It's important to let everyone know that the number one rule here is that you are never unfriendly towards anyone. I have absolutely no patience for those who cannot participate in this Community and maintain a civilized and respectful behavior. I only ask that anyone who sees or experiences unfriendly behavior please report the post so we can deal with the problem right away. It is very difficult for me or any Staff Member to view every post on a daily basis so we rely on every one of you to let us know when these types of situations happen. When you use the Report Post option every member of our Staff receives an email and the post is stored in our Moderators Forum. It is virtually impossible for your notice to be missed and we never share any information concerning complaints publicly. Often one of our Members who is participating in a thread will let us know that there is a problem even though the individual who has been subjected to an unfriendly comment fails to do so.

Rude and Unfriendly people do not belong here, help us keep The Creek the kind of Community you are proud to be a Member.