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  1. Filling Cracks and Finishing a Walnut Cookie Slab
  2. General Finishes Milk Paint Through Airbrush?
  3. Choosing a stain
  4. Night stand - Maple Ply - stain or dye
  5. finishing question about oak cabinet doors
  6. Wagner conversion gun and BM Advance
  7. Masking/Taping over stain
  8. Lacquer Fading Off My Kitchen Cabinets
  9. Shadowbox quick finishing?
  10. New to spray finishing / End grain
  11. water vs oil based polyurethane
  12. Project reset - take 2
  13. Airbrushing: Is this a good kit?
  14. Rubbing out?
  15. Refinishing an old Remington 870 Gun Stock, Can't get rid of black spots!
  16. Wipe-On Poly SATIN technique to avoid swirls?
  17. Calibrating HVLP sprayer for Cermark
  18. Graco HVLP 1Qt cup seal
  19. Making wipe on poly
  20. trace coat on rock maple
  21. Oak look-alike repair finishing?
  22. Help with texture in sprayed varnish
  23. Did California eliminate more solvent based finishes?
  24. Finishing advice needed
  25. how to know if shellac is de-waxed
  27. Shellac over India ink
  28. Oak Stain Recommendation
  29. Watco Spray Lacquer VS Arm R Seal for bar top?
  30. Painting over pre-finished ply?
  31. Dark Spot in Maple
  32. 3 and 4th coats of Minwax stain after 36 hours
  33. Steamer Trunk Restoration Question
  34. Clearcoating on Prefinished
  35. Boiled linseed oil
  36. Need advice on a HVLP unit
  37. non. yellowing finish for live edge counter
  38. Shutters/tung oil finish
  39. maple dyed shellac need a top coat
  40. Poly Whey Product
  41. Paint finish on Baltic Birch
  42. Aging Cherry
  43. Wipe-On Poly over Antique Oil
  44. Darken up wood that has been stained
  45. painting cabinets with airless sprayer
  46. Maple Laminate Counter Top
  47. Finish for a Toolchest
  48. painting over lacquer
  49. Cutting Board Finish
  50. Gloss base urethane under satin top coat?
  51. Tinting Shellac
  52. Need new lacquer
  53. Waterlox vs Formsby Tung Oil vs Watco
  54. Table top refinishing problem
  55. "Do it all" HVLP Spray gun reccomemendations requested
  56. Finish for pine corner cabinet.
  57. Lenmar ultralaq precat lacquer?
  58. "Maloof Finish" and epoxy filled mesquite
  59. Is it safe to use diluted lye on a butcher block cutting board?
  60. Painting Raised Panel Doors Question?
  61. cherry look alike finish
  62. Spray can shellac
  63. Finish for a live edge oak screen door?
  64. I want a Fast white finish for shop cabinets
  65. First Finishing Project
  66. Dilemma on which method to use to apply final lacquer application
  67. Finishing a walnut slab table - can I use different finishes on top and bottom?
  68. Can Butternut take paint?
  69. How about painting Basswood?
  70. Waterlox Uethane
  71. How to Convert from Watco Danish Oil to a solvent-based polyurethane finish?
  72. Oil Base Primer over Wallpaper
  73. Nail Hole Filler?
  74. Painted/Stained Wood Drawer Fronts
  75. White oak finishing advice
  76. Topcoats w/ toner?
  77. Advice on finishing a chess board
  78. Help!!! Finishing Walnut Coffee Table w/ Danish oil and wax???
  79. A better varnish container??
  80. Cherry and sunlight
  81. Paint, lacquer or powder coating?
  82. Trying to choose finish for speakers. Mahogany and wenge veneer
  83. Repair??
  84. 12' x 18" wide x 2" thick live edge maple board for a covered porch bar top
  85. Patio table finish
  86. Stripper/finish question
  87. Applying Wipe on Poly(ArmrSeal) with item being finished in the verticle position??
  88. Need source for universal flatters (or flatteners) paste for WB clearcoats
  89. Poly over white paint?
  90. Painting a baby toy
  91. Target Coating Discount Coupon
  92. How do I keep the weathered look when I apply finish?
  93. Staining Rift Sawn White Oak
  94. Clueless about finishing
  95. Sandpaper or steel wool in-between coats of polyurethane?
  96. Wenge
  97. pressure sensitve veneer
  98. Chestnut cellouse sanding sealer
  99. Colors Fading
  100. new pine ceiling finish
  101. reddish stain used on builtin cabinets in the 1950's
  102. Paint Brushes
  103. best waterborne in hvlp
  104. Use Flexzilla Hose With HVLP?
  105. General Finishes HP poly container corrosion
  106. Water based stained how to make food safe
  107. Ash Hope Chest
  108. General Finishes Enduro Clear Poly ??
  109. Glossy Black Finish
  110. Potential Silicone Issue
  111. Repairing damaged Bass Drum finish
  112. water based conversion varnish or lacquer over water based stain on psa veneer
  113. Can I apply paint over poly
  114. General Finish High Performance thickness
  115. Sherwin Williams lacquer/CV users - do you like it?
  116. To wax or not to wax?
  117. Arm R Seal Semi gloss coming out cloudy?
  118. Using a Vac U Vin to store finishes
  119. Exterior finish for wooden restaurant table
  120. Refinishing the Newel Post and Hand Rail
  121. Teach me how to spray in Fairfield County, CT?
  122. To prime or not to prime?
  123. Finish for large ash bookcase
  124. Titebond III for working surface?
  125. Bronze glaze cabinets
  126. Best option for a one day finish for Chechen
  127. Painting dining table base
  128. Would milk paint work better than dye?
  129. Danish Oil - curing time ??
  130. paint for kids toye
  131. How to refinish my front door?
  132. Safe Disposal of Stain Rags / Vinyl Gloves
  133. Spray finishing with oil based paint
  134. New setup advise
  135. Spraying Colored Waterbase
  136. Problem varnishing in corners
  137. Quick-easy waterproof options?
  138. ML Campbell Aqualente Plus
  139. First use of shellac, Zinsser bull's eye can, am I doing this right?
  140. Conversion or Turbine HVLP?
  141. Preserving & finishing an old pirate chest
  142. Help with basement spraying
  143. Product suggestions?
  144. beetle kill pine finishing.
