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  1. Staining Hard Maple vs Soft Maple
  2. advice on Fuji Q3 or Q4
  3. Best all natural sealant for indoor furniture (pallet bed frame)
  4. White paint/finish for poplar furniture?
  5. Ideas for finishing my walnut and maple table
  6. Getting rid of dust nibs while maintaing gloss - How do I do it?
  7. OK. Here's a new way to screw up a finish (with assistance, in my defense)
  8. Waterborne acrylic vs lacquer solids content?
  9. Product to remove lacquer finish?
  10. Spraying White Lacquer on Bookshelves and Plantation Shutters
  11. what finish for project painted white?
  12. dye on curly cherry?
  13. Varnish Brush
  14. my $.02 on the finishing roller coaster
  15. Getting out Abralon 2000 swirl marks from final finish
  16. Aqueous Ammonia supplier for fuming
  17. Spraying latex
  18. Good finish for trivets
  19. Shellac on tung oil ?
  20. Pratt Lambert #38
  21. Sam maloof's finish
  22. Grain popping walnut
  23. Finishing A Child's Footstool
  24. Finish unexposed edge of MDF-core veneer plywood
  25. Finishing fishing lures -
  26. Looking for advice/suggestions on finishes and application there of.....
  27. Cabinet-Finishing Damsel in Distress! Need Help!
  28. source of micro mesh hook and loop
  29. Questions about preparation and use of Arm-R-Seal Oil & Urethane Topcoat
  30. Water-based lacquer over wipe on poly
  31. spar marine varnish finishing
  32. Backing out of BLO
  33. Waterlox Original Sealer vs. Daly's Seafin Teak Oil
  34. Achieving cross ventilation in cold weather?
  35. Is Japan Color resistant to fading?
  36. Finishing Dilema HELP!!!!
  37. Shellac
  38. How to remove pre-applied oil from wood to get it to accept yellow glue
  39. Need tough table finish that can go over a decal
  40. Sanding coats of Waterlox on Walnut
  41. Polyurethane
  42. Retarder for MLCampbell Post Cat
  43. Old Poly or Varnish
  44. bleach small areas of gray spalt in soft maple
  45. Watco Butcher Block finish
  46. Target coatings EM9000
  47. Red Oak Table Top
  48. What did I do wrong?
  49. Finish for bird's eye maple veneer, for guitar top
  50. Final sanding of varnish
  51. Tips on eliminating air bubbles, specifically tung oil?
  52. Inexpensive gun to pair with an Apolllo system?
  53. Wormy Bark on Redwood Burl - Epoxy?
  54. Please Critique My Rifle Stock Finishing Plan
  55. Shellac on tung oil or tung oil on shellac?
  56. Thoughts and Questions On Staining Methods
  57. Finish for dining table...
  58. Am I finishing this cabinet the best way?
  59. Finishing maple
  60. What type of clear coat for a high gloss "piano finish"?
  61. Finish for wood kitchen island
  62. What is better for a kitchen table top
  63. Walnut Restaurant table tops
  64. Refinishing bleached out oak kitchen cabinets
  65. Having issue matching a stain
  66. Qualalac satin drying gloss
  67. Exterior Finish
  68. Do I need a certain kind of spray gun with this sprayer? campbell hausfeld
  69. Finishing Problem
  70. waxing pine?
  71. Tung oil particulate settling out?
  72. How Often Do You Clean Your Spray Gun?
  73. Question about Waterlox for butcherblock countertop
  74. Finishing edge grain oak conference table?
  75. Home Shop Spray Shellac?
  76. Osmo in a HVLP?
  77. Zinsser Seal coat shelf life
  78. Steam resistant finish repair
  79. Stabilizing Cedar Knife Scales
  80. Gloss streaks when rubbing out finish
  81. Finishing Black Walnut slab with bark on live edge - Noob
  82. Varnish
  83. CrystaLac Clear Gloss
  84. Finishing walnut beer bottles
  85. Using soybean oil in custom mixed wiping oil/varnish
  86. Should I use a little oil when apply shellac?
  87. Finish for Maple kitchen cabinets
  88. Seal with varnish instead of shellac: Any reason this won't work?
  89. Filling the gap between painted floor boards - Real World Suggestions Please
  90. General High Performance Polyurethane Problem
  91. Shellac from flakes help please
  92. Inexpensive home still, for making ethanol?
  93. Finish for padauk
  94. Poly Wipe Marks on Desktop
  95. Strip paint from MDO
  96. Waterlox final step (paper bag)
  97. How to fill in chip out
  98. Workbench finish recommendations
  99. Canned Spraying in tight spots? PLEASE HELP
  100. Red elm finishing
  101. What is wipe on poly ?
  102. Price per sq ft for finishing with high gloss piano finish, buffed
  103. sanding on the last layer of polyurethan varnish.
  104. End Grain Table
  105. cutting board finish
  106. Thought on an affordable HVLP system
  107. Filling the grain after a few coats of varnish
  108. Suddenly very worried I've bitten off more than I can chew!!! Finishing cabinets!
  109. Red oak pore filling question
  110. Tinting Shellac?
  111. Paint sprayer for a novice?
  112. Water based top coats for kitchen cabinets
  113. Another question on what clear finish for bathroom vanity
  114. Your favorite polishing compound?
  115. Tips for first time user of Shellac as finish for shadow box project
  116. Timber framing finishing
  117. Water based exterior stain on pressure treated lumber
  118. Target EM 1000 Sealer Questions
  119. emulating teak
  120. Aged oak, blackened oak
  121. Finish for Bread Bowl
  122. A Question for the Finishing Experts
  123. Blotching - face grain vs quarter sawn
  124. Exterior Door Finish
  125. Live edge walnut
  126. transtint vs transfast?
