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  1. For those that use the West systems epoxy...
  2. Thermatru fiberglass front door
  3. Questions about a spray area
  4. What air separator do you like for your compressor?
  5. Tips in buffing out a 2K urethane high gloss finish
  6. Storing Before Buffing
  7. Boxwood elder
  8. Finish for Cherry
  9. Refinishing "old" dresser
  10. Which primer for BM Advance (HVLP application)
  11. Weather protection
  12. What 'Causes Spray Gun Pulsing?
  13. How would YOU finish this?
  14. Advise for finishing inlaid art...
  15. What solvent for wipe-on varnish?
  16. Bring out grain on Quartersawn Oak
  17. Strange question... burning smell from natural gas appliances when using polyurethane
  18. What top coat for wooden jewelry
  19. Door refinish gone bad
  20. metal paint
  21. Pigmented Lacquer vs BM Advance for built-ins
  22. Fogiving/non-toxic/durable wipe-on finish - am I asking too much?
  23. Need troubleshooting help
  24. How to best finish a large built-in?
  25. Sprayer Recommendations?
  26. Finishing Sequence: Sealcoat or Gel Stain first ?
  27. How long does dewaxed shellac last
  28. What precautions should I take using finishes in a small basement?
  29. Minx Polycrylic question
  30. slow drying acrylic paint
  31. Surprised - Stain Wouldn't Take???
  32. Australian Timber Oil - substitute for Boiled lindseed Oil?
  33. Glue and staining
  34. Cheap Disposable Paint Brushes?
  35. Water-based stain/dye
  36. 3m accuspray
  37. What's The Name of This Finish?
  38. Tea Tray... best finish against water and heat?
  39. Giant Jenga Game .... Finish Issue
  40. varnish for exterior mahogany door
  41. Grain Filler Problems
  42. How should I finish a walnut dresser without oil based products?
  43. Finishing goncalo alves cooking spoons?
  44. White furniture: EM6500 or GF Enduro or ????
  45. Clear finish for Ambrosia Maple?
  46. WB Finishes -- Seeking Wisdom
  47. non-darkening finish for redwood?
  48. Tip: Easy way to dye something jet black
  49. Behlen Parafin oil
  50. Pore filling/dye question
  51. Dust Nibs in pigmented laquer?
  52. 50 Year old cedar
  53. Mineral Spirit Coloration
  54. Varnish finishing
  55. Odiferous Drawers
  56. Circa 1850 Woodturner's Jelly...anyone use it?
  57. Wagner 2900 HVLP
  58. Finish for Elm live edge slab table
  59. Confused about wood floor cleaners / oils
  60. building a spray booth fan
  61. Enduro-Var
  62. Water Borne HVLP Convert
  63. Paint finish for garage storage
  64. Refinishing a Philco radio cabinet
  65. Valspar Anti rust Armor clear gloss
  66. Couple Teak questions - bathroom vanity - color and finish
  67. Hard finish that can best withstand a ball point pen
  68. Helping choosing coating to spray on cabinets
  69. What finish for rough wood shelf/mantle?
  70. White lacquers?
  71. Waterborne Polyeurethane Wood Coating
  72. Advice RE: (near) Top of the Line HVLP Systems
  73. Stain, Oil, Poly on Reloading Maple Bench?
  74. HVLP Spray Gun - what to do between coats?
  75. refinishing an old table, interesting issues.
  76. LVLP or HVLP spray gun? Help me decide
  77. How do I protect dyed maple?
  78. Restoring a live edge
  79. 116 year old pine flooring - how to finish?
  80. Glaze and Clear Coat Lacquer, Which One First?
  81. Fuji mini mite 4 vs. Fuji Q4
  82. Figure or Blotch
  83. HVLP Advice Wanted...Needed!
  84. Fix "hot spot" in new table finish
  85. Another White Finish Thread
  86. Wood stain on spheres has a unstainable band around circumference.
  87. Water based Varathane wood finish over Varathane oil stain - no sealer?
  88. Where to buy dewaxed Shellac flakes in Canada at a reasonable price
  89. Timber mate wood filler
  90. polyurethane and oil
  91. Finishing Birdseye Maple
  92. Stripping siekens cetol marine varnish
  93. Help: Painting Stained Ash Cabinets
  94. How do I prevent my brush from hardening between coats of shellac?
  95. Finishing drawers on outdoor furniture
  96. Finishing for an outdoor table
  97. Finishing Trial With Birdseye Maple
  98. Best clear UV resistant varnish/finish?
  99. Fugi HVLP Guns
  100. Painting over Shellac Finish
  101. EM6500 from Target coatings and their cross linker.
  102. Help with non-functional NEW 3M PPS System
  103. Having problems with a planed vs sanded surface.
  104. EnduroVar
  105. Chatoyance in old furniture: does it decline over time?
  106. Earlex
  107. Refinishing a conference table
  108. A new one for me - opaque finish
  109. I have ZERO clue as to what to use......
  110. Finishing the other side
  111. Stuck on stain color and finishing
  112. 3 Waterlox questions
  113. How to remove water stains on stripped tables?
  114. Excellent lauqer / shellac brushes available for cheap.
  115. Quick tip: Spray Painting wood
  116. Finishing Floating Black Walnut Live Edge Shelves
  117. cover table while curing?
