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How To Become a Contributor
Our vBulletin software allows people who are logged into SawMill Creek to make a donation via PayPal and have their accounts automatically updated. This feature only works if you are logged in, this is how our software can connect your PayPal donation to your user name here and can automatically update your account status. This will also reset your annual date and automatically add 365 days to your account here.

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Making Announcements in Forums and Our Calendar
Please refrain from making time sensitive announcements in our woodworking forums. Meetings, events and other types of announcements don't belong in woodworking forums, they belong in our Calendar or the announcements sub-forum if one is provided. People searching our archives for woodworking information do not need to find hundreds of old posts concerning sales items, shows, events and other time sensitive information that is no longer relevant.

General announcements that are not time sensitive should be made in our Off Topic, Deals and Discounts or our Classified Forums as appropriate. Our Staff can move your threads to any of our Forums but we cannot move threads to our Calendar.


Policy Change - What Is It Worth Threads
Threads that are created to ask a question concerning the value of a tool, machine or service that we interpret as a classified advertisement will be moved to the Classifieds Forum if the author is a Contributor or removed from public view for all others.

It is unfortunate that we must escalate the enforcement of this rule. Donations collected by those who post classified advertisements represent a substantial portion of the funds necessary to pay the bills here and keep The Creek flowing for all to enjoy. We provide free access to all of our woodworking forums, the Classifieds Forum is an exception. Our annual donation of six dollars is very reasonable, less than the cost of one classified advertisement in a local newspaper.....basically 50 cents per month.

Please help us by reporting posts that are attempts to advertise items or services for sale in an effort to circumvent our advertising policies.


Rules Concerning Signatures Changed

The rules concerning signature lines here at SMC are being changed to allow our Members to identify their company affiliation, business title, city and state. Our Staff feels that it would make it easier for everyone to communicate when professional associations are presented publicly.

Business related signatures may contain text only, no graphics are allowed.

You Can List:
Your companies name.
Your business title.
Your city.
Your state.

You Cannot List:
Your email address.
Your web site url.
An Advertising slogan.
Active or inactive links.

Why can't I post in the Classified Forum?
If your title here is "Member" you cannot post in the Classified Forum. This is the most frequently asked question at SawMill Creek. Please read the Visitors - Read This Before You Register section above.

Before You Rant Read This December 20th, 2010

"It is the intent of SMC to permit the airing of concerns regarding the suitability of a particular product, or the quality or sufficiency of customer service provided by a vendor in any particular instance provided there is not a breach of contract component involved.

However, these threads often deteriorate into a "piling on" and develop a very negative tone. That doesn't assist other viewers in assessing the overall advisability of whether to buy this particular product, nor to assess the overall customer service provided by that manufacturer/vendor.

In order to be fair to the many vendors that provide woodworking products, the following policies will be in force:
The original poster must have first contacted the manufacturer/vendor and have attempted a solution PRIOR to posting the thread.
The original poster should provide factual details of the problem, and details of efforts that have been made with the manufacturer/vendor to rectify the problem.
Subsequent posts must be limited to suggestions to the original poster to assist in rectifying the problem - not to pile on because you had similar problems.

SMC is a woodworking forum. The intended purpose is to provide a community in which useful information may be shared among the members. Threads that do not achieve that purpose will be locked, or removed if necessary." SawMill Creek is not a Court of Law and we are not in a position to judge a breach of contract case here, therefore SawMill Creek will not become a stage or a courtroom for a legal dispute between two or more parties, it just isn't our mission.

The use of derogatory words or phrases such as You Suck are no longer an acceptable option in any public forum.