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  1. Sandintg sealer..... Do I need it
  2. Wood Finishing Help
  3. exterior paint
  4. Which Lacquer Thinner
  5. Finish to keep Purpleheart Purple.
  6. EM6000 over Arm-R-Seal
  7. alykd varnish
  8. Crackle finish questions
  9. Spraying Stain on Maple
  10. finish that can use like messsage bosrd
  11. Wagner HVLP vs Qualspray AM-6008
  12. Refinishing with Waterborne Lacquer First Timer!
  13. Last step on a box - to wax with steel wool or not to wax the steel wool...
  14. Removing 30 year old polyurethane - suggestions?
  15. Need Help With Staining or dying
  16. Better way to dye/ebonize wood darker without it affecting the nearby wood
  17. Wipe-on finish ratio
  18. Noob Question - Finish for Stained Steps
  19. Finish on 100+ year old pine
  20. The Never Drying Boiled Linseed Oil - Finish?
  21. HELP, Possibly foensically on blotchy stain
  22. Why is finish fogging?
  23. comparison of General and Target top coats
  24. Shellac preparation solvent
  25. Painting Pressure Treated lumber
  26. Drying finished wood
  27. Cinnamon oil stain on dining table
  28. Varathane Fast Dry Wood Stain "Kona"
  29. Stretch Marks in my Nitrocellulose Under Coater?
  30. Spray finisher in Midcoast Maine
  31. Forgive me, gods of shellac -- help in fixing a botched shellac finish
  32. HELP! Bubble under fresh waterborne solid lacquer
  33. blotchy maple help
  34. Mineral Spirits and paint thinner?
  35. Bought some porch paint yesterday and noticed this..
  36. Anyone ever use the Rockler HVLP spray system?
  37. Making fresh cuts in rustic wood look old.
  38. procedure for finishing mahogany veneer
  39. Review of My New HVLP "Touch-Up" Gun
  40. Suggest me color to paint on my Fornt Home Gate??
  41. Waterbourne Poly Over Shellac, OK?
  42. refinishing kitchen table problems
  43. How to paint PVC Board?
  44. Finishing Poplar - First time
  45. Need tips for finishing Sapele
  46. Decent starter spray gun
  47. Mixing Dye For Exterior Applications
  48. drying time for WB finish?
  49. Blotches with Sutherland Welles Wiping Varnish
  50. Good Distressing Video?
  51. HVLP First Spay Help...
  52. veneer vs. solid stock stain tone
  53. Silver finish for picture frame
  54. How many toss a brush after the job is done ?
  55. good quality foam brushes
  56. Finish didn't stick to Peruvian Walnut (Nogal)
  57. Clearcoat MDF
  58. finishing advice on my first couple cutting boards?
  59. HVLP Gun Help...
  60. Graco Edge gun, with procart 4900 (4stage 2sp)
  61. HVLP system and gun selection help
  62. About to pull the trigger on a new Fuji Q4 system
  63. Clear durable finish for quartersawn, spalted sycamore?
  64. Where do you do your finishing?
  65. rubbing out a finish
  66. FUJI XPC gun vs. the new T75?
  67. "Make it look old"
  68. How cold is too cold to finish in a garage
  69. Finishing drawers
  70. Add Corn Starch for a Matte Sheen?
  71. Pratt&Lambert#38 over Deftoil oil/varnish mix?
  72. Cleaning cedar sap from drawer sides
  73. Pre stain conditioner on poplar?
  74. Mixing shellac in brushable lacquer
  75. Deft Brushing Lacquer
  76. Shelf Life of Behlen's Rockhard Varnish
  77. What's the best finish for kitchen shelves?
  78. The Pottery Barn Look
  79. empty tung oil container disposal (and other tung oil issues)
