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  1. micro bubbles in finish, need help
  2. Top coating bm advance
  3. Repairing finish on dining room table
  4. Tinting and WB finish
  5. How to fix blushing in polyurethane?
  6. Can Shellac
  7. Fast and durable finish for Beer tap handles
  8. Lacquer question
  9. Paint over Maloof finish
  10. Sources for external door stain?
  11. Non-woven abrasives
  12. Anyone here brush on paint for face frame cabinets/raised panels?
  13. Uneven dye
  14. Caps
  15. Osmo Polyx testing
  16. FP and pore filling
  17. How long after barrier coat of dewaxed shellac must you wait before lacquer coats?
  18. Woca diamond oil cabinets
  19. question about water based finish
  20. Wiping on Catalyzed Varnish or 2k varnish
  21. finishing room filters and blower
  22. To strain or not to strain is the question
  23. Wood Slab Finishing Question
  24. Applying Watco Butcher Block Oil - does this sound right?
  25. Ghosting on cabinet door?
  26. Graco Sprayer Question
  27. Using Gorilla glue as a finish
  28. Finish for a book rack for first graders?
  29. Help with stain and wood options
  30. ProClassic Interior Waterbased Acrylic-Alkyd vs Waterborne Interior Acrylic Enamel
  31. Thinner for Epifanes
  32. Color Bleed
  33. Cloudy finish when doing mid-coat sanding
  34. Varnish application help needed.
  35. Preserving Patina
  36. Refinishing railing
  37. Help !!! Amber Finish over Pwater based polyureathane
  38. How would you refinish this teak garden furniture?
  39. Enhancing Poplar Weed Pot
  40. Teakwood weathered dining room table
  41. Rubbing out varnish finish
  42. Fuji pressure pot
  43. Darken natural edges?
  44. Staining/Dying QSWO
  45. Woodworker's Paint Sprayer
  46. Trying to avoid a water-based poly nightmare
  47. Sealing (finishing) inside a chest of drawers
  48. BIN Over Laquer
  49. Stain and Epifanes
  50. Weird spots on wipe-on poly finish
  51. Qualalac Lacquer on top of Shellac...wait time
  52. Spraying bin shellac
  53. Keep getting dust and specs in sprayed finish
  54. Applying home brew Danish Oil type finish
  55. Yellowing of White Paint - interesting read from General Finishes
  56. Maple Counter Top Finish
  57. Water stain on Seal-A-Cell
  58. How to get a finish like an old red barn - question
  59. How to finish american mahogany for a mantle
  60. Artificially aging wood question
  61. Staining or "smoking" oak
  62. HVLP tip size
  63. WB Poly problems
  64. Finish for clothes rack
  65. Steamer Trunk project - finish advice needed
  66. Sprayed dye - spots around pores
  67. Made a Mistake with WOP
  68. Refinishing Cherry Staircase
  69. Old Marine Grade Poly
  70. Indoor Clear Finish on Cherry
  71. live edge magnolia coffee table
  72. Working time for wipe-on poly
  73. Best way to clear finish teak plywood on kitchen cabinets
  74. Highlighting the medullary rays in oak
  75. Black Shellac??
  76. Match paint mixtures with a portable colorimeter?
  77. What type of Primer and Paint for MDF High Gloss cabinet doors?
  78. Question on grain filling
  79. Figured Cherry?
  80. Cleaning off sawdust prior to finishing
  81. Wood dye
  82. Help me spray a better coat of waterborne finish
  83. Paint that is sprayable with HVLP gun???
  84. Finishing new cabinet
  85. How To finish this Plywood Panel
  86. scratches in finish
  87. Face Frame with Recess Spray Question
  88. Refinishing Question
  89. 2 Different Wood Types
  90. Wipe-on-Poly streaks
  91. Can't flatten red oak desk top...my first project
  92. Finishing Makore Veneer on MDF core
  93. Finish for pyrography project with colored pencil
  94. Air compressor size
  95. Water-based finish for walnut (Target EM2000? EM6000?)
  96. White wash on Baltic Birch - pale white stain
  97. Telegraphing
  98. Red Oak Table top - Linseed oil & epoxy
  99. Spraying white based finishes. I cant see the wet line.
  100. Visit to Restoration Hardware
  101. Help with matching a finish
  102. Why did my spray lacquer with blush eliminator get crinkly?
  103. epoxy finish for a bowl
  104. Waterlox Sealer Finish
  105. How do I polish epoxy resin?
  106. How not to clean your brushes
  107. Finishing Walnut in dry climate, and moving it to humid climate question.
  108. Wood recommendation
  109. fumming white oak
  110. Filling voids in BB plywood
  111. Milk Paint?
  112. finishing red/white oak
  113. Preval Sprayer
  114. Photos onto wood/Poly
  115. oak finish expectation
  116. Surprise below the surface...any advice welcome
  117. Fix damaged table finish
  118. Buying a sprayer
  119. Need Epoxy advise
  120. Walnut with water based top coat ... what to bring out the character in the wood?
  121. Finishing QS white oak
  122. No sanding between coats of wipeon poly?
  123. ob shine juice
  124. Matching a weathered finish
  125. Hello Jamie Buxton
  126. Problem using aniline dye over wood filler
  127. Harbor Freight HVLP Gun for Latex Paint?
  128. Help with project
  129. Confusion - Choosing WHICH Sherwin Williams NON cat Nitro ?
  130. DUHHhhh - How to mix 5 gal NC Lacquer ?
  131. Finish for some fancy soffit
