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  1. Pressure pot or turbine?
  2. varnish or poly on top of mineral oil?
  3. First time spraying Behlen Qualalacq laquer
  4. spraying water based finishes, help needed...
  5. Sprayer recommendations?
  6. Commercial bar finish
  7. Finishing Fiberglass exterior door
  8. Polyurethane vs MagnaLac vs MagnaMax or other precat lacquers
  9. matching cheap pine
  10. lacquer thinner
  11. Wood Preservative for Spruce
  12. Working with Target 6000
  13. Durable paint / pigmented varnish for furniture?
  14. Aqua Coat Grain filler and Danish Oil
  15. Drawer fronts warping after spraying with WB poly
  16. Sanding sealer caused Discoloration
  17. Expired BIN primer
  18. Waterlox longevity
  19. Calling Scott Holmes!
  20. Need Nitro Lacquer spraying advice
  21. finish for end tables
  22. Shellac on doors
  23. Finishing advice on an old dresser
  24. Chessboard finish steps?
  25. Spots on old finish
  26. Finish Recommendation Needed
  27. Workbench finish inquiry
  28. staining pine table - 1 shot to get it right
  29. Blotchy Veneer using dye
  30. Bag of joint compound is staring me in the face - filling red oak
  31. Waterlox question.
  32. How to dye holly string inlay?
  33. Not-too-toxic gun cleaner for waterbornes?
  34. Refinishing an old dining table
  35. Walnut coloring
  36. In the middle of finishing and stuck
  37. Recommendation for HVLP sprayer for Latex Paint
  38. finishing drawer slides and dividers
  39. Hardwood (Acacia) outdoor oil or beewax
  40. Finishing exterior pvc trin
  41. Help with Potassium Dichromate on Sapele
  42. A different approach to crackle finish
  43. BLO for "popping" the grain
  44. Do I really need a spray booth?
  45. Repairing Polyurethane Abrasion ???
  46. thanks for the advice on waterlox
  47. Spraying Shellac
  48. Uneven finish (some sizable portions not properly taking finish)
  49. Looking for a thick, clear, epoxy to put on tree bark.
  50. shellac rubbing out slightly cloudy
  51. Waterlox org. sealer over formby's tung oil?
  52. Should I finish both sides of a reclaimed Douglas fir dining table?
  53. Need some help --General Finishes Amr-Seal
  54. General Finishes Conversion Varnish pot life problem
  55. Waterlox over poly finish?
  56. Shellac Streaking/Beading Issue
  57. Bar top help
  58. How long to wait to rub out ArmrSeal between coats?
  59. Temperature for spraying
  60. Top coat choices for Rust Oleum Ultimate stains
  61. What finish to make figured cherry pop!?!?
  62. Translucent Norfolk Island Pine
  63. general finishes high performance poly
  64. Mid Century Walnut Table Refinish Needed
  65. I fumed white oak - oops to dark
  66. Waterlox satin on reclaimed Douglas fir dining table?
  67. Timbermate grain filler
  68. wipe on poly - make my own
  69. WaterLox
  70. how to safely and effectively clean spray gunn
  71. Satin waterlox vs. mechanical rub-out to satin sheen
  72. Exterior Wood Primer
  73. Longevity of shellac in a closed jar
  74. Preparation for Staining Maple
  75. Gun Stock Finish
  76. Ideas on making paint reflective ?
  77. Klean-Strip Green PT and MS
  78. Help Correcting Ebonized Red Oak Purple Tint
  79. Easiest finish for DIY Homeowner
  80. Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing
  81. Yet another "Help me finish my exterior door!" discussion
  82. glazed cabinet door questions
  83. What gloves do you use for applying dye?
  84. lambs Wool Applicator for Applying ArmrSeal
  85. Clear wood grain filler?
  86. Help with Finishing a Bar Top
  87. Questions on painting a wooden exterior door
  88. Natural looking finish
  89. Wood plugs - ring when staining
  90. questions for antique pine farmhouse table finish
  91. Sticky wooden doors
  92. Waterlox
  93. Brushing Lacquer
  94. Deft Finishes
  95. Stickley-like finishes: how to do with waterborne products?
  96. Waterlox rub out
  97. New Woodworker in California
  98. Knotty Alder Finish - Color change?
  99. Thanks for your help......finishing question
  100. Wood Filler and Stain
  101. Adjusting a Minwax stain
  102. Behlen Qualalacq sanding sealer
  103. how to set air pressure, control thickness for spray painting
  104. General Practice
  105. BLO and BB
  106. colored finish for cabinets?
  107. Shellac finish for ukulele
  108. How to fill pinhole size pores in crosscut circle slab
  109. Environmentally friendly paint thinner?
  110. q-sawn sycamore sponge
  111. maple table base dying red?
