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  1. gell stains drying too quickly
  2. Help, mineral oil streaks under shellac
  3. Thin visocsity epoxy
  4. Exterior Door UV protection
  5. Epoxy/transtint and waterlox
  6. WB Poly over Oil/Varnish?
  7. Point Turner finish
  8. Waterlox re- re- re- redux
  9. WB 2k poly (conversion varnish)
  10. Spraying Clear finishes
  11. 3-m finesse-it
  12. Question Bout Shellac
  13. Help! Spar urethanes
  14. Spraying Kitchen Cabinets
  15. 3 questions about sanding between coats of varnish
  16. Cedar-Aromatic and a sticky question
  17. Vacuum for Removing Sanding Dust
  18. First timer with Waterlox
  19. Priming poplar furniture - best product or not at all.
  20. Curly maple end grain turning grey?
  21. What rag to wipe waterlox on with
  22. WAterborne over a different brand waterborne?
  23. First time finishing walnut using oil (letter organizer)
  24. Comparitive Testing on EnduroVar, Enduro Clear Poly, Arm-R-Seal, and others
  25. Priming Plywood : Cure time exterior Latex
  26. Rubbing out Waterlox Gloss for a glassy look
  27. how to achieve barnboard look using GF milkpaint and glazing
  28. Waterlox frustration
  29. Cleaning an HVLP Sprayer Between Coats
  30. What kind of paint?
  31. Tung Oil question....
  32. Cabinet door finish
  33. EM6500 finishing problem - any advise?
  34. Surface prep to finish time frame?
  35. Cutting BORG Shellac
  36. Poure / grain filler help
  37. Please explain how to "tip off" varnish
  38. Never used trans-tints
  39. Need advise on spraying with the Fuji mini mite 3
  40. help with refinishing oak table
  41. High Gloss Painted Table.
  42. Redwood tongue and grove paneling
  43. Kitchen cab refinishing
  44. Wood lamp type of finish to use?
  45. Scratches On Walnut Top
  46. How to avoid glitter finish
  47. finish to use on wooden counter top that will get beat up.
  48. Air Compressor and Spray Gun. What's the right combination
  49. Where did all the cracks come from?
  50. Finishing supplies
  51. Tough, yet natural varnish or urethance over shellac on cherry
  52. Shellac shelf life
  53. Test boards & stock solutions
  54. Finishing interior Mahogany doors
  55. Finishing Cypress
  56. Rustic looking finish - how?
  57. How to finish this tripod table base?
  58. finishing tongue & groove
  59. Waterlox # of coats
  60. Primer for Rust-Oleum Oil-Based Enamel?
  61. Help with shellac / grain filler
  62. Stain/finish suggestion for a TV stand
  63. About to paint bare poplar kitchen cabinets
  64. Cleaning Brushes: Possible or Cruel Hoax?
  65. After shellak as grain filler
  66. Baltic or China birch drawer boxes
  67. Whether to finish the underside of a dresser top?
  68. Restoring an old Desk
  69. Wagner Finecoat 2 HVLP Sprayer & Dutch Boy Latex Paint
  70. Refinishing a Stanley #3 wooden level
  71. cutting board inlay filler?
