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    FreeStuff Winner List

    SawMill Creek FreeStuff Winners

    Dan Hintz 7-4-10 Grand Prize Winner - CAMaster Stinger CNC Router
    Mick Martin 2-11-13 Grand Prize Winner - Trotec Laser Engraver

    __________________________________________________ _____

    1. Ian MacDonald 2-17-03 Square Drive Screws
    2. Gary Hern 5-2-203 Dust Collection Cyclone and Blower Kit
    3. Bill Erskine 5-5-03 Twenty Board Feet of Curly Cherry
    4. Ken Franz 6-28-03 Dust Eliminator Cyclone
    5. Ron Jones 7-26-03 Twenty Board Feet of Curly White Oak
    6. Doug Jones 9-4-03 Wilton 99164 Ten Inch CNS
    7. Tom Forrester 9-26-03 Festool CT Mini vacuum, ES 125 ROS, 100 sheets of abrasive
    8. Noah Alkinburgh 11-1-03 pen makers kit
    9. Sparky Paessler 11-14-03 Colsen Casters
    10. Terry Hatfield 11-21-03 Workshop Sign
    11. Bob Hammond 11-28-03 Corian Nativity Light Kit
    12. Steve Banks 10-17-03 MicroJig GRR-Ripper GR200 system
    13. Perry Schmidt 2-6-04 pen turning video
    14. John Cioffi 6-7-04 Holy Land Olivewood Pen Burl
    15. Jim Ketron 6-7-04 Holy Land Olivewood Pen Burl
    16. Brian MacDonald 6-2-04 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    17. Tyler Howell 6-3-4 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    18. Gary Hern 6-4-04 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    19. Tim Morton 6-5-04 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    20. Chris Oakley 6-6-04 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    21. John M. Cioffi 6-7-04 Fifteen olivewood pen burls
    22. Rob Littleton 6-7-04 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    23. Jason Thaxton 6-8-04 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    24. Tony Falotico 6-9-04 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    25. Matt Meiser 6-10-04 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    26. Byron Trantham 6-11-04 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    27. Todd Burch 6-12-04 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    28. David Wilson 6-13-04 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    29. Joe Breid 6-14-04 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    30. Perry Schmidt 6-15-04 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    31. Tom Wynn 6-16-04 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    32. Tom Pritchard 6-17-04 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    33. Herb Blair 6-18-04 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    34. Chris Padilla 6-19-04 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    35. Ed Weiser 6-20-04 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    36. Stephen Lybeck 6-21-04 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    37. DJ Delorie 6-22-04 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    38. Howard Ruttan 6-23-04 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    39. Alan Schaffter 6-24-04 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    40. Lloyd Brown 6-25-04 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    41. Tony Shaftel 6-26-04 EurekaZone Smart Guide Base
    42. Terry Quiram 8-2-04 Forty Olivewood pen blanks
    43. Jim Baker 8-2-04 Forty Olivewood pen blanks
    44. Steve Clardy 11-11-04 Wilton MultiGrip Holding System
