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  1. Water-base Causing Warpage?
  2. Antique Oil Problem?
  3. BLO and handsaw handle
  4. How Light is Blonde Shellac
  5. Grain Filling with Shellac
  6. Removing tung oil finish to restain a project
  7. Daughters bedroom set refinish...help
  8. iron stains in oak--paste wood filler
  9. Need help with botched and blotched finish
  10. finishing oak with Sherwin Williams Pre-Cat too Glossy
  11. copper bottomed pans staining tung oil top
  12. Shellac on Douglas Fir
  13. Applying finish outdoors under a canopy
  14. Tinting lacquer due to poorly mixed stain
  15. Help!
  16. Need drying rack ideas
  17. Fixing stain blotches on red oak
  18. S-L-X Denatured Alcohol for dissolving flakes?
  19. One Pound Cut of Shellac before Oiling?
  20. HomeStead Finishing
  21. Staining to look like walnut
  22. Best Brush for Shellac
  23. When using exterior dark paint (low LRV), is it better cedar or cellular PVC
  24. A burl finishing question
  25. Wake boards and Water resistant finishes??
  26. Spraying shellac
  27. Waterlox finish turning too dark on Sapele Veneer
  28. How do I apply a topcoat inside of this wine rack and do I really need one?
  29. Japan Drier
  30. Urushi and Cashew Lacquer
  31. Clear Coat ove Oil Based Paint
  32. Fixing scratches on clear laquer
  33. Aerodynamics of Spraying
  34. Spraying Minwax Water Base Oil Modified Polyurethane
  35. best way to get a matte finish without steel wool
  36. Certified (FDA/USP Class VI or similar) food/medical safe finishes?
  37. timbermate
  38. Tricks to finishing White Birch?
  39. finish drying very slow
  40. Filling Small Fissures
  41. Spraying Satin Deft Brushing Lacquer
  42. Shellac flake question
  43. Finish for Quartersawn White oak Beds
  44. Looking for suggestions
  45. Please help suggest some exterior clear gloss coat for a wood board painting !
  46. Using lacquer over BLO on figured Maple and getting some weird issues
  47. Danish Oil on Marine grade Fir for shed exterior??
  48. Tall Container Needed
  49. Urethane Casting Resin as Optically Clear Filler
  50. Basement Built-Ins Help
  51. hvlp spray gun cleanup - am I excessive in cleaning?
  52. Is LVLP worth trying?
  53. Wipe on Poly beads now that I changed paint stripper brand
  54. "Breaking edge" on cabinets before staining and finishing
  55. Exterior stain
  56. what to do to keep a workpiece dust free after a high gloss polish? ... in a woodshop
  57. Finishing Corian to a high gloss
  58. Advice needed for finishing new projects
  59. What wood and stain is this?
  60. Waterlox sealer/finish as top coat
  61. Stain 'bleeding'
  62. Removing water stains from old pine
  63. cedar chest
  64. best way to mask off glass in table top before spraying?
  65. Which HVLP Sprayer to Get.
  66. Waterlox "desperation" Question ...
  67. Danish oil: outlawed in So. California !
  68. Stain Recommendation
  69. What does "2 mil" look like when spraying a topcoat?
  70. Cedar Shower Bench Finish
  71. Sealing Pores in Sapele with Shellac - What am I doing wrong?
  72. SMC Rock Star: Scott Holmes
  73. EM6000 surface area coverage
  74. Outdoor White Oak finish
  75. salad bowl finish
  76. brush/roller White Enamel
  77. Spray Booth Newbie
  78. painting a carved sign
  79. Putting a finish on some thin, walnut boards
  80. dust from pores in finish
  81. Looking for a good White Lacquer Sealer and the best method for spraying it
  82. Repairing scratches in Corian
  83. What is the best way . . .?
  84. Speeding up the drying process
  85. Where to get Target EM6500 tinted?
  86. Premium Brushes for Varnish - what & where to buy
  87. Turbinaire HVLP Quick Disconnects?
  88. Oil for outdoor Eastern Red Cedar
  89. What happen to the Price of Shellac
  90. Shellac vs. Poly?
  91. Faux Antique Finish on Red Oak - Best Method?
  92. Sheen Streaks in Varnish
  93. In laid Veneer - bleach spots
  94. Is there a finishish durable enough to withstand minor movement between laminations.
  95. Kitchen cabinet finishing using water-based finish
  96. Waterlox is too shiny.
  97. Filling the Pores in Padauk
  98. sale for Fuji system
  99. Mahogany Exterior Door
  100. Removing shellac
  101. Cleaning cair and table
  102. Best cedar deck finish?
  103. Best finish for my project?
  104. Problem with shellac
  105. What's the difference?
  106. Advice on Finishing with Paint
  107. steel wool and paste wax to finish finishing?
  108. Thinning Epifanes Varnish
  109. glueing over stain
  110. Wagner HVLP problem
  111. Finishing the bottom of the outdoor dining table
  112. Finishing the underside of a desk
  113. What brand and type of paint for cabinet door?
  114. How long can water-borne finish stay in spray gun?
  115. Shellac Grain Filling Red Oak
  116. This mahogany is rough stuff !
  117. sata mini jet 4 hvlp questions.
  118. Waterfall Bubinga Table Finish
  119. need to refinnish my kitchen table
  120. Who's used Gemini Coatings conventional Lacquers?
  121. Kitchen Doors
  122. Veneer on damaged particle board !
  123. Repair for damaged piano finish?
  124. Can I put WO Poly on top of Watco Danish Oil?
  125. Am I the only one?
  126. Help with refinishing heavily carved table???
  127. Matching Waterlox with a Waterborne Finish
  128. i am a rank rookie at finishing......