  72. Green lacquer thinner
  73. Spraying Drawer Fronts
  74. Buffing out Waterlox High Gloss on dining table
  75. Finishing Schedule
  76. Inside Drawer finish .... Shellac or Wax
  77. Filling wormholes (clearly)
  78. Poly over CA?
  79. What kind of stain produces this?
  80. Gel stain not dry? Now what
  81. Compounds/Polishes with ROS?
  82. Best finish that can be cleaned with bleach?
  83. cutting board filling holes
  84. need advice - painting oak cabinets
  85. My chess table keeps coming out glossy. How can I get it satiny?
  86. Varnish Cure Question--Humidity v. Fresh Air Flow?
  87. Flooring Finishes
  88. solar lux behlen dyes
  89. Most Highly-Respected Solvent Poly Varnish?
  90. Dying maple... Again
  91. Mini regulator on a HVLP turbine system
  92. Make White Oak look like Red Oak?
  93. Laquer Sanding Sealer? Necessary?
  94. Questions about choosing & using DYES.
  95. Chalky Walnut
  96. Brushing on a "spray only" finish?
  97. Paint options for cabinets
  98. spraying shellac and lacquer
  99. To shellac, or not to shellac? That is the question.
  100. Minwax Water Based Oil Modified Poly
  101. Lighter grain on Ash
  102. Using wax for a top coat?
  103. What kind of Wax?
  104. Poly vs Acrylic?
  105. Rant: Rattle can clogging
  106. maple night stands
  107. Clear paste wax over walnut finished with poly
  108. Finish For a Chest-on-chest Bottom-chest Top
  109. Shellac flakes only the finest flakes...
  110. Shellac - Yellow, Black, Kusmi, Dark Jethwa…. ?
  111. Prevent Oxidation on Steel?
  112. Target HSF 5000 HIgh Solids Filler
  113. Problem with walnut
  114. Garnet Shellac - Does it darken over time?
  115. How Do I Do This?
  116. Quick question about rubbing out
  117. Finish for Pine workbench top
  118. Last question about Waterlox Original Formula Sealer/Finish
  119. Applying finish over tearout
  120. Beech, tannin and ammonia
  121. Finishing cherry kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets
  122. staining red oak to match old polyurethane
  123. Steps for finished with dyes
  124. Pre Finished Drawer Box Material
  125. Colorful Dyes
  126. Type of Waterlox
  127. Preserving pink color of cedar
  128. Need Help Choosing a Finish For My Hickory Kitchen Table top
  129. Shellac made with methanol
  130. Kitchen Cabinets Finish Flaking
  131. How would you finish this?
  132. Water stain in unfinished Wenge
  133. Epifanes rubbed effect varnish and shellac in the shower
  134. Why is my finish blotchy?
  135. How to remove dried on electrical tape from an antique
  136. Casework Interiors
  137. Questions on Shellac
  138. Blue Paper Towels
  139. Watco Teak Oil?
  140. Need advice on painting a TV cabinet
  141. Waterlox and mirror finish help?
  142. Finishing walnut trim
  143. Refinishing/repairing walnut table
  144. Matching an Ethan Allen color
  145. First time using TransTint water based dye
  146. General Finishes Arm-R-Seal
  147. How do I 'finish' pre-finished edgebanding?
  148. Tabletop finishing questions
  149. Poly over waterlox?
  150. Help me fix Grandma's Table
  151. Waterlox/Grain Filler - Starting Over Help
  152. Osmo Polyx Oil on India Ink
  153. Laminate or Veneer? Help!
  154. Storing Wiping Poly
  155. Finishing schedule for walnut live edge coffee table
  156. Hard Wax Oil on Kitchen Cabinets
  157. Penetrating finish that doesn't darken>
  158. table top
  159. Buying ML Campbell products
  160. General Finishes - Orange Oil
  161. New forum member and new project build
  162. Sorry Quick Question Without Searching on Red Oak
  163. Strange Blotching in Finish
  164. Best pad for buffing wax?
  165. Finish Recommendation Please
  166. Saw Dust Bleed
  167. Using Polyurethane 1 hour after staining.
  168. Dealing with gray stains in yellow pine
  169. Rubbed through table top finish
  170. General finishes gel stain/target coating em6000 compatibility
  171. Spraying conundrum
  172. Help with spraying Target Coatings 9000 poly
  173. Choosing a spray system... overwhelming
  174. Earlex 5500 users. Are you spraying latex paint?
  175. Hazy swirls in arm r seal
  176. Milk paint topcoat?
  177. Using Mahogany for trim
  178. Finishing the obligatory live edge slab
  179. Staining
  180. EM9000 Problems on live slab
  181. Finish recommendation for SYP kitchen shelving
  182. From Great Day to OH @#%& In a Heart Beat
  183. Help Selecting Paint for Crib
  184. Paint over Poly?
  185. Where did all the ethanol go in denatured alcohol?
  186. Target and General Finishes
  187. Danish Oil Issue?
  188. Douglas Fir Exterior Door
  189. Finishing a white entertainment center + wainscoting/trim
  190. Help with a quick and easy finish
  191. Wet Sanding with Mineral Oil
  192. Help with black/gold over poplar frame
  193. Praise for Wipe on Poly
  194. Looking for finishes that are non toxic and don't smell...?
  195. finishing a walnut/cherry coffee table
  196. Yahtzee yard dice
  197. How old is too old?
  198. Charles Neil's Blotch Control
  199. Cleaning A Spray Gun
  200. Finish Wenge for Wall Piece
  201. Anyone use ML Campbell Aqualente Pigmented Lacquer?
  202. spalted maple and walnut tableIt is hideous with splotcing I am currently sanding off
  203. spalted maple and walnut tableIt is hideous with splotcing I am currently sanding off
  204. Before or After Question
  205. Cutting board finish clarification
  206. When A Glass Stop Pin Goes Awry
  207. Staining Douglas Fir or White Pine to Look Like Cherry Heartwood
  208. Staining Cedar
  209. How do you finish Padauk or Bloodwood?
  210. Anyone using 3M's PPS system or Accuspray gun?
  211. Finishing question
  212. Ideas on Fuji's G-XPC Gun
  213. Paste wax finish near fireplace
  214. What is a nice finishing product for Spalted Maple? To be used as a bench.
  215. Nakashima Conoid (Spindle) Bench Glue Up Question - Finish or Glue First
  216. Pumpkin/Gourd stripped the finish...
  217. Chestnut Blotch
  218. Initial Impressions of Qualspray Spray Gun
  219. Hockey stick table - how to finish?
  220. Suggestions for finish on Titanic Deck Chair
  221. Aging pine to look like barnwood
  222. How long before wax after danish oil?
  223. What type of finish for table and toy furniture
  224. Finish for dinning table
  225. Cutting Board Finish
  226. Base coat of waterlox or blo
  227. Finishing a piece one side at a time: Preventing overlap/drip
  228. How is this finish achieved?
  229. Spraying deft over arm r seal?
  230. trouble with finish/stain bleeding to edge of adjacent wood
  231. cabinet finishing time
  232. Finishing Drawers - Inside and Out
  233. Hiding grain
  234. Spar Urethane on top of Water Based Poly?
  235. Bathroom vanity finish that looks like raw wood
  236. Watco wipe on poly?
  237. Removing Poly from Bark? Can it be done?(Without Sanding)Or darkening current finish?
  238. So is Waterlox a tung oil finish or varnish?
  239. GF Enduro-Var over shellac
  240. Citristrip Stripping Gel???
  241. American walnut veneer kitchen units suggestions
  242. Finish for MDO Veneer outfeed table top?
  243. NC lacquer disappearing into soft redwood :(
  244. Waterlox Finish Problem
  245. So What Constitutes that "plasticy " look?
  246. Painting the edges of Baltic Birch Plyood?
  247. Maple Bleaching
  248. Sanded through finish
  249. process for acrylic painting of relief carving, not a decoy
  250. Staining Hard Maple vs Soft Maple