  132. Looking for a topcoat recommendation for a kitchen table
  133. Large DIY Spray Booth, How-To
  134. cold weather voc dispersal
  135. Decisions Decisions
  136. Low-fume Waterlox alternative ?
  137. Epoxy vs Arm R Seal bar top?
  138. filler recomendatiion
  139. Pore me and Bondo
  140. Fix topcoat GF Enduro Clear Polycrylic
  141. Getting stain into white oak pores
  142. Any problems staining before glue up
  143. painting over glue
  144. Elliptical stains on white oak with Transtint/DNA
  145. Repairing/improving an old shellac finish
  146. How do you measure liquid dyes?
  147. Question about sanding se
  148. Cleaning stenciled chairs
  149. Decided to try PTO
  150. Is Lacquer Colored? Base then Clear? How?
  151. Is this cherry blotch?
  152. How to make invisible MDF joints?
  153. GF Extender is Good Stuff
  154. What are you using for tack cloths?
  155. What's the most foolproof way to keep track of painted cabinet doors?
  156. Getting Oil Out of Gun Stock With Solvents....On A Budget
  157. Fuji Mini-mite 5 system?
  158. Finish inside drawers
  159. Painting White Oak
  160. White Oak and Mahogany table finish
  161. Tackling dust nibs on final film coat
  162. Problem with shellac
  163. Pin holes in epoxy??
  164. Letís talk Shellac
  165. Polishing arm-r-seal
  166. Black spots on red oak after being wet?
  167. Better treatment for dry wood on antiques than lemon oil?
  168. Container for water based stain/sanding sealer/GF high performance
  169. A few questions for the furniture repair/refinishing folks....
  170. Finish for knife handles?
  171. Question about finish on bark/ natural surfaces.
  172. Good paste wax brands for antique furniture?
  173. Finishing Baby rattles
  174. Epoxy for wood finish
  175. Appying finish at cooler temperatures
  176. Thinning "Oil" base Stain question- Increase drying time ?
  177. Using Crayola Crayons as putty fill stick ?
  178. DIY Spray Booth: Tent?
  179. Walnut finish suggestion
  180. Odd project to apply finish
  181. Crinkled spray paint over shellac....
  182. bandsawbox-undecided on finish?
  183. Mix hand planing and sanding?
  184. How to sand epoxy flush, but not surrounding wood >320 grit?
  185. Finishing New Walnut Plywood vs. 50 Yr Old Walnut Plywood
  186. Card Scraper To Remove Wax?
  187. painting my dear cabinets
  188. Crystalac Brite-Tone finishing technique questions...
  189. Mix of Baltic woods - need help to fix the color
  190. stain color
  191. Finishing question
  192. Spray finishing table question
  193. Finishing African Mahogany counter top
  194. Spraying latex
  195. Any experience with Target CL-100 in EM-6000?
  196. Sanding Sealer -When to use- Confusion/clarification needed please.
  197. New HVLP turbine user, how do i figure tip, nozzle, etc from mfr recommendations
  198. Lacquer thinner variables ?
  199. Poly problem
  200. How to prep a prefinished door for refinishing?
  201. General Finishes Question
  202. Staining poplar and accentuating sapwood contrast
  203. Finishing MDF Baseboard
  204. Wiping on MinWax Fast Drying Poly
  205. Looking for oil based top coat
  206. Water white finish that is quickest to apply?
  207. Brushing shellac
  208. HVLP Sprayer recommendation for Air Compressor
  209. My quick and easy finish schedule
  210. smooth finish on checked wood
  211. I stink at color matching.....
  212. Lacquer and table finishing
  213. Varnish over lacquer outdoors
  214. Shellac Question(s)
  215. Help me in finishing the Walnut Plywood
  216. Life of Target Coating
  217. WAY over-applied 100% tung oil removal, stripping?
  218. Anyone Using Lenmar Clear or Pigmented Waterbornes?
  219. Finishing strategy for garden labels
  220. Small containers for remaining finish
  221. Finishing Bathroom Vanity
  222. Water resistance - Polycrylic vs Waterlox
  223. Need Help Thinning General Finishes Color and Top Coats
  224. Help With Matching White Washed Birch
  225. Poplar finish
  226. Cherry Darkened From exposure to Light
  227. TransTint vs TransFast and Grain
  228. How long for green poplar to turn brown under varnish?
  229. How do you suspend your workpiece to finish all sides?
  230. Issues with Waterlox
  231. Aging oak cabinet doors for UV
  232. Substitution for film finish on old Walnut dresser?
  233. Tips for Finishing before glue up
  234. Making a lacquer finish more water proof?
  235. Interior paint over exterior primer. Yes, No?
  236. Gloss Black Recommendation
  237. Cigar Ashtray finish recommendations
  238. 3M Accuspray gun/nozzle users - prepurchase question
  239. Finishing hand-planed surfaces
  240. Tinting lacquer
  241. GF Enduro WHITE Poly for cabinet doors?
  242. Laquer - Rubbing Out
  243. Removing black ink stain from varnished wood?
  244. Need advice on topcoat finish over BAC wiping stain
  245. Used Shellac for sealing over water based dye stain, but I think I used the wrong one
  246. If buying a second spray gun, Would you get the same as you have now?
  247. Waterbase for new chest
  248. Fuming White Oak
  249. Shellac layers
  250. Masking Tennon or are they tongues