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  1. How to get this color
  2. Need A good Sander/polisher "Rotaion slows down"
  3. Wax On Wax Off
  4. Removing varnish/lacquer/poly
  5. I wonder... Cyclone as a spray booth ??? Crazy????
  6. White Waterborne Lacquer or Poly I can trust?
  7. Latex paint on wood - Can I buff it?
  8. Thinning with mineral spirits in cool weather
  9. Repairing Tearout after oil/varnish
  10. Box store's finest wiping varnish
  11. Easy Finish for Christmas Ornament
  12. Help! Can't lose the scratches!
  13. Tung Oil on white pine ?? to get that yellow golden old log cabin look
  14. How long after waterlox?
  15. What is advantage of spray system that comes with turbine vs. using air compressor?
  16. How many coats of Waterlox on red oak handrail
  17. Waterlox Questions
  18. walking cane finish
  19. Final Coat question
  20. Red oak-need grain contrast-waterborne?
  21. glaze technique with Mission style finish
  22. Painting MDF
  23. Spraying lacquer and having a time!!
  24. Help! Cherry top partially faded mid-project.....
  25. Which gravity HVLP gun?
  26. Dark Finish Even Coverage
  27. Light- colored grain in ebonized red oak
  28. Pratt and Lamber 38
  29. Waterlox VOC Compliance
  30. water based stains
  31. How Humid is Too Humid?
  32. Waterlox FS over Waterlox Satin?
  33. Conversion Varnish Recommendations
  34. Do you finish parts before assembly or after??
  35. Given a choice, polyurethane, shellac, or lacquer, which one??
  36. Bahlen's Rock Hard
  37. Black primer not sticking to nickel finish hinges
  38. Penetrating Oil Products
  39. Removing dust nibs in final coat of waterlox original?
  40. Wooden counter top finishing suggestions?
  41. First time user of aniline stain - water based
  42. What is it and how should I finish it?
  43. My em6000 is blue
  44. Sher-Wood Acrylic Conversion Coating Vs Precat Lacquer
  45. Question on bubbling from lacquer
  46. Antique Pine Finish
  47. ? Interior Varnish on Covered Exterior Door??
  48. How should I finish a butcher-block cart?
  49. Hand painting a cabinet door
  50. Storing finish materials I.E. Waterlox
  51. shellac top coat after grain filling confusion
  52. Deer Antler
  53. Waterlox SF vs Arm-r-cell
  54. Kitchen Table Finish
  55. New to finishing need some direction
  56. Fuji Q4 Pro Electric consumption?
  57. HVLP spray gun cleaning and lubrication
  58. Unhappy with results of floor refinish
  59. Finishing NYW router table
  60. Method of BLO/Poly
  61. Can I use General Waterborne over Target WR4000?
  62. Spray booth
  63. Suggestions for kitchen cabinet finish
  64. Help with flush veneer door slabs
  65. Dissolved shellac top coats: What's your procedure to final surface
  66. Getting a very dark finish on Walnut
  67. Do I need to sand after applying Target Coatings WR4000 before first coat of topcoat?
  68. Finishing a pine dresser
  69. Red Oak doors, what finish should I use????
  70. Coating with epoxy is not flat
  71. Painting the edge a different color
  72. Outdoor Finish
  73. 3m gold sandpaper...stearated?
  74. Best Finish for a Bathroom Vanity
  75. What finish for teaspoons?
  76. Goofed on sanding birch plywood
  77. Shellac Problem
  78. Dewaxed shellac vs. non-dewaxed shellac
  79. Painted cabinet for customer
  80. "Cherry" Finish question
  81. Please recommend a latex paint sprayer
  82. Question for You Finishing Experts
  83. Amber (orange) shellac and UV
  84. Finishing a new pine kitchen table
  85. Finishing lots of small pieces
  86. To stain or not to stain: Birch shop cabinets
  87. HVLP gun: gravity vs none
  88. Linseed oil help
  89. Spray booth Filter/Regulator recommendations
  90. "Lint Free" rags.....ARRGGGGGG
  91. Candle stick holder Finish
  92. Dip finishing.
  93. DeVILBISS DeKUPS Disposable Spray Gun Cup System
  94. Fuji Q4 HVLP Sprayer
  95. Staining Just the Tips of Box Joints?
  96. Little hint for EM6000 users
  97. Black Finish Options
  98. Aghhhhh!!!
  99. Maple countertop finish question
  100. BLO Help
  101. Recommend me a turbine HVLP Gun
  102. formica over plywood, small voids a problem?
  103. Do I need to seal sapele before applying filler
  104. Finishing curly maple
  105. What kind of finish should i use
  106. Another Cherry blotchy problem
  107. HVLP guns
  108. suggestions needed for removing alkyd paint off plantation shutters
  109. Ready to tackle those bathroom cabinets and need refinishing help!
  110. wipe on poly to go over shellac levelled finish?
  111. finishing a red oak Mantle and need advice
  112. How to prevent marks from bench cookies on varnished top when finishing other side
  113. what finish to use on bucherblock
  114. Talk aboiut feeling stupid......
  115. Help with mahogany Door - pores showing in varnish
  116. Recommended stain for natural walnut finish
  117. matching stain, spraying and topcoat choices.
  118. Finish for cherry staircase
  119. help with touch up color in QSWO after transtint dye
  120. CA glue as a filler/finish
  121. White woods
  122. Grain Filling and finishing Red Oak plywood
  123. Grain Filling and finishing Red Oak plywood
  124. Why is Poly Varnish Bad
  125. Spray finishing a built in unit
  126. Behlen Rockhard for Gun Stock?
  127. Refinishing Cabinet doors
  128. End Grain Cutting Board Sanding Question
  129. another question
  130. What's going on with this finish
  131. MiniWax Oil base stain
  132. Will brushing lacquer burn through miniwax stain to old lacquer
  133. spray tip for GF stain
  134. Target EM2000
  135. Recommendations regarding stain for Poplar?
  136. Base - Sink Door Finishing Question
  137. Festool Finish Sprayer???
  138. hard and soft maple in same project?
  139. Help Refinishing Dining Room Table
  140. Finishes that won't combust
  141. Hello! and some questions about a current and former project
  142. Restaurant table tops - long
  143. Staining Advice Question
  144. Refinishing cribbage board from oil+paste wax -> wiping varnish = problems
  145. BLO on MDF--How much is enough (or too much)?
  146. Wood Bleach
  147. Minwax polyshade
  148. Questions on building a white built-in
  149. Target Coating EM6000 question
  150. Minwax Polycryic water based spray
  151. Pin holes in red oak finish
  152. W. Red cedar void filling?
  153. honey oak
  154. "Hand Rubbed": What does it mean to you?
  155. Wipe-on poly over Bullseye Amber shellac
  156. finnishing a cane seat chair
  157. outdoor finish
  158. Brands of various types of varnishes?
  159. Masterpiece finish
  160. Way to reduce 844 colorant strength?
  161. What do people prefer to rub out a varnish finish
  162. SLX Denatured Alcohol
  163. Does anyone else do a dead leve/glass smooth glossy finish? Anyone use a burnin coat?
  164. What can this be?
  165. Can I rub out water based Poly?
  166. What to topcoat over Watco?
  167. Darker finish for cherry?
  168. Mineral spirits, paint thinner, turpentine, which and why?
  169. Readily Available Water Based Products that meet KCMA Performance Standards
  170. Spraying WB Poly; questions from a new sprayer
  171. how many urethanes?
  172. Milk Paint
  173. Workbench finish
  174. Topcoat for Unfinished Soft Maple Kitchen Cabinets
  175. Finishing breadboards ends
  176. Sponge sanding pads
  177. Recommendations on Bookcase Finish.
  178. A tip to share.
  179. Best match wood filler for white oak?
  180. Refinishing a very old desk top ...
  181. How to deal with Orange Peel and only partially filled pores with Waterlox
  182. Refinishing Question: Removing old stain/dye
  183. Polyurethane over Waterlox ???
  184. Making curl pop LESS
  185. Removing a dent from Honduras mahogany
  186. Removing Poly from flooring...
  187. How do you mix small quantities of dye?
  188. HVLP Wainscoting Satin Impervo
  189. Oil varnish blend over dye stain.
  190. Quick and Dirty Stain for shop table
  191. P&L #38 over Waterlox?
  192. invisible finishes.
  193. Wipe-on Waterlox Satin Question
  194. Shellac or dewaxed shellac?
  195. Painting Pine?
  196. Help with finishing Cherry
  197. Target Coatings promo code??
  198. Tanning Cherry
  199. Using Clamps with Plastic Protectors
  200. HVLP Spray Guns: Which is best for under 150.00
  201. milk paint questions
  202. Alternative potential sources for Ammonia
  203. What is commercial "clear" shellac equivalent to?
  204. Soft Maple looks dirty on parts of boards after planing. Not Plane marks.
  205. Will BLO Darken Curly Maple?
  206. Spraying Shellac on a crib
  207. My experience with Waterlox
  208. Looking for VOC's in Las Vegas
  209. Finishing Endgrain Maple
  210. Walnut Oil
  211. Lengthening the shelf life of finishes
  212. Finish for a usable goblet?
  213. Spraying EM6000 w/Earlex 5000 ?
  214. Fuji HVLP Problem
  215. Shellac help
  216. Blemish on Epiphane finish of Mahogany door
  217. Help with brush on finish for kitchen cabinets?
  218. Arm-R-Seal questions
  219. Overlap marks with leather dye
  220. I'd like to try spray finishing but.....
  221. Help: can I varnish over glaze? or, what is happening to my doors?
  222. OSB Board
  223. Shellac flakes + isoprophyl ?????
  224. Clear finish for curly maple???
  225. Walnut coffe table - need a new finish option
  226. dust collector bags useful for finishing?
  227. Finishing Pine
  228. Dog Dish Finish
  229. Fast Drying Dipping Finish?
  230. Danish Oil as Topcoat
  231. Boiled Linseed Oil
  232. Reducing gloss of oil based paint?
  233. Anyone Using Hydrocote Resisthane?
  234. Finish needed for bar top
  235. Sealcoat instead of primer
  236. Milk Paint question
  237. Oak Award Plaques
  238. Removing Glue to Re-Glue
  239. First time using Earlex 5000 HVLP-Shellac or Poly over transtint?
  240. Advice on staining oak plywood
  241. HVLP Turbine, Which one to buy?
  242. How many coats of lacque.
  243. Questions on finishing desks for durability and beauty, by a novice
  244. Has anyone used Vermont Natural Coatings?
  245. Removing Varnish Drip on Bottom of Table Top
  246. Finishing MDF with Polyurethane
  247. pre cat lacquer or waterlox
  248. Book ends with sliding bar
  249. Floor finishing question
  250. Ebonizing and Gluing