  80. Fixing failed finish
  81. Need Sprayer Recommendation Please
  82. Durability of satin cabinet lacquer?
  83. BLO hardening
  84. How Long for Shellac to Fully Cure Before Packing in Styrofoam?
  85. Shelf life of Zinnser Sealcoat
  86. Learning to French polish
  87. Paint pen over finish
  88. I'm really liking the painting pads
  89. Finish for a tortilla warmer?
  90. Finish suggestions for Spanish cedar exterior shutters?
  91. Finish suggestion requested - curly heart pine
  92. help with finish recomendations for outdoor cedar furniture
  93. Flocking or adhesive felt?
  94. Floor wax - part 2
  95. Issues Dissolving Shellac
  96. Sanding sealer really glossy
  97. Scratch Repair?
  98. Opinion on HVLP Sprayer
  99. Bona Traffic Anti-Slip -- Yea or Nay?
  100. Claro Walnut Table Top Finish
  101. Alternatives to Kleen Strip?
  102. Earlex 5500 or Fuji Semi Pro 2
  103. Metal Looking Finish on Wood Cabinet
  104. Fill before painting
  105. The Windex experiment
  106. Tinting Shellac After Wash Coat
  107. EM2000 recoat time question
  108. Finishing the inside of a peice?
  109. Replacement for Deft Spray Lacquer
  110. Finish for poplar shelving
  111. Aged, weather, and worn finish look...
  112. What to do with overspray from catalyzed varnish.
  113. Applying Shellac
  114. Make curly maple pop
  115. Synteko floor sealer, where to buy online?
  116. Finishing info source
  117. Best finish for coasters?
  118. Dye type.
  119. Question for Fuji HVLP owners
  120. cedar fencing facelift
  121. Madrone - a couple questions.
  122. Bubbles in Waterlox Original
  123. Bathroom vanity finish inquiry
  124. Cleaning Pressure pot lines
  125. Ring on coffee table, how repair/remove? Ready to give up...
  126. How to repair sewing machine top?
  127. Shellac burn-in process???
  128. HELP! Clear vinyl 'clearcoated' our table
  129. Sort of a finishing question
  130. Lambswool Pad for Applying Water Borne Poly
  131. Finishing a Kitchen table made from multiple wood species
  132. Pure Tung Oil Finish
  133. Check it out
  134. Water proofing/sealing Wood Coasters with Thompson Water Seal
  135. Sanding off and refinishing part of a surface
  136. Best thinner for Pratt and Lambert 38?
  137. Evening out an uneven stain
  138. Storing unused finish
  139. Knotty pine finishing question
  140. Trouble with Poly Peeling
  141. Question about how to achieve a specific look
  142. What's Your Favorite Finish??
  143. Mahogany/Walnut
  144. Knotty Pine T&G, using shellac but want more shine?
  145. HVLP question
  146. general finishes enduro var buffing question
  147. When did crystal clear finishes become desirable?
  148. Finishing a pine 6 board chest - what to put on the inside?
  149. Wood exterior door advice? Weeping.
  150. Can Danish Oil Be Used On Stained Wood?
  151. Milk Paint bond
  152. How do they make poplar look like cherry?
  153. Lacquer
  154. Refinishing Ethan Allen TV Stand
  155. Refinishing Vintage Speaker Cabinets, Walnut Veneer
  156. Finish for Elm log furniture
  157. Bowl Finish
  158. Wipe on poly still good?
  159. Topcoat BLO
  160. Target EM6500 experience
  161. Something besides Helmsman poly?
  162. To HVLP or not
  163. Solid White Oak Kitchen Table Refinishing
  164. Rookie question
  165. How to remove wax from burl
  166. Old Formby's darkening in can?
  167. My red oak countertop: walnut oil... then what?
  168. water stain how to fix?
  169. Need to stain solid core Birch flush door Brown Mahogany. Never stained Birch
  170. Homemade stain for mahogany?
  171. Sanding canned spray enamel
  172. black stain or dye?
  173. Ideas for white pine
  174. Transtint in shellac
  175. Alternative Maloof wax idea
  176. Oak top finish
  177. Grain Filler
  178. Method to minimize grain on red oak?
  179. Copper with Walnut Dinning room Table
  180. Bartley gel varnish, what is it?
  181. Spraying paint in basement?
  182. End grain cutting board, Mineral Oil and vacuum chamber
  183. oil over a sealer
  184. Plywood finishing advice needed
  185. Seeking advice
  186. 3/4" paper backed plywood and paint?
  187. Now what?
  188. Earlex 5500
  189. Question about changing the sheen
  190. Black spots on Oak
  191. I hated WB stains until this...
  192. Any suggestions?
  193. Finish for User Tool Handles
  194. Mixed wood type finishing
  195. Shellac Grain Filling
  196. Arm-r-seal question
  197. Barn wood fireplace mantel-how to finish it?
  198. High-Contrast Grain Finishing Question
  199. Non spray way top paint bead board
  200. Need finish advice for bed
  201. how to fix a glossy Minwax Antique Oil finish
  202. Dark Staining Birch while keeping the grain visible ...
  203. Benjamin Moore Advance using HVLP
  204. My new favorite finish for walnut :)
  205. Dye Problem
  206. Rookie Finishing Questions
  207. Finish for Red Oak
  208. Which Black paint for Bar base cabinets?
  209. Stain preassembly or post?
  210. Shirt lint getting stuck in wood veneer jewelry
  211. Decorative painting over SW ProClassic?
  212. Spray Gun Regulator - Do I Need It?
  213. Minimizing Color Variations in Old Oak Table with Discolorations
  214. Help matching this Pottedy Barn finish...
  215. Where can I find microveneers & which glue to use for flexibility with two layers?
  216. Problem using shellac
  217. SPRAYIT SP-33000K LVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit
  218. Spraying latex paint and primer in one?
  219. Dewaxed Shellac
  220. Water-based "poly"- is 2 coats enough?
  221. PLEASE Show me your CABINETS! (Espec. stained/dyed Maple, Walnut, Hickory, Tigerwood)
  222. HVLP Spray Gun.....or System?
  223. Thinning Lacquer (Delft) - Solids Dropping out
  224. Uneven finish on plywood
  225. Best way to finish maple panel?
  226. sealing walnut before epoxy or?
  227. Behlen Pour o Pac Grain Filler
  228. How do you finish the backs of your projects?
  229. antique oil over BLO
  230. Deciphering date code on Zinnsser Sealcoat
  231. What kind of sprayer?
  232. Exterior mahogany door
  233. Spalted White Oak
  234. Is the Crystal Clear Zinnser Shellac now their De-waxed version?
  235. Finishing a Rosewood bench plane tote
  236. What finish?
  237. Finish Prior to Assembly?
  238. Total newbie with first project
  239. Problems finishing new interior doors
  240. How much to thin Em6000?
  241. Old Masters Gel Polyurethane
  242. Wood Identification and Finishing techniques for possible upcoming project.
  243. Hardened Varnishes
  244. Need help with choosing shellac.
  245. Shellac application question
  246. Using ML Campbell WS2-B10 Base Stain With General Finishes Topcoats - Help!
  247. Advice on "Pseudo" Spray booth
  248. Personalized lettering
  249. Waterlox odor control
  250. Bringing Color Back to Bleached Oak