  127. How to refinish an Ulmia workbench
  128. Red Oak Table Top - Stain Issues
  129. Spraying shellac
  130. Finish a project
  131. Best non-yellowing water based poly
  132. Soft Maple finishing with Tung oil
  133. Need HVLP finishing advice!
  134. Final Buff Out for Dining Table Finish?
  135. Shellac Rubbing Out Problems
  136. BT&C Shellac, from Woodcraft?
  137. Fast finishing help needed!
  138. Isopropyl alcohol
  139. Cabinet shop switching to waterborne
  140. Redwood Slab Blotching
  141. build a Sheen with shellac.
  142. Spray Ventilation
  143. Finishing Advice: Finishing Maple as "Espresso"
  144. General Professoinal Finishes vs Retail Products
  145. Trying to match maple handrail
  146. waterlox, questions remain
  147. Sanding sealer question
  148. Tung oil coats intervals/thinning
  149. Other HVLP systems (Capspray & Croix)
  150. finish for interior of a cherry chest of drawers
  151. Buffing out a dining room table top
  152. Linseed oil
  153. Proper disposal of dirty paint thinner
  154. Removing excess dried tung oil (i.e. "frost")
  155. Looking for tips on Waterlox Original Sealer/ Finish
  156. Need advice on finishing ziricote
  157. Where does the color go
  158. Veritas Adirondack Chairs
  159. Spraying wet mil, dry mil drying time
  160. finishing front door
  161. blotchy shellac on pine slab
  162. Baby Safe for a crib
  163. Airbrush, a perfect tool for making repairs to finishes
  164. Finishing Question
  165. Spraying BM Advance or Satin Impervo
  166. detect wax on wood surface
  167. Refinish mahogany deck myself?
  168. Evening out the color in this plywood board
  169. Restoring old church bench/pew
  170. Painting treated wood
  171. Protect soft maple - abrasion resistance
  172. How to safely removing heavy wax build up?
  173. Top Coat For BLO Treated Beech Desktop
  174. How Much Shellac?
  175. Uneven staining in mystery hardwood
  176. Deck stain as general purpose interior stain ?
  177. Garden Arbor
  178. Acrylic Impregnated, Acrylic 2K Urethane, Epoxy, Waterlox, or Oil for Oak Flooring?
  179. Top vs bottom cup (pressure feed) gun
  180. Painter Pyradmids
  181. Shop Cabinet of Maple - Anyone Know where to buy...?
  182. Masking Tape
  183. Pool table refinish
  184. What's Going On at Homestead Finishing
  185. Wagner Home Decor Paint Sprayer?
  186. Lacquer Questions
  187. Natural Edge Walnut Bar Top
  188. Knotty pine finish?
  189. "Groovy" ply?
  190. Live edge Mesquite dining table
  191. Thinning poly/stain mix
  192. Whoops too orange. A Lockwood dye question
  193. Lacquer vs varnish vs spar varnish - looking for good "primer" on when to use what!
  194. Wipe/Brush on Clear Satin Finish for Pale Baltic Birch Ply Cabinet?
  195. Ipe furniture
  196. Any suggestions on a bad walnut table leg?
  197. Cherry-ish stain for Douglas Fir?
  198. Time to learn how to fill with epoxy....
  199. Penofin
  200. Sanding scratches
  201. What grain filler do you prefer?
  202. Black Walnut Crib Finish
  203. Figuring out BioShield oil finishes
  204. How to get this color stain
  205. Varnish worn off my table?
  206. Spray advice
  207. Best finish for a patio table
  208. Teach me about Spray guns
  209. Does Waterlox Original Finish/Sealer "even out" when it cures?
  210. Festool Surfix - Comments/Experience anyone?
  211. Repairing a pure tung oil finish
  212. How to recreate this
  213. Help with dye, shellac, poly trouble
  214. Using EM6500 from Target Coatings
  215. Hardest finish needed for table legs to prevent damage by nibbling pet Rabbit
  216. Minwax Spar Urethane question
  217. Advice on tacky Arm R Seal
  218. Clear Filler,Spackle, or Caulk?
  219. EnduroVar Alternatives?
  220. How to finish Purpleheart? and restore color after sanding?
  221. Darkening Cherry
  222. Recipe for Garnett Ultraseal?
  223. Help - Wife wants me to put a finish on painted kitchen cabs
  224. Does BLO go bad?
  225. Hiding Oak Plugs on Danish Furniture
  226. Gloss clear coat on painted surface
  227. White oil finish for white oak
  228. Exterior Finish Recommendations
  229. Stain color help
  230. Best finish for barnwood wall?
  231. Finish for (alchoholic) drink rails
  232. Spraying Kitchen Cabinets
  233. Need Help Salvaging a Bad Stain Job
  234. Asking for advice on finish for bathroom cabinet doors
  235. French Polishing problem- pumice stays white in walnut
  236. Dye staining curly or figured maple for 2 tone grain
  237. Newbie Question about laquer finishes
  238. Finish Removal and Glue Strength
  239. Bloxygen?
  240. Problems with Endurovar
  241. Platina Shellac - Excellent quality & good price.
  242. Finishing of an Oak Bar in Basement
  243. Poplar and paint?
  244. Arm-R-Seal over GF Gel Stain NOT DRYING! HELP!
  245. Sanding sealer
  246. Iron acetate can also take out the reds that might throw off your stain color
  247. Best option? Signing/numbering cherry humidor.
  248. Different shellac for different wood?
  249. How long does it take pre-cat lacquer to cure
  250. OK To Wait Before Applying Finish?