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  1. New to spraying, a couple of questions.
  2. BLO before paint on exterior woodwork?
  3. water based over watco
  4. Help with matching an old color from Dad's work 40 years ago!
  5. Coffee table finish suggestions
  6. west epoxy pre coat before painting outddor woodwork.......does this work
  7. how to preserve metal sculpture on florida lanai
  8. Unfinished pine molding on tinted acrylic lacquer pine veneered door. How to finish?
  9. Two tone oak raised panel door after staining
  10. Need help determining species and finish...
  11. Water Base Poly over Water Base Stain
  12. Finishing Poplar
  13. Charles Neil Blotch Control
  14. Noob building a fish tank stand with walnut panel doors... I have a few questions!
  15. aerosol sprays
  16. Finish Advice for a Small Live Edge Furniture Company
  17. Rockler gel polyurethane two thumbs up
  18. Why are they called chip brushes?
  19. What replacement for Pratt & Lambert 38 ????
  20. Stain Supplier in SF Bay Area
  21. Poplar drawer boxes - to finish or not
  22. General Finishes Armr Seal
  23. Apollo 1050VR
  24. Question about varnish coverage
  25. Microfiber cloth works great for wiping on Shellac
  26. Dealing with extremely blotchy wood
  27. Clear finish for Cheerios???
  28. New to spraying , need help on finding finish.
  29. Maple Kitchen Cabinets
  30. Water-White Finishes for Bleached Wood
  31. Shellac over acrylic lacquer?
  32. Howard's Restor A Finish?
  33. I Hate When SWBO Changes Her Mind
  34. Spraying Latex Finish Quality
  35. Walnut
  36. Water based stain problems
  37. Funky Shellac
  38. problems leveling a varnish finish
  39. Finishing cherry wood cabinet doors
  40. Sealing the Gasket on a Spray Gun Cup
  41. Waterlox Gloss Polishing
  42. Finish Restorer?
  43. Dye Question
  44. Staining Poplar
  45. Tiny Bubbles in Waterlox Origional
  46. What am I doing wrong?
  47. Walnut dining room table finish suggestions.
  48. walnut round
  49. ' Mineral Spirits ' question
  50. Crystalac Shelf Life?
  51. Sealer before waterbased poly?
  52. Walnut and Maple Burl Wainscoting
  53. Varnish Types and Mixing My Own Wiping Varnish
  54. White Paint Recommendations
  55. Has anyone see/heard from Sheldon Pettit (SAM)
  56. what type of paint over general oil finish
  57. White waterborne lacquer (acrylic) schedule
  58. Using Transtint dye - is this regimen ok?
  59. Advice needed on restoring a discolored section of oak floor
  60. Mixing oil based stains
  61. What's the clearest finish/sealer?
  62. Jeff Jewitt - Walnut finish (When to fill the grain)
  63. INSL-X Cabinet Coat....
  64. Epoxy for Concrete countertop.
  65. Advice for finishing a vertical grain fir door
  66. Sherwin Williams Grain Filler - Shelf Life
  67. Finishing Books/DVD's
  68. How to refinish an old plane tote?
  69. Need advice on first HVLP setup......
  70. How to Dye small strips of wood
  71. Campbell Hausfeld HV2002 - Turbine....Anyone?
  72. deepening purpleheart
  73. How would you guys fix this issue?
  74. HVLP for urethane
  75. Guidance Request for Polyurethane Application
  76. Waterlox: Wipe It On Like A Kid Wiping Tables At A Fast Food Joint?
  77. Does Anyone Use Sherwin Williams..
  78. Is this ok way to finish cabinets?
  79. Tips/Tricks for applying brush-on water based acrylic finish?
  80. Mahogany & Potassium Dichromate
  81. Putty/Filler help
  82. Looking for some advice on first HVLP experience
  83. Paint Brush Multi Package...
  84. Having a Little Trouble With Topcoat !st Time Using a Brush
  85. Help please.
  86. Recommendations for Finishers
  87. Cleaning HVLP guns after spraying water based finishes (e.g., General Enduro-var)
  88. Air Cap and Needle Sizes - Converting
  89. Classic Car Dash - Burl Veneer Finishing
  90. Finishing 11-ply Birch plywood for outdoor use
  91. HVLP - Start with Basics First, Need some Advice....
  92. Problems with finish "cracking"
  93. Shellac Over Oil Stain
  94. Leaky Fuji HVLP Gun - XPC Gravity Gun
  95. Question about Howard Butcher Block Conditioner
  96. Buffed wax finish on tabletop streaking in use, other options?
  97. What good quality gravity HVLP gun do you recommend?
  98. Amber WB Poly?
  99. shelf life of shellac flakes
  100. What Type of Wood
  101. Milk Paint over shellac??
  102. Finishing Plan for end-grain Walnut Table
  103. Finishing the edges of door trim
  104. Anyone made NC lacquer similar to how Shellac is made? i.e. Dissolving flakes
  105. Dining Table Finishing Schedule
  106. Does anyone know about a lacquer that is as thick or thicker than syrup???
  107. Paduak "Bleeding" into Soft Maple?
  108. More thoughts on spraying shellac
  109. Best finish for outdoor bench
  110. Finishing Corn Hole Boards
  111. Pratt&Lambert #38 Satin Problems
  112. Advice on Epoxy selection
  113. Painting new raw kitchen cabinets
  114. Help - What are the proper steps to finish this project?
  115. Finishing Before Assembly
  116. Enduro Var - orange peel texture?
  117. Finishing Maple
  118. Rattle Can Lacquer
  119. Pine finishing
  120. Wipe on Poly - How many coats?
  121. Finishing -- Hard Maple vs Soft Maple
  122. Cypress and Epifanes
  123. Finishing tips need for waterbased poly application
  124. Blue tape
  125. Dye Stain on Hard Maple
  126. Adding dye to dewaxed shellac
  127. Help with a blotchy staining project!
  128. Deft Danish Oil availability
  129. Enduro-Var spraying
  130. Finish Schedule Hard Maple
  131. ML Campbell Pre Cat Primer problem
  132. Color Concepts Finishers Color Wheel
  133. Shellac Source
  134. spraying cabinet doors
  135. imprefect joint
  136. wooden counter top finish.. what to use?