    45. Douglas Robinson 11-11-04 Wilton MultiGrip Holding System
    46. Frank Pellow 11-11-04 Wilton MultiGrip Holding System
    47. Jerry Palmer 11-11-04 Wilton MultiGrip Holding System
    48. Dan Gill 1-4-05 Fine Woodworking Video Tips, Volume 1
    49. Barbara Buhse 12-28-05 Porter Cable Laminate Trim Router Model 7310
    50. Steve Clardy 1-13-06 Hamilton Woodworks Marking Gauge
    51. Eddie Watkins 1-13-06 Hamilton Woodworks Marking Gauge
    52. Pam Niedermayer 1-13-06 Hamilton Woodworks Marking Gauge
    53. Bob Noles 1-13-06 Hamilton Woodworks Marking Gauge
    54. Vaughn McMillan 1-16-06 Incra Ultra Jig
    55. Forrest Price 1-16-06 Incra 2000 Miter Gauge
    56. Jim O'Dell 5-1-06 Lee Valley Gift Certificate
    57. Mike Peace 5-1-06 Amazon Gift Certificate
    58. Mike Klein 7-27-06 Vector Cutting Grid
    59. Paul Downes 1-4-06 Four Kreg DVD's
    60. Greg Tatum 1-11-06 Four Kreg DVD's
    61. Hank Walczak 1-18-06 Four Kreg DVD's
    62. Ted Shrader 1-25-06 Kreg K3 Pocket Hole Jig
    63. Gary DeWitt 9-22-06 Jointer Pal
    64. George Skinner 11-9-06 DeWALT 5" Random Orbital Sander model DW421
    65. Damien Falgoust 11-1-06 Woodworking Essentials Kit
    66. Richard Jones 11-10-06 Ultimate Woodworking Kit
    67. Joe Mioux 12-7-06 Master Set of six Bowclamps
    68. Dave Bonde 12-14-06 Mesquite Awl and Marking Knife set
    69. Sparky Paessler 12-14-06 Gaboon Ebony Awl and Marking Knife set
    70. Randy Meijer 1-20-06 Three Bowclamps
    71. Marcus Carr 12-21-06 Kreg Trim DVD
    72. John Lock 12-21-06 Kreg Trim DVD
    73. Tom Sherman 12-21-06 Kreg Trim DVD
    74. William Parks 12-26-06 Kreg Trim DVD
    75. Trevor Jane 12-26-06 Kreg Trim DVD
    76. Mike Vickery 12-26-06 Kreg R3 Jig
    77. Lisa Gilbert 1-2-07 Kreg Trim DVD
    78. Charlie Myers 1-2-07 Kreg Trim DVD
    79. Phil Winn 1-2-07 Kreg R3 Jig
    80. Mark Anderson 1-9-07 Kreg R3 Jig
    81. Steve Dumbar 1-9-07 Kreg Trim DVD
    82. Jeff Magnus 1-9-07 Kreg Trim DVD
    83. Helen Gee 1-9-07 Kreg R3 Jig
    84. Travis Stinson 5-8-07 Three DVD's
    85. Robert E. Lee 5-7-07 Horse Hide Apron
    86. Pete Thomas 10-8-06 Laser Engraver Lens
    87. Patrick Dillon 11-17-07 Mahogany Billet
    88. Ed Maloney 11-18-07 Russian Birch Plywood
    89. Bernie Weishapl 11-16-07 Spalted Maple Turning Blan
    90. Cody Colston 11-18-07 JSSG-10 Jet Sharpener
    91. Mike McCann 11-19-07 Forstner Bit Set
    92. Michael Kowalczyk 11-20-07 Laser Scan
    93. Don Bullock 11-22-07 JT2 Keyless Drill Chuck
    94. Rob Bourgeois 11-27-07 Two MicroJigs
    95. Dick Morgan 11-26-07 Brazilian Tulipwood Marking Knife, Scratch Awl, and Birdcage Awl.
    96. Dave Rawn 11-16-07 Laser Vector Table
    97. Tim Malyszko 11-27-07 60 Pen Kits
    98. Doug Rogers 11-26-07 1"-8 TPI lathe chuck
    99. Robert Alexander 12-31-07 Ten Sets of Rosewood Pens, key rings and matching pen cases
    100. Dave Noval 12-31-07 Engraved Maple Pen and key ring
    101. James Waters 12-31-07 Engraved Maple Pen and key ring
    102. Brent Grooms 12-31-07 Engraved Maple Pen and key ring
    103. Thomas Knighton 12-31-07 Engraved Maple Pen and key ring
    104. Tom Quatsoe 12-31-07 Engraved Maple Pen and key ring
    105. Bruce Pearce 12-31-07 Engraved Maple Pen and key ring
    106. Mike Heaney 12-31-07 Engraved Maple Pen and key ring
    107. Mark Rios 12-31-07 Engraved Maple Pen and key ring
    108. Matt Meiser 12-31-07 Engraved Maple Pen and key ring
    109. Jack Halley 12-31-07 Engraved Maple Pen and key ring
    110. Kevin Pauba 12-31-07 key-less JT2 drill chuck
    111. Bernie Weishapl 1-17-08 Coring with the McNaughton DVD
    112. David Tiell 1-17-08 Coring with the McNaughton DVD
    113. Lori Kleinberg 1-13-08 Sanding Disks
    114. Tom Sherman 1-13-08 Sanding Disks
    115. Phyllis Meyer 11-15-07 40 piece selection of 5/32" wood
    116. Gary Herrmann 3-3-08 Turning Project Kit
    117. Jim Mcvicar 3-3-08 Turning Project Kit
    118. Terre Hooks 3-3-08 Turning Project Kit
    119. Chris Fierro 3-3-08 Turning Project Kit
    120. Scott Loven 3-3-08 Turning Project Kit
    121. Stephen Massman 3-3-08 Turning Project Kit
    122. Chuck Saunders 3-3-08 Turning Project Kit
    123. Bonnie Campbell 3-3-08 Turning Project Kit
    124. James Gillespie, Jr. 3-3-08 Turning Project Kit
    125. Robert Wachala 3-3-08 Turning Project Kit
    126. Jim Gossage 3-12-08 Master Set of six Bowclamps
    127. Ted Shrader 3-10-08 Magnetic Holder
    128. Thomas Knighton 3-10-08 Magnetic Holder
    129. D. Mcdonnel 3-10-08 Magnetic Holder
    130. Halsey McCombs 3-10-08 Magnetic Holder
    131. Christopher Kanda 3-15-08 Carpenters Mallet
    132. Randal Stevenson 3-15-08 Carpenters Mallet
    133. Nate Folco 3-15-08 Carpenters Mallet
    134. Robert Alexander 3-15-08 Marking Guage
    135. Vicky Orsini 3-15-08 Marking Guage
    136. Steven Smith 3-26-08 Twenty Five Pens and Box Sets
    137. Bruce Shiverdecker 4-18-08 Compensating Tool Rest Angle Gauge Kit
    138. Randy Hoch 6-12-08 Sanding Disks
    139. Ted Shrader 6-16-08 Five Japanese Hand Saws
    140. Steve Blythe 6-16-08 Fifty Inch Flex Shat with Keyless Chuck
    141. Jeff Stempien 6-16-08 Fifty Inch Flex Shaft with Geared Chuck
    142. Glenn Bradley 6-16-08 Japanese Water Sharpening Shop
    143. Paul Brinkmeyer 10-7-08 40 piece selection of 5/32" wood
    144. Chip Peterson 11-18-08 box of 3mm B/BB Russian Birch
    145. Margaret Turco 11-20-08 40 piece selection of 5/32" wood
    146. Keith Starosta 11-14-08 Custom Steel Table Saw Extension with Router Plate
    147. Don Bullock 10-22-08 Keyless JT2 Drill Chuck
    148. Jackie McGowan 12-10-08 Laser Vector Table
    149. John Eaton 12-22-08 Dovetail Spline Master System
    150. Roger Myers 12-24-08 Custom Steel Table Saw Extension with JessEm Router Mast-R-Lift
    151. Maurice Ungaro 12-30-08 Horse Hide Carpenters Apron
    152. Greg Just 1-25-09 Black Keurig B30 Brewer
    153. Jim W. White 2-1-09 Thirty Six inch Straight edge clamp with Feather board.
    154. Roy Dick 2-15-09 Fine Woodworking Archive Collection DVD
    155. Alan Greene 2-18-09 Crown Marking Tool
    156. Jason Roehl 4-3-09 One Hundred Wooden Business Cards
    157. Frank Guerin 3-15-09 Fine Woodworking 2007 and 2008 DVDs
    158. Dave Ray 4-15-09 Fine Woodworking Apron
    159. Michael Poller 4-23-09 Quilted Maple Billet
    160. Jack Harper 4-29-09 Fifty Dollar Gift Certificate
    161. Craig Nickles 4-29-09 Fifty Dollar Gift Certificate
    162. Ken Werner 5-1-09 Gast Vacuum Pump
    163. Eric Franklin 5-15-09 Subscription to Fine Woodworking
    164. Dave Verstraete 5-24-09 Making Wooden Gears Plans
    165. Jeff Crumbley 7-1-09 40 piece selection of 5/32" wood
    166. Scott Hub 8-24-09 Mora turning block
    167. Kevin Baker 10-21-09 3mm B/BB Russian Birch
    168. Jerome Hanby 12-4-09 How to Make Wooden Shells Plan
    169. Shawn Christ 1-9-10 Grizzly H4231 zero clearance TS insert
    170. Jimmy Williams 4-24-10 Workbench Plans
    171. Jerry White 4-24-10 Workbench Plans
    172. Christopher Kanda 2-18-10 Micro Fence Edge Guide
    173. Dick Jordan 7-4-10 Laser Cutting Grid
    174. Zach Englansd 7-4-10 Kreg Precision Trak & Stop System
    175. Ted Calver 7-4-10 79" Beech workbench
    176. Mike Langford 8-23-10 Kerry-All Pouch
    177. Paul Saffold 10-20-10 3mm B/BB Russian Birch
    178. Dave MacArthur 3mm B/BB Russian Birch
    179. Jesse Wilson 3mm B/BB Russian Birch
    180. Mike Langford 10-26-10 SW350 - Sidewinder Router Lift
    181. Brian Hale 10-26-10 SW350 - Sidewinder Router Lift
    182. Ralph Okonieski 2-25-11 WR365 Digital Angle Gauge with Level
    183. Robert McGowen 7-4-11 7/16" Oval Bowl Gouge
    184. David Reed 7-4-11 9/16" 15V Bob Stocksdale Gouge
    185. Chuck Saunders 7-4-11 Screw Chuck Gift Certificate
    186. Jon Knuckles 7-4-11 1" Spindle Gouge
    187. Tom Hamilton 7-4-11 1" Skew Chisel
    188. Mitchell Garnett 7-24-11 Cocobolo Marking Gauge
    189. Tim Baude 7-22-15 thin stuff veneer
    190. Nancy Barry 7-22-11 thin stuff veneer
    191. Richard Poitras 8-30-11 Bosch Impact Driver
    192. Steve Garrison 10-18-11 Polyhedrons and Spheres in Wood eBook
    193. Todd Hoppe 11-12-11 Air Hose Reel
    194. Stan Powers 11-12-11 Electric Hose Reel
    195. Mike Peace 5-17-12 SawMill Creek DVD's
    196. Kevin W Johnson 5-17-12 SawMill Creek DVD's
    197. Jim Tobias 5-17-12 SawMill Creek DVD's
    198. Chuck Saunders 5-17-12 SawMill Creek DVD's
    199. Von Bickley 9-9-12 Leather Carpenters Pouch
    200. Shawn Pixley 9-10-12 Leather Turners Chisel Roll
    201. Scott Lux 9-12-12 Leather Turners Apron
    202. Lori Kleinberg 10-16-12 3/8" LV Carbon Steel Chisel
    203. Todd Schwartz 9-8-12 Laser Vector Grid
    204. Robert Edington 12-17-12 Russian Birch Ply
    205. Kevin Nee 12-17-12 Russian Birch Ply
    206. Tom Ruflin 12-17-12 Russian Birch Ply
    207. George Skinner 9-11-12 Leather Carpenters Apron
    208. Brad Ports 2-11-13 Low Angle Jack Plane
    209. Bill Huber 2-11-13 Cobra Vacuum
    210. Gordon Eyre 2-11-13 14" Band Saw
    211. Kevin W Johnson 2-11-13 Micro Jig Mega Pack
    212. Susan Roberts 2-11-13 Digital 6" Caliper
    213. Daniel Atkins 2-11-13 Router Bit Set
    214. Greg Just 2-11-13 Digital Height Guage
    215. Ernie DeMartino 2-11-13 Digital Height Guage
    216. Justin J. Hoffmann 2-11-13 Digital Height Guage
    217. Roy Nielsen 2-11-13 Digital Height Guage
    218. Dave Bonde 2-11-13 Drill Press Package and T-Square
    219. Andrew Kertesz 6-18-13 Adjustable Height Workbench Plans
    220. Cathy Wilson-Daly 7-4-13 PhotoGraV Software
    221. Frank Corker 8-1-13 Laser Dark Coloring Spray
    222. Brent Ring 8-8-13 SawMill Creek DVD's
    223. Al Ursich 9-10-13 diyCAM CAM Software
    224. Roy Nielsen 9-10-13 diyCAM CAM Software
    225. Steve Busey Laser 10-30-13 Dark Coloring Spray
    226. Cal Thelen 11-22-13 Paolini Pocket Rule
    227. Steve Wilkins 8-1-20 Grizzly T31566 - Bear Crawl All Swivel HD Mobile Base
    228. Steve Eure 8-18029 Collins Tools Coping Foot
    229. Lisa Starr 8-18-20 Stair Tread Template

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