bench finish choice
  92. Contractor Ruined Countertops w/ Epoxy - Looking for Help to Fix Them
  93. Some lessons learned about applying gel stain
  94. Humidity issues in our new shop
  95. Water Based Finishes
  96. Cherry - seal against UV or use an alternative??
  97. Needs some Finishing Help
  98. Rub out finish
  99. Finishing Cherry countertop
  100. Advice on top coat
  101. How you get red white blue wood
  102. Anyone notice a blueish hue using Target EM6000 finish?
  103. enduro-var over oil stain
  104. Lacquer problems
  105. why won't my stain take?
  106. Paint cabinet doors
  107. Semi-gloss over gloss?
  108. Lighten WB stain?
  109. What did I do wrong
  110. Top coat on stained wood
  111. Painting Baltic Birch Plywood
  112. Finishing Recommendations
  113. Kitchen island ?
  114. Filling cracks on a table top
  115. Waterlox disappointment
  116. HVLP Sprayer and Latex - Question about
  117. refinishing Cherry table top .
  118. Minwax wipe on won't dry
  119. Lacquer or Shellac
  120. What do you store home made wipe on varnish in?
  121. staining maple hardwood floor
  122. CA glue and baking soda
  123. Problem wiping off oil/varnish blend
  124. Finish with least odor for maple
  125. Odd question about commercial gun stock finishes.
  126. Turbinair Needles Fit Capspray HVLP Gun?
  127. Painting new exterior shutters
  128. Painting oil based paint over water based paint?
  129. Vinyl decal under or over clear finish?
  130. first attempt at HVLP finishing
  131. Maple turning orange from Paduk
  132. HUGE Problems Using Vinegar / Steel Wool / Tea to make wood look weathered
  133. ebonizing maple with a white spot
  134. Fuji Q4 - older system
  135. Finish Selection for Staircase - Suggestions Needed
  136. Looking for recommendations: WB Paint for Steel/Iron
  137. Waterlox finish problems
  138. Dye & wipe vs spray sealer
  139. how to finish inside of finger jointed box
  140. Dying Thick 'Laminates' Question
  141. Need your advice
  142. Suggestions on type of finish to use
  143. finish for Walnut
  144. Removing mineral oil from wood
  145. Qualspray Troubleshooting
  146. Reviving wrinkly Effecto
  147. What's up with my home made wiping varnish?
  148. Polyacrylic waterborne finish........OK for interior use????????
  149. How to repair and refinish these two nightstands?
  150. Old Old Paint
  151. Vintage doors
  152. Repaired /refinished secretary
  153. Clear Coat On Walnut Turns Whitish
  154. Sanding between coats of Enduro Var
  155. Oil Based Poly Urethane Recommendation
  156. Finish for butcher block - for shop use
  157. tung oil finish
  158. Airless or help for spraying latex
  159. Finish on Cherry side table
  160. New HVLP tip Worth it for latex? Old Capsrpay cs8000
  161. pros/cons using rustoleum hammerd paint on a wood cabinet
  162. Need Help Staining...
  163. The art of coloring wood
  164. Matching 1939 old Pine boards - Probably NE heart pine
  165. Vinegar/steel wool on turned parts
  166. Looking for a way to smooth out almost-perfect shellac finish
  167. Exterior Poly Recommendation
  168. Finishing large live edge slabs
  169. Can't Decide; urethane, alkyd, acrylic, for interior dog kennel/crate.
  170. Spraying wipe on poly with a HVLP?
  171. Handrail: Rattle can Lacquer vs arm-r-seal
  172. Water poly vs lacquer for table tops
  173. Epoxy with dye - How deep does it stain the surrounding wood
  174. Looking for Spray Finisher Options
  175. Finishing and waxing
  176. Can I add dye to Rustoleum?
  177. Butcher block oil finishing is not smooth, help please
  178. Questions about GF Enduro Var
  179. Sanding Sealer and Staining
  180. Epifanes
  181. Finish Recommended for Beer Flight Holder
  182. struggling with pore wood filling with shellac
  183. shelf life of Target Coatings EM6500
  184. How to clean lacquered wood surface?
  185. Fuji HVLP Q5 - Gelcoat?
  186. Dealing With Low VOC Lacquer
  187. Water Based Stain
  188. tinted beeswax
  189. Cigar Ashtray Finish
  190. Fixing small defect in poly finish
  191. Finish logistics question
  192. help with qswo finish
  193. finishes for projects with kids?
  194. Problem spraying enduro-var on vertical surface
  195. GF Milk Paint Help...
  196. GF Flat Out Flat Poly?
  197. Removing glue
  198. Spraying beginner - advice
  199. General Finishes Conversion Varnish
  200. Coloring tung oil
  201. Finishing a Spanish Cedar Adirondack Chair
  202. Pore filling period furniture
  203. How to create an oil rubbed bronze finish?
  204. 1/4" hose adequate?
  205. MinWax One Coat Polyurethane finish has developed white spots
  206. Best oil based wood filler that will take stain and match?
  207. The effect of temperature on fuming
  208. Purple heart and maple butcher block finish??
  209. Water based Topcoat over Oil based Stain
  210. hardwax oil for bookshelf?
  211. Staining next to inlay
  212. Aluminum oxide finish
  213. Cherry wood finishing
  214. I'm about to test finishing on Spanish cedar.
  215. Whitewashed Straight Open Grain (White oak?)
  216. What should I finish trivits with?
  217. Help with buying a sprayer
  218. Tinted water based lacquer
  219. Finishing Pop Up Shelter Needed...
  220. Timber finish
  221. Waterlox on bark?
  222. HELP !!! how to get a glass smooth finish with polyurethane
  223. Shellac Storage
  224. Kitchen cabinet paint type
  225. how to set up many boards repeatedly for finishing
  226. Gravity Gun Cup Leaking
  227. Spray Lacquer / brush on lacquer
  228. Top Coat on BLO....
  229. Wood Finishing School
  230. Question: Storing finishes after opening
  231. dishwasher-proof finish found?
  232. How to create this finish?
  233. Fortifying factory finish with more layers of poly?
  234. Popping the grain on ash
  235. Danish Oil
  236. Making Walnut finish
  237. Topcoat for Milk Paint and distressed wood?
  238. Refinishing cabinets to freshen up factory laquer finish??
  239. Railings and banisters
  240. PPS type cups for gravity gun
  241. Cedar Chest
  242. GF Water Based Stains - Using Whitewash to Create Tint?
  243. Thoughts on Gel Stains?
  244. Eliminate Through Tenon Signs
  245. My Experience using Minwax oil based penetrating stain and Varathane wiping stain
  246. Sourcing anhydrous ammonia
  247. HVLP Decisions
  248. 2 Part Epoxy help needed
  249. Let's talk Dyes... Again...
  250. Finishing cypress