  137. Wavy boards
  138. Green finishing options
  139. Pre-raising Grain
  140. Mixing Dyes
  141. Newbie rubbing questions
  142. how would you finish this?
  143. Finishing/Staining Door Panels
  144. Lacquer application situation
  145. Problem with lacquer finish
  146. Mesquite Finishing
  147. Waxing 10/4 cocobolo board for storage?
  148. Trans Fast Dye
  149. waterlox?
  150. sun thickened linseed oil
  151. walnut shells as a dye
  152. Alcohol for shellac
  153. I need to spray- STAT!
  154. trying to locate a hinge & clasp
  155. Need Sprayer Advice, Earlex VS .....
  156. Staining new/old wood to match
  157. Tool Tote - finishing ideas
  158. Shipping A Newly Lacquered Item
  159. Teac finishing/refinishing
  160. Gel stain over polycrylic?
  161. sunlight curing for poly?
  162. What finish do you use on heavily used shop jigs?
  163. Need Help....AGAIN
  164. varnish blistering
  165. Ammonia Fuming White Oak
  166. White spots after varnishing
  167. General High Performance Poly for a walnut table top vs. Endurovar
  168. Giant koa wood desk. Small dilemma
  169. Paint and primer or Kilz first
  170. Finishing question
  171. What finish to use on Baltic Birch plywood suitable for autographs
  172. Shellac on Walnut ply - Method?
  173. Mistake.... Do I let stain dry before stripping?
  174. Strip or sand oak?
  175. Dye on Maple
  176. Sticky Paint Job
  177. Instructions for HVLP Spray Gun ?
  178. Memory Foam attacking headboard finish
  179. Finishing a Cabinet
  180. Varnish brush for Mouldings
  181. General Finish gel stain products vs poly for pine early american furniture
  182. Dying Before Assembly
  183. Problem with MLC Resistant
  184. Custom Mixing Wood Dyes
  185. Boiled Linseed Oil What grit to stop at?
  186. Stripping old wooden chairs
  187. Commercial bar top finishes
  188. Floor Finish for Table Tops/etc
  189. Airless for lacquer advise
  190. Coloring Timbermate to use as a grain filler for walnut
  191. Dehumidification
  192. Wood veneer Dashboard
  193. Clear grain filler options
  194. Should I clear coat over opex lacquer paint?
  195. Airless Paint Sprayers
  196. Help - Sticky Finish
  197. Spraying WB Poly
  198. Old Sticky Lacquer, What to do?
  199. Shellac (Zinsser products) - Strong Alcohol odor?
  200. filler recommendation
  201. Cherry and avodire box finish?
  202. Finishing items - with profiled edges and when both sides need finished
  203. Earlex 5500 Cleanup
  204. Pre cat lacquer raised panel edges before glue up?
  205. Has anyone else had this happen?
  206. What paint color would closely match Blueboard color >
  207. Tried and True over Waterlox
  208. Zinnser shellac.
  209. Poly Urethane Over a wood hardener/petrifier
  210. Am I asking for adhesion problems
  211. Minwax Polycrylic, Air Bubbles or Bad Technique?
  212. Need direction on finishing an outdoor table
  213. Acrylic paint on Poplar
  214. Circa 1920's Rocker Help Please
  215. Conversion Varnish or Lacquer for kitchen cabinets?
  216. HVLP Gun Purchase Question....
  217. Spraying Dyes, Stains and Top Coats
  218. Gransfors Bruks Axe
  219. Pre-finished ply scratches
  220. M L Campbell products finicky
  221. how to make poplar look like walnut
  222. HVLP - Older Used Pro Apollo vs New Hobbiest Model
  223. To darken cherry should I expose to the Sun before I finish?
  224. Sanding between Coats of Finish
  225. Less glossy Waterlox finish?
  226. Finish for unfinished side of pre-finished ply
  227. Proper finish over dewaxed shellac
  228. Finishing Windsor Chairs
  229. Cannot find Cabot Australian Timber Oil
  230. Water based poly over oil??
  231. Calling all Earlex 5500 HVLP owners - question about thinning Nitro lacquer
  232. Getting that dark brown Mahogany.
  233. Table Top Finish Poll
  234. Painting PT plywood
  235. Spraying nitro lacquer - weird small, hard white specks
  236. If your sprayer will spray full strength, un-thinned lacquer, is it best to?
  237. Shellac Question
  238. Stripper resistant coating
  239. What do you use for applying dye??
  240. Portable / Knockdown Spray Booth
  241. Finishing Solid Rosewood Guitar
  242. ML Campbell Magnamax 275 additive for flowout?
  243. Cupped tabletop - could it be related to water-based dye?
  244. Strengthening/finishing Spalted Wood?
  245. Making a cure oven, advice requested.
  246. Ultra durable finish for dining table?
  247. finishing the exposed edge
  248. Another Maple Question....
  249. Rustic mantel project- newbie, be gentle!
  250. Ever get lines of varying sheen on a table top after spraying nitro lacquer?