  112. General Finishes Gel Stain Oh My!
  113. Painting "sanded and ready for finish" cabinets...
  114. Finish for a Chest-on-chest Lower-chest Top?
  115. Trout net Project
  116. Arm-R-Seal vs Gel Top Coat
  117. Workbench Finish?
  118. More about Cherry
  119. Paint over waterlox?
  120. What did I do wrong?
  121. Abrasives for rubbing out
  122. Failing finish on jatoba (Brazilian cherry)
  123. Filling hairline cracks in tabletop
  124. Cabinet Spray Finishes
  125. Need a durable finish for a kitchen table
  126. Quebracho table finish
  127. spray paint all over workshop: need a stronger fan
  128. Finish Crazing
  129. Exterior Red Oak Finish
  130. Steel Wool and Water-based Poly
  131. Will Tung Oil Finish soak into the fabric?
  132. What is a good FIRST sprayer for Dyes/Waterlox
  133. Boiled linseed oil problem
  134. Dyeing/staining maple espresso
  135. Varnish Rub-out with brown paper + MS ???
  136. Reviving an old oak mantlepiece
  137. How smooth and finish adherence
  138. Problem with an unknown finish
  139. Tempered Hardboard - Finish???
  140. Clear Coating Aluminum
  141. Finishing Question
  142. Neat Stain...
  143. Lightest Oil to match teak desk
  144. To wax or not to wax?
  145. What the heck did I do??
  146. bartley gel varnish
  147. 56 year old rookie needs help with finishing 75 year pine timbers from cotton mill
  148. Spraying Advice Needed
  149. How Many Wipe-on Coats of Waterlox?
  150. Best wood & finish for open shelves in kitchen
  151. Spray Finish for Crib
  152. Flowers for Abralon
  153. Paint and finish/sealer for exterior sign
  154. Mixing oil based stain with polyurethane???
  155. Water Based Finishing
  156. What to do after messing up Waterlox???
  157. Excessive Stain
  158. Cherry staining just a little
  159. Last coat of Waterlox puddled up: what do I do now?
  160. Klean-Strip Brand Odorless Mineral Spirits (MS) vs Traditional MS & Paint Thinner
  161. Waterlox smoothing
  162. live edge white oak table finish
  163. Cherry coloring
  164. Waterlox and lambs wool
  165. What is the best application of BLO on Cherry
  166. Appropriate Finish
  167. Gen. finishes milk paint thinning recommendation for HV LP
  168. Where to find a natural bristle brush
  169. Waterlox not cured or too much on?
  170. Raised grain before waterlox
  171. New to finishing, have a question
  172. Yet one more Waterlox conundrum
  173. Dewaxing Bullseye Shellac
  174. Grain filler
  175. Spraying technique for hvlp spraying on shaker doors..
  176. Another Waterlox question
  177. Thermal Treated Wood
  178. Endurovar? Sycamore slab issues
  179. Aging new cedar to look like old...Help
  180. Minwax Antique Oil on a chest
  181. Finish for the cold side of a sauna?
  182. Removing furniture wax?
  183. New woodworker looking for finishing advice
  184. Dont know what to use.....
  185. How to finish black yet show wood color (red)
  186. Spray Finish For Workbench?
  187. Final Polishing - GF ArmrSeal
  188. Paint Kitchen Cabinets
  189. Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer - for slightly punky spalted maple?
  190. Gel varnish in California?
  191. Highly figured curly cherry
  192. How to convince my "customers" to not stain cherry really dark.
  193. Wagner hvlp conversion gun leaking from cup?
  194. Water or Mineral Spirits - Removing Poly Dust from sanding between coats
  195. cleaning earlex questions
  196. haze after scrubbing on table top
  197. white oak kitchen utensels
  198. Mix cherry stained pine w/ cherry plywood?
  199. Recommended Spray Gun
  200. Is an oil a good choice to finish mixed wood panels?
  201. Sunless Tanner HVLP
  202. Refininshing walnut desk advice
  203. Help with Finish Viscosity for Turbine Spraying
  204. How bad is Methylene Chloride? -honestly-
  205. Burnt Dining Room Table
  206. 1st time using seal a cell
  207. Shellac for back sides of panels?
  208. Lint Free Finishing Cloth/Rags: Recommendations?
  209. Tacky finish - old minwax wipe-on poly?
  210. Spraying Enduro Clear Poly
  211. Planning a finish to blend in with existing set
  212. Soft, rubber-like finish
  213. Re-finishing a Cabinet top
  214. Finishing Top & Bottom Interior Doors - Maine
  215. Refinishing Teak table top - Can I use Poly?
  216. Will Oxalic acid take out dark water stains?
  217. Fuji Semi Pro 2
  218. Water Based Airless Finish
  219. GF Enduro Clear Poly on painted cabinets. Flat?
  220. Removing Shellack
  221. Non yellowing clear finish on maple
  222. When to stain
  223. Sipo Mahogany vanity top finish?
  224. Can you use painters tape to mask shellac finished panel?
  225. Festool MFT1080 as a drying/holding rack for shelves
  226. Preserving finishes
  227. Heat resistant finish?
  228. Have access to high quality air & paint booth, but no spray guns: recommendations?
  229. waterbase poly over latex acrylic?
  230. Sanding Sealer Under Spray Paint?
  231. Staining/Finishing all sides of large item
  232. Nail polish remover
  233. Warming lacquer for spraying?
  234. Good touch up HVPS guns
  235. Best finish for antique heart pine counters
  236. Finishing/protecting wood
  237. Waterlox vs wiping poly
  238. What's the lightest ratio thinner/lacquer/dye toner recipe you've mixed up?
  239. Re-finishing Bay Window Seat - NEED HELP
  240. will a tiny amount of denatured alcohol affect precat lacquer?
  241. How to properly finish my red oak/walnut box?
  242. Spray gun / compressor combo recommendation
  243. Water based finish over walnut
  244. Looking for opinions on Aqua Coat Clear Grain Filler
  245. Plywood Door Painting
  246. Hello and a quesdtion about shellac and linseed oil.
  247. Feel like I've forgotten all I know about staining - [blotching]
  248. Best finish for maple benchtop?
  249. Grain Filler
  250. Finish for sugar maple nursery furniture