  118. Rusty spray gun parts
  119. obtaining finish with water protection
  120. Walnut
  121. Staining and finishing solid wood countertop edging
  122. How to get a smooth finish with high gloss spray paint : wood fuzzy after sanding ?
  123. How would you finish these?
  124. WHERE do you spray?
  125. Help with Alder
  126. Kraftmaid Cinnamon Stain Match Help
  127. Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinet Finish Selection - Help Needed
  128. Refinishing table with grouted-in tile: how to protect grout from stain?
  129. Stripped table weeps from pores 2 days later
  130. What finish can I use over Red Mahongany stain?
  131. Woodlife Coppercoat
  132. HVLP Recomendations
  133. Finish for Birch Ply Torsion Box Drawing Board
  134. How to fill knot holes after finishing
  135. what dye do you use with your epoxy?
  136. Antique Maple Finish Matching??
  137. Mineral Spirits is cloudy? Is this causing problem of poly not drying?
  138. Fuji spray customer service
  139. Grey tone finish for red oak?
  140. Having a problem with front doors of house - Fading stain
  141. Spray black lacquer looks foggy
  142. Finishing cherry that will live like a vampire?
  143. Natural Finish for Quartersawn white oak
  144. tung oil advice
  145. Spray gun dribbling at end
  146. Finish for a maple snow sled
  147. Paste wax
  148. Which epoxy
  149. Mylands cellulose sanding sealer how to thin
  150. Polyurethane Finish Help
  151. "Flaking" after finish....?
  152. Live Edge Table, Unthinned Tung Oil
  153. Repair Oak Table Finish?
  154. Spray Finishing 101
  155. Spray Finishing 101
  156. BM Advance Topcoating
  157. water based lacquer
  158. Liberon "quick drying" Tung oil?
  159. Old Tung oil getting thick.
  160. Charles Neil vs General Finish pre-stain?
  161. Best top coat for bar?
  162. Shellac
  163. Target coatings EM6500
  164. Prefinish?
  165. Oops.....need advice
  166. Bathroom/Laundry as a "Finishing Room"
  167. water trap
  168. Hard/healthy finish for scratcher
  169. Shellac Masters: HELP!
  170. exterior wood sealer
  171. sealing plywood
  172. Mineral Oil Question
  173. What Paint Do You Use?
  174. Where is all this dust in my finish coming from?!
  175. Steel Wool
  176. Arm R Seal Congealed
  177. Sealcoat under wipe-on poly on walnut?
  178. can you re-flock if not enough fibers are there?
  179. Shop Tip: Cleaning shellac brushes
  180. poly over oil finish
  181. What Finish Is It??
  182. Rebuilding and refinishing a cedar chest.
  183. Lacqure finish
  184. Mcm sideboard/credenza
  185. Finish for Birch Cabinet
  186. Bubbles in lacquer on inside corners
  187. More WB Pigmented Topcoat Questions
  188. Waterborne finishes, sealers and veneer
  189. Will Dried Bleach Still Fade Dye? Need More Contrast.
  190. Short time lapse movie of finish being applied to coffee table
  191. Toning Arm-R-Seal Poly
  192. Spray no wipe (SNW or NGR) stains
  193. Looking for a "cheat sheet" spraying with a Mini Mite 3
  194. A simple question about wooden salad servers
  195. Arm R Seal application tips?
  196. Advice on finishing live edge Monkey Pod coffee table
  197. Prepping wood for shellac
  198. Distressing - lots of small, dark defects
  199. Laquer Spray - Shelf Life?
  200. Clear coat suggestions
  201. Eco Friendly Finishes
  202. Cedar coloring
  203. Red Oak Veneered Dining Set Refinishing Project
  204. How to achieve an aged stain and varnish look.
  205. Any ML Camp Polarion users out there? Calling all 2k poly buffs.
  206. Painting Technique Copy
  207. staining a wooden counter top
  208. Would an Earlex Sprayport 6002 make sense for what I need to do?
  209. Failed lacquer finish
  210. Will Thinned PVA White Glue block Boiled Linseed Oil?
  211. Stain a lot of fence boards efficiently
  212. Not a Bar Top but Close ... Best Finish?
  213. Anyone have much experience with antifreeze as a rot protector / preventer?
  214. Tiny hairs appearing in polycrylic finish, despite new brush, undisturbed shop, etc.
  215. Sprayers, which type? HELP
  216. Another lacquer question
  217. Machine rubbing - do you prefer ROS or High Speed Buffer?
  218. Kudos to Mohawk Cosumer Products
  219. Fixing failed lacquer finish on going saga
  220. Lowering the Gloss Level, Water Base Lacquer
  221. How long to let shellac barrier coat dry before staining?
  222. EMTECH Polycarbonate Urethane on Wood and Oracal vinyl?
  223. Maple/Walnut combo kitchen island top
  224. Can a badly-dyed cherry piece be saved?
  225. Painting dental molding.
  226. Osmo Polyx Oil - WOW. just WOW!!!!
  227. Finish for Ash/Cherry C-table
  228. How long does wood stain stay good?
  229. Grey tone finish on cherry?
  230. Meet "Slabzilla"!
  231. Zar Stain ???
  232. Sand between finish coats of paint?
  233. What do you do with your rags???
  234. Furniture restorers check this guy out
  235. HVLP Unit Recommondations
  236. Waterlox bubbles and pitting
  237. General High Performance Top Coat - Troubleshooting - Help Needed
  238. How to Manage Squeeze Out After Finishing
  239. Finishing Makore Veneer
  240. How do I mute the grain in red oak?
  241. Need advice on finishing drawer pullouts
  242. What surface to varnish on?
  243. any pics of coffee brown transtint on maple
  244. Help: EM6500 Mud Cracking
  245. Noob in need of assistance: Water Based Poly
  246. Finishing Rift Sawn White Oak
  247. Re-finishing Conversion Varnish
  248. No more messy stripper
  249. I polyurethaned a trivit for the kitchen, did I screw up?
  250. Aqua Kem Plus, WB lacquer questions