  145. Osmo polyx oil/top oil finish
  146. Proper use of #4 Ford Cup
  147. RTM Stains
  148. Refinishing Cherry Kitchen Cabinets
  149. Finishing Question - What is this Spot? Please help.
  150. Husky spray guns
  151. Do any of you use cheap paint brushes?
  152. New sprayer. No experience. Need some help
  153. Your favorite water based spray finish?
  154. Touch up gun
  155. Dyeing Wood
  156. Help with painting and older china cabinet
  157. General Finishes Exterior Stain Splotchy
  158. High-Gloss Finish Recommendations?
  159. What finish should I use on a End Grain cutting board
  160. Arm-R-Seal and Polycarbonate
  161. Vapor respirator recommendations?
  162. GF Enduro WB Varnish Doesn't Bond to Plastic
  163. Help fixing a mistake
  164. Is there a hard finish that can go over a previous wax finish?
  165. Filling hickory pores
  166. Walnut Kitchen Table Finish
  167. Finish for wood that may "move"
  168. Oil Stain Color Matching
  169. Parts Drying rack
  170. Water-based Poly
  171. walnut oil keeps coming out of oak plywood
  172. Finishing spalted maple
  173. Rattle can finish
  174. Latex or oil base paint on cabinets?
  175. Paint over old motor oil stains?
  176. Color matching old furniture color.....
  177. Spray booth
  178. Removing Frombys Tung oil finish
  179. Epoxy Hasn't Set Up Yet
  180. Painting Construction Grade Lumber White
  181. Help, my Linseed oil beeswax finish is sticky, sometimes?
  182. Should I glue table base before waterlox? Best process?
  183. Mahoney's walnut oil
  184. Great affordable paint booth exhaust fan!
  185. The skinny on vanity hvlp finishing...
  186. Finishing white oak flooring with varathane water based poly
  187. Question about shellac
  188. Should I fill in a crack?
  189. Any "Do's and Don'ts" before staining boards with grooves and several M & T joints?
  190. # of Coats of Witches Brew?
  191. Slight orange peel with primer that I can't seem to solve..
  192. Finishing Suggestions
  193. HELP w/BEHR Water Proofing Sealer, Finish and Stabilizer
  194. Walnut Plywood Finishing Advice Needed
  195. psa veneer and waterbased stain
  196. Quick Fast finish question
  197. Kleen Strip S-L-X Denatured Alcohol vs Kleen Strip Denatured Alcohol Fuel
  198. Stripping Paint to Restore Original Woodwork
  199. Waterlox Coats in a day? Hot California Weather
  200. walnut vanity top
  201. Help - MinWax Satin Polyurethane
  202. In painting/finishing...what constitutes a "clear"
  203. What not to use instead of Bloxygen
  204. HOW TO - remove a shiny resin finish from a marble table. Help please.
  205. Ring ball for wedding, suggestions on finishing
  206. How to clear seal a board that will later be painted on, decoratively, by kids
  207. India Ink Coverage
  208. Pressure Treated Deck - Stain and Applicaton
  209. Beginner question: under what conditions can (should?) wood be left UNfinished
  210. Lessons Unlearned -- Blotchy European Beech
  211. Matte vs. Satin finishes
  212. How best to thin a varnish?
  213. Poly and Blue Tape
  214. cedar deck bar rail
  215. Looking for a quality wrinkle black for metal
  216. Help With Decisions On Wood Kitchen Countertop
  217. Dark Stain Match on Maple/Poplar Table
  218. Spalted curly Maple finish
  219. Spraying finish
  220. Spindle Dispare
  221. Synthetic steel wool
  222. Looking for medium cure time epoxy
  223. Pine finish - shellac, then varnish
  224. Looking for advice on wood bleaching
  225. what is an easy but durable finish to use for a coffee table?
  226. Sheen for Conversion Varnish on Natural Cherry Kitchen Cabinets
  227. Refinishing a Walnut base
  228. Sealing Krylon flat black prior to topcoat
  229. Arm-R-Seal over Maloof finish?
  230. Potential Refinish Recommendation - Henkel Harris Table
  231. Waterlox for Dining Table
  232. Matching 25 year old cherry cabinets.
  233. Paint or stain first?
  234. Small oak trays - how to finish them?
  235. Problems with first time using wipe on polyurethane varnish.
  236. Silicon Problem?
  237. Spraying table apron white - three options
  238. Options other than poly for a stump coffee table
  239. Dry Film Thickness
  240. 26 gal air compressor for finishes
  241. Saw dust&epoxy to fill riser/tread gap?
  242. PureColor stains compared to Minwax?
  243. Salad bowl finish & mineral spirits on cutting board? Seems dull.
  244. Box Paint Booth
  245. Considering a turbine - couple questions
  246. Turquoise dye/tint for epoxy
  247. LVLP, gravity feed or pressurized cup?
  248. Sapele Chest Lid
  249. Cutting Gloss of Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane
  250. Painting cabinet doors over existing finish.