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    Tool and Product Reviews

    This list is Under Construction
    It is a monumental task to put together a list of links like this and the following represents just a fraction of the reviews here. I will try my best over the coming months to organize this list so it is easier to find a particular topic and possibly rearrange the list by machine type. For now its a good start and I hope it is helpful.

    These are SawMill Creek Reviews, we do not provide links to reviews on other woodworking sites.

    This list does include some very old reviews that may be helpful to those who are considering a purchase of an older machine.


    Links to SawMill Creek Tool and Product Reviews:

    Nova Drill Press - basic review, mods & add on's

    A Hands On review of the Laguna Revo 1836

    Ultra Sharp Diamond Stone from Best Sharpening Stones

    Face shield: Bionix vs CSUSA bubble shield

    Wood River #3, Version 3 Hand Plane

    Felder AD 741 Jointer/Planer Review

    General International 50-090RK Table Saw Review

    Dispoz-a-Blade Review

    Wood River #3, Version 3 Hand Plane

    RIDGID R4512 Hybrid Table Saw

    Laguna LT18 3000 Review

    Short review: jig saw/saber saw blade

    Face shield: Bionix vs CSUSA bubble shield

    Jessem's new dowel jig

    Jessem Feather Boards

    Jessem Master-R-lift II

    Using the New Jessem hold downs on the router table

    Infinity Lock Miter Router bit setup tool

    Dewalts 611 head to head with a Bosch Colt

    Scheppach versus Festool track saws

    Wood River #3, Version 3 Hand Plane

    RIDGID R4512 Hybrid Table Saw

    Busy Bee Outboard Extension

    FS TOOLS Blades - quick review

    Blackburn Tools new carcase saw review

    Master Force (Menards house brand) Ultra Compact 3/8" cordless drill & impact driver combo

    Grizzly G0490X Jointer

    18" Rikno Band Saw

    Gramercy Brushes

    Woodcraft shop scissors

    DeWalt 718 SCMS Tool Review

    Porter Cable Profinish 10

    makita bhp451 18v drill (the green one)

    HF Pinner

    Baileigh JP-125 jointer/planer

    Gramercy dovetail saw

    Hurricane HTC Chuck

    Shop Fox W1741 8" jointer

    Hitachi C10FSH sliding compound miter saw

    Jet JWL-1642 EVS Lathe Review

    Powermatic PM2000

    Scissors Test/Review

    Veritas LA Jack Plane Review, Pt 1

    Harrison Specialties Hollowing System

    Tool Force HVLP Touch Up Spray Gun

    Harbor Freight 8" Jointer

    Laguna IQ HHC CNC Router Review

    Grizzly 8" Jointer G0490

    Delta 46-460 Review

    Delta 18-36 drum sander-Mini review

    BCTW TM-1 Tenon Maker

    SawStop PCS 3HP 36" Fence Review

    Jet JJP-10BTOS Review

    Veritas Mk. II Sharp Sys. Review

    HTC 2000 mobile base semi-review

    EZ Smart Guide System Review


    H2669 Hobby Lathe

    Steel City granite-top table saw

    Bosch I-Driver

    Iwasaki Carving File

    Grizzly track saw review

    Ridgid R4330 Planer

    Harbor Freight 23 Gauge Air Pin Nailer

    Book Review: The Workbench Design Book / Schwarz

    Festool 150/5 random orbit sander review

    Performax 10-20 Plus

    Powermatic PM2800B Drill Press Review

    Sorby Micro Spindle Set

    Grizzly GO634 Jointer/Planer

    Grizzly G0596 - Industrial grinder review

    Worx & Festool Compatability & Mini Review

    SuperMax 19-38 Drum Sander Quick Review

    Nova Comet II - My Review - Long

    Hand Held Bowl Sander and Disk Review

    Festool's TDK Drill/Drivers

    Grizzly GO675 J/P Review

    Makita 4416L Vac

    Worksharp 3000 + Henry Taylor Paring Chisels

    Stuart Batty Taper Lock Handle

    Excalibur Sliding Table Review

    Veritas Inset vise mini review

    Jig Saw Mini Review Bosch 1587AVSP

    Jet dovetail jig mini review

    Ridgid JP0610 jointer - initial review

    Jessem Miter Excel review

    Yorkcraft planer review

    Freud laminate flooring blade

    Beall Tilt Box Angle Gauge Review

    G1023RL review

    Gorilla Rack Shelving

    Ridgid OSS/Belt Spindle Sander

    Rikon 18" Band Saw Review

    Lee Valley Low-Angle Block Plane Review

    Jessem Router Fence Review

    Jack Clamp Review

    Mini Plane review, Mujingfang Smoother

    Laguna LT20

    Yorkcraft Jointer Review

    Rockler tenoning

    Oneida Vortex Dust Cobra

    Wixey Digital Planer Thickness Gauge

    GO453 Planer- Shelix install and initial use

    Festool CT22-E Shop Vac Eval

    Angle Perfect II Mini-review

    Shaper cutter review - Leuco Adjustable Groover

    Oneway Wheel Balancing & Norton 3X Wheels

    Grizzly G0555X Bandsaw

    Grizzly G0690 Table Saw

    Rockler's Box Joint Jig

    Lie Nielsen Face Joinery Float

    Hammer K3

    Grizzly G0513 Band Saw

    Harbor Freight oscillating drum sander review

    Wood River #4 smoother review

    Woodpecker Plunge Lift istallation and review

    Milwaukee 12" CMS Review

    Grizzly G0691 - Gloat/Review

    Harbor Frieght DC gloat and review

    Powermatic PM2800B Drill Press Review

    Jet 20" 5hp with helical head planer


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