  129. Time to Refinish My Coffee Table
  130. Small project finish ideas...
  131. Wipe on poly issue/question
  132. Help: making H. maple look like walnut
  133. Thinning General Arm-R-Seal urethane topcoat that might have dried out a bit?
  134. Suggestion on painting Kitchen Cabs
  135. Bubbles in HVLP waterborne finish
  136. Spray Equipment: Air powered conventional/HVLP vs. Turbine HVLP vs. Airless vs. AAA
  137. Waterlox & walnut. Keep going, sand, or start over?
  138. Catalyzed Varnish over Nitrocellulose Lacquer
  139. Easiest way to pop ray fleck in white oak?
  140. Brush for cleaning siphon tube?
  141. Deft Water-Born Clear Wood Finish...
  142. Shop shelf finishing
  143. Clearcoat w/ Target em6500 INSIDE cabinets?
  144. wipe on poly
  145. wipe on poly
  146. Help with parawood staining
  147. A couple finishing questions
  148. Heating Lacquer to thin (instead of using thinners)
  149. E85 to dissolve Shellac flakes
  150. Raising the Grain
  151. trans tint dye and EM6000
  152. My Air Compressor Died
  153. Issues with HF HVLP Gun
  154. Is Shellac an Effective Barrier for Pressure Treated Wood?
  155. Random Orbitals No More for Me - Here's why (see pictures)
  156. Painting Kitchen Cabinets
  157. Staining Mahogany
  158. finishing plywood bookcase
  159. Behlen's dye
  160. New Air Compressor Arrived
  161. What's a good wiping stain these days?
  162. final prep before finish
  163. Spray finishing in a residential area
  164. Shellac over a gel stain
  165. How much EM6000?
  166. Small project sprayer
  167. Treat wood with Armorall?
  168. Solvent Pop with Kremlin 10-14 Airmix (AAA) and conventional lacquer
  169. spraying Varathane
  170. Top coating woodmasters tung oil
  171. Defoaming milk paint?
  172. Floor refinishing
  173. Best way to spray mass production
  174. Minimal requirements to safely spray em6000
  175. Odd behavior with General F Arm-R-Seal: rippling, shriveling, veins in finish
  176. Top Coat for a Painted Laminate Dresser
  177. Anyone use grizzly lvlp spray gun?
  178. I'm thinking of mounting an OSS in my router table.
  179. Substitute for Seal-A-Cell? (California)
  180. finish inside of breadbox
  181. final rubout of Waterlox question
  182. Polyeurethane Problems, and rubbing out?
  183. Best way to apply BIN?
  184. Un-finishing -- is this my only good option?
  185. Question about wet sanding w/ finish mixture and filling grain
  186. Source for 25% Ammonia near Austin, TX
  187. A hand-rubbed finish - literally
  188. Measuring viscosity of finish when using turbine
  189. waterlox & stain question
  190. Questions about spraying a colored finish on new kitchen cabinets
  191. My first published article ...
  192. Questions on Homebrew "Danish Oil" for Cherry Cradle
  193. New to thread got unique question
  194. danish oil, gel varnish, or clear poly?
  195. Best finish for cutting boards
  196. Shellac Finish - How many coats
  197. I should have researched first
  198. Need advice on refinishing coffee/endtables
  199. oil based primer
  200. What to do with dresser interior?
  201. Gluing ebonized red oak.
  202. Matereal for project to rest on that wont stick to shellac
  203. Sanding the sheen off polyurethane
  204. Compressors and Spraying
  205. Grain filler question
  206. New guy...
  207. Cleaning exterior of a spray gun?
  208. What solvents to keep on hand.
  209. Arm-R-Seal
  210. Latest projects and ebonizing revisited
  211. Shelf Life of Nitrocellulose Lacquer
  212. HVLP Question
  213. Got the Earlex 5500 HVLP
  214. Type of wood to use to paint on and Faux finishes
  215. Big Mistake
  216. Dye/Pine
  217. ?Best Finish for interior veneered doors??
  218. Portable Paint Booth
  219. Laser Treatment - finishing a badge
  220. Citrus Solvents
  221. Waterborne finishes
  222. target coatings em2000
  223. Poly after stain
  224. what to use to remove a Deft poly finish.
  225. Need help finishing Zebrawood
  226. Best Finish for Kitchen Cabinets
  227. Warning: Store your respirator in a bag ,8 hours of use is the average cartridge life
  228. How to price a refinish job?
  229. EM8000 Tinting
  230. Shellac runs when brushed.
  231. Staining/Painting/Bleaching Mahogany White?
  232. Bar top (poured) finish
  233. Waterlox Satin question - feels rough or textured?
  234. Target Coatings-Great Customer Service...
  235. "Deglossing" a finish...
  236. Finish-safe (removable?) adhesive
  237. Rut Row Floor refinishing
  238. Yet another cleaning spray gun question.
  239. Em6000 Question
  240. Respirator suggestions for bearded, glasses-wearing person
  241. Nitrocellulose Lacquer Storage Ideas
  242. Building painted wainscoting with painted walls. How to get a clean edge???
  243. Painting toys
  244. Which Target Coatings products for kitchen finishing
  245. Matching finish on different woods
  246. What kind of a sprayer should I get?
  247. Tinting Shellac or Lacquer,which can give you the widest array of colors?
  248. Gravity gun vs. siphon?
  249. Finishing a Custom Silverware Drawer
  250